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My stepson, who I rarely see due to a heavy work schedule, was having dinner with my husband and me. In the course of the conversation, he shared that he has a tough time getting to sleep at night. He said his mind is busy talking to him in an overloaded sort of way. “You mean ‘mind chatter’?” I asked of him. He nodded, “I guess that’s what it is. My mind can’t quiet down.” Working a 60-hour week in the hectic restaurant business, it’s no surprise that his adrenalin and his thought streams have a difficult time calming down to a rhythm of sleep — even though he is usually exhausted by the end of the day.

Mind chatter, monkey mind (one that jumps from thought to thought like a monkey jumps from tree to tree), incessant head talk — these are all terms that refer to the concept of minds that can’t sooth, focus, or fall into a peaceful rhythm.

Have you personally ever felt this way? Maybe once in awhile — or perhaps quite often?

The other night, as I was working on my next day tweets, going through emails, corresponding with some of my students — multitasking to the max — my mind was on overload. It was late at night, the day had been fast-paced and scheduled, and I was experiencing a far-from-peaceful moment as I stared at my computer screen, my fingers busily flying across the keyboard.

However, the Universe must have literally taken “note” of my state of busy-mind-chatter and through the little boost of a message from a new Twitter friend, sent me to a music-sharing website where this man’s musical compositions were posted. And voila – I was transported to an ethereal moment of mindfulness and harmony. These lilting streams just captivated me in a totally unexpected way, drawing my focus toward the very essence of the music, and away from the tense mind chatter that had been running through my brain. I felt a huge and welcome gush of “aaaahhhhhh” just wash over me as I relaxed.

Of course, the Universe works in unexpected joyful, purposeful and sage ways, but we don’t always have to wait for the little nudge from a wise Universe. We can actually take our own steps to quiet our hectic head talk, particularly in the evening hours when our bodies need to relax and wind down in preparation for the rejuvenation of sleep. Really embracing mindfulness and being in the moment are so helpful for this.

It’s important to curtail extreme multitasking late at night. When our brains are so busy with parallel streams of information for each task and activity, we remain in an adrenaline rush that is not conducive to sleep. So if you have to finish something — give your attention to that one thing. And then FINISH it and set an intention to now enter the mode of CALM.

Before bed, engage in a peaceful few moments when you consciously prepare for sleep and let the concerns of the day just wash away.

Focusing on your breathing and deliberately slowing it down are a way to begin the relaxation process. Take slow, deep, cleansing breaths and intend for your body to release stress and tension on the exhale. Imagine that all the “toxic” emotions of the day are flowing out of your body, leaving you far more tranquil. Spending just a few minutes doing this can have a wonderful result.

A classic way to relax is simply picking up a book and reading – or use a Kindle or similar device. But make sure you are not caught up in a novel that is too intense.

Meditation or guided imagery is also benefical. Use any meditation techniques you have learned, or simply sit in quiet still-time for ten minutes or more. Just let your mind drift, with absolutely no thought agenda.

Listen to a guided imagery mediation by using an iPod or mp3 player with headphones, or a CD for those not yet into the iPod technology. There are even many apps for the smartphones that are also quite effective. Some of these have soothing binaural rhythms that work with the natural body rhythms to relax you into sleep mode. There are also many guided imagery meditation apps as well. Or, just listen to relaxing music, as I found myself doing that one particular evening.

Of course, one very practical tip is to not sit up too late with the blinking, interactive computer screen (I admit, I am often guilty of this.) It keeps the mind and adrenalin flowing. Another practical tip to those who are coffee drinkers: maybe it’s a no-brainer, but it’s best to refrain from caffeine in the afternoon and evening. This will allow your body to wind down at night.

At the very end of the day, take a few moments to re-frame each day with gratitude — offer heartfelt appreciation for the high points, accomplishments and special joys of the day, as well as for the blessings in your life! By that time you should be ready to drift off toward a tranquil slumber…


  • I take time to focus on my breathing to relax my mind and body.
  • Creating peaceful moments at night helps bring overall balance and harmony into my life.
  • I spend time reviewing my day to highlight those things for which I am truly grateful.
What are your suggestions for calming the mind before bedtime — please feel free to share your thoughts here!
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Time Management Online – Create Balance In Your Internet Life

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Everyday I get numerous offers promising me that if I just download this life-changing ebook, or buy this remarkable system — abundant windfalls of either joy, money, or both will promptly flow my way. Some of these emails are from well-known names in internet marketing, and some from great motivational leaders and teachers. The email loops I find myself part of have grown more complicated and seem to continue to expand each day.

But the theme is all the same, “Use my system, make big money now” or “buy my product and get happy now” or “join my membership site and become enlightened now!” They tantalize and appeal to us in a variety of strong emotional ways.

But the price will only be discounted “today” so take advantage right now — or the bonuses will only be around for the next 48 hours — or the replay of the not-to-be-missed teleseminar is only up for 24 hours so listen NOW.

When I was a bit newer online, I took this at face value. I think I attended every teleconference that I could squeeze into my schedule. I bought a number of products that interested me and some were beneficial, but others not so.

But it suddenly dawned on me that my life had become too complicated with online “stuff.” My schedule was suddenly crammed with too much clutter that resulted from my interfacing with the internet. I realized that I needed to kick back and re-examine my time management online.

Yes, the internet an information highway, an expansive wave of enlightening ideas, teachings and consciousness-awakening movements. But it has also opened up this vast avalanche of marketing pitches. The bottom line is that one just can’t have time and money for EVERYTHING that wafts in our direction.

So what can we do? Here are a few practical tips I have learned to help deal with balancing one’s interaction on the internet:

1) All “offers” that urge you to immediate action — be wary. If you have real interest, read carefully but put it aside for a day – or several. Most worthwhile offers are usually good for a number of days (and sometimes WEEKS) despite what they say. Listen to your heart and inner guidance. If it’s too good to be true, then it’s too good to be true! Do take time to make sure something resonates with your thoughts and goals before you buy it, join it or sign up for its teleconference — even if the teleconference is FREE. And if you have questions, don’t be afraid to write to the person who is making the offer. If they are the “real deal”, they will respond to you!

2) Online Events – There are such a multitude of these teleseminars, webinars, etc. I used to be a teleconference “junkie” and join in every event to which I was invited, until I realized that they were taking up a disproportionate amount of my time. Now I pick and choose. What’s more, most  are available in download. I download them, transfer them to my iPod and listen either at the gym during my workout, or in the car in transit — better time management!

3) eZines and emails – If I  want to sign up for a new and exciting ezine, I often first unsubscribe to something that does not really hold my interest anymore. So this keeps the “karmic balance” of ezines somewhat consistent. Believe me, I DO get many eZines on a regular basis and for the most part, I enjoy the information they contain!

4) You don’t have to opt in to everything. Don’t let yourself feel pressured to be part of everything, even with some sweet pitches that come your way. Even if the products/events sound amazing. Do you really want your internet life to overwhelm and overshadow your REAL life? Connect only with those whose platforms are meaningful and beneficial to you.

5) Social Consciousness – Sometimes I feel inundated with petitions (and of course appeals for donations). Yes, some of them are so important and really resonate with my beliefs. But if I agreed to sign all the online petitions that come to me, and writing all those accompanying letters, I would simply have no life. Now you might think that sounds selfish, but sometimes one has to say “no” to the deluge of online demands. So if you DO become involved in causes, choose those that are most meaningful to you.

6) Gaming – I personally do not get involved with this, but I know that so many people DO. Put a time limit on this and don’t let yourself become obsessed.

All in all, remember to strive for BALANCE, balance, balance. Create your own gentle harmony in your online virtual life as well as your “real” life in the actual world. Some amazing and beautiful business/social connections are made online. But don’t get so lost in the internet that you lose touch with the reality of everyday living. Just keep in mind that yes, one can simply get up from one’s desk chair and turn away from that blinking, colorful screen and return to the blessings and intricacies of real life…


  • I strive for balance and harmony in all aspects of my life — both virtual and actual!
  • My heart and inner guidance help me effectively sort through the many opportunities that come my way.
  • I pursue events that clearly resonate with my wishes, beliefs and interests.
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