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Positive Living – Seek Joy and Release Fear

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Do you find yourself getting caught up in the worldview of fear far too often? Do you allow yourself to immerse too frequently in stress and anxiety?

On the news and social media, all the variations and permutations of “fear propaganda” continue to run rampant, and they always will, because that is what attracts viewership and readership. It encourages people to feel vulnerable and frightened.

Let’s face it, at times we all sink into this — but the reality is that you have control over your mind and thoughts. Reawaken to the knowing that you can tap into the inner strength of your power! For you are powerful on every level. You need to feel into the confidence of this and tune out those media voices that send a continuous barrage of gloom and doom.

Sometimes even those individuals who are in our extended circles of family and friends can be serious naysayers as well. So it is essential to remove yourself mentally and emotionally as best as possible from their negative influence.

Tune into that place of strength within yourself. Move away from fear and into the illumination of light and love. It all begins with a conscious choice!

Allow yourself to be drawn to all that is positive (instead of the opposite). For every scary news story, there is an enlightened video, workshop, event that is motivational, that is simply inspired and uplifting! Find it — that is your mission. And when you send out those “seeking-things-positive” vibes to the Universe, supportive guidance will amazingly flow in. But you have to create and immerse in those sensations. And it is always beneficial to be in that mode of gratitude as well.

YouTube has a huge variety of motivational videos and inspired speakers. Hay House always has joyful inspiration! Check the streaming services (Netflx, Amazon Prime, etc) for stand-up comedians. Find those that resonate and allow yourself to just laugh and feel delightfully happy. Even for those moments, you will see how wonderfully this can raise your personal vibration, help you engage in JOY and feel better for the rest of the day — or even week!

And if you have been reading my posts for awhile, you know how much I advocate spending time in nature, for that is so extremely energizing and peace-inducing at the same time. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass, in the sand — feel supremely connected to Mother Earth. It will help you be centered, serene and more joyful.

Minimize those broadcasts and streams of news that bombard you with unnecessary negativity. Yes, on a practical level, remain updated on what is going on in the world, but do not immerse too deeply — only you know how much is tolerable and when you need to back off. Follow your wise inner guidance. Seek to live your life in an optimistic way.

Your soul’s mission is to be the best and highest, most enlightened version of you here on planet Earth. Strive to do that, to create your most illuminated reality, and allow yourself to seek and immerse in joy.


  • I create a happy, serene, feel-good reality for my life!
  • A supportive Universe guides me to be the most enlightened version of myself.
  • I make powerful, conscious choices that are right for my life path.
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Practice Presence During this Challenging Time

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Are you able to be present and focused on the NOW moment? Are you able to live in the space of mindfulness?

I have written much about this topic over the years, but find that at no time is it more essential than during this challenging time of lockdown and sheltering in place to practice this skill.

The COVID pandemic has incited fear, panic and anxiety in many people. Even those that are normally fairly peaceful and laid back are experiencing heightened disharmony and stress from turbulent times in these completely uncharted waters. Many are having a tough time navigating in a centered and serene way.

This is totally understandable — after all, we are facing a time unlike any other in our world view and life perspective. The last serious pandemic was the Spanish Flu in 1918, over a hundred years ago.

“Pandemic mentality” is a new and scary concept. The media plays upon people’s fears and strives for the most sensational news that they can possibly deliver, inciting feelings of panic and chaos.

So we need to personally do the opposite — strive to maintain a sense of fluid stability within our energetic selves and not succumb to that tide of fear mongering. Will we have moments of feeling deeply sad or disturbed — of course, that is our human nature, and what is happening is obviously heartbreaking and difficult. People are suffering and many people are dying, and that is a reality.

We need to go within, to connect with our Core Essence, our True Self and inner guidance to help keep us on the path of light and inner peace. And sometimes we need to turn off the media, the news, the TV and our other devices to go back to that place of balance.

Practicing presence is a fabulous way to cope with this unprecedented time, and by doing so, we are able to release some of the worry. Remember, worrying does nothing to change any outcome of past or future — it just creates sadness and disharmony within us and that can deplete our immune systems. And we all know that a strong, healthy immune system is so essential right now.

Allow yourself to begin to live more in the moment. Let go of the past as best you can, and do not speculate way too much into the future. Place your concentration on the activities and tasks of your current day.

The questions that everyone is asking of course, is “when will COVID end? When will the world re-open? When will life return to a place of even semi-normalcy?” Right now as I write this, nobody has any clear answers. But I do firmly believe it is important to trust and have faith that life WILL return to a semblance of normal flow, as businesses reopen and we begin to get out and about again.

Yet, do not spend too much time thinking about it and wondering about the time frame. Simply place your attention on where you are now, what you are doing and what you can do to help nurture and sustain yourself during the time you may feel “socially depleted.”

Being present helps you be more joyful overall.

When this lockdown first started, I would wake up each morning and would kind of hear that phrase, “another day in COVID world” in my head, which was not very positive. I have since quieted that negative voice and simply awake to each day imagining that it is no different from any pre-COVID world day. I have my lovely home, my husband, my family (even though they may be far away right now), my kitty cats. I have my Reiki practice to help me be present and tuned into that wellspring of strength and peace within me.

I am grateful for all I DO have, all the blessings that are in my life. I suggest you too, take pause and recognize your blessings, especially during these strange times. For if you look around, I am sure you will easily find those aspects of your life that are meaningful, pleasing and appreciation-inducing.

Focus on your breath and how precious that simple aspect of your physical being can be.

This bizarre time in our lives will pass. It may take weeks, months or perhaps a year or two, but we have to let go of wondering about that time frame and simply live our lives as best we can. Yes, take those practical measures to stay safe, as you must, but do not be afraid to LIVE and to feel. Nurture yourself. Be present, and you will stay strong and centered in this strange journey that we are all experiencing at this moment in time.


  • I stay centered and connected to the now moment.
  • Practicing presence allows me to feel more peaceful and optimistic.
  • I focus my attention on my current day, and I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.
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Positive Living – Celebrate YOU and Your Achievements

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Have you become your own best, most enthusiastic fan – your most loyal supporter? Because you should be!

The human existence seems to have most individuals in the space of being strong self-critics. It appears that many people are harshly judgmental of themselves — their appearance, their emotional being, their life paths. Do you often hear that inner critic?

It is tough when one is immersed in that “I’m not good enough” type of mentality, especially if it is hard to lift yourself out of that victim thinking. Most everyone experiences periods of self-doubt and feeling less than stellar about who they are and where they are headed. But once in awhile is understandable and part of being human with that broad range of emotion. However, being stuck in that mentality is detrimental to your well being.

It is so powerful to do the inner work of tuning in to that beautiful, soulful being you are at your core. You are strong, you are worthy, you are amazing — begin to move into the flow of this.

It is important to make time to celebrate YOU and your victories, both large and small. You don’t have to wait for one of those major, grand victories either, for instance that new job with the huge new salary and title that you just achieved. That is obviously a remarkable, celebratory accomplishment. But look around and observe the smaller achievements — someone complimented you on your helpfulness in the course of a regular day so you are uplifted. Or you experienced a day of great self care and feel joyful – acknowledge that. Your partner tells you how beautiful you are – accept that compliment and let yourself glow with pride. You passed an exam for which you spent lots of intense study time – congratulate yourself! And something as simple as finishing a string of mundane tasks that needed doing – pat yourself on the back for completing them!

You get the idea. Indulge and immerse in the energy of feeling good about YOU and what you do. This does take focus on your part but if you regularly praise yourself, you will feel so much more joyful. And do not feel guilty about this! You are worthy of happiness, you are worthy of self-confidence so make feeling good and being your own enthusiastic cheerleader part of your personal mantra!


  • I acknowledge my personal victories and celebrate all my accomplishments.
  • I tune in to my soulful inner guidance to encourage me to make joyful, feel-good decisions for my life.
  • I practice thinking about myself in positive, loving ways!
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Remember to Practice Self Care

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Do you happen to be a GIVER, a NURTURER, someone who tends to take care of everyone else? Do you sometimes feel driven to be sure that everyone else is fine — perhaps to the extent of depleting yourself?

Of course, it is a beautiful compassionate attitude to be caring toward others and to want them to be in the flow of harmony and well-being. However, when we tend to get involved in trying to be that “caregiver supreme” we tend to lack attention to our own well-being.

And sometimes the lack of self-care is not wrapped up with other individuals at all — it results from being caught up in a situation. Such as my recent relocation from one house to another — and all the packing, downsizing, remodeling and long, physically demanding days that entailed — that took me so out of the realm of any form of self-nurturing.

One day I looked at my hands and realized all my nails were worn down to the quick and my skin was like a sheet of sandpaper. That is because I was walking around in a daze of a million tasks that needed to get done before I could even look in the mirror and think about me.

But I plan not to ever allow myself to sink so far down into such a place of living in a surreal reality with a giant, seemingly never-ending To-Do list. It is not healthy.

Since I am a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, I was able carve out a few minutes each day to tune into the Reiki energy — which helped sustain me. However, I am still guilty of forgetting about ME.

So what have I learned?

True healing begins directly with YOU. Compassion begins with you.

Perhaps we all know these things, but when we get caught up in the ultra-crazy-busy segments of our lives, we tend to forget.

And we need to be PRESENT. Present in a way that is peaceful, joyful and healthy for us.

Make time for YOU. You will not be helpful to anyone else if you are depleted and exhausted. Take time to do those things that make your heart sing and your psyche feel GOOD.

YOU are a precious commodity — a unique being who is making your own special and beautiful contribution to this world. Do not forget that. Do not forget your worthiness.

And when you remember these things, you will find it more natural and easy to focus upon making sure that you remain in that flow of well-being and JOY.


  • I take time to focus on things that bring joy and peace into my life.
  • Practicing self care helps me be stronger and in tune with my own rhythms and inner guidance.
  • I am compassionate to others — and also to myself!
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Adaptability in the Ever-Changing World

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Ours is an ever-changing, shifting world of impermanence. Our circumstances and surrounding energy flows and changes. WE change, evolve and transform over time. Nothing lasts forever here in our corporeal, physical world. Our joy is a blend of who we are at our core essence, plus how we react to those people and circumstances around us.

To be immersed in the optimistic mindset and align with the great, potent, enlightening stream of the Universe, we need to embrace adaptability and flexibility.

Yes, we can set goals, make plans and integrate the Law of Attraction into our lives — intuition assists us in navigating on the right track for our unique life journey. It helps us manifest and CREATE.

However, some aspects are simply beyond our physical and mortal control.

That is the grand adventure of our lives. Do the personal work that you can — be of the consciousness of adapting and “going with the flow.” Yet be open to the way your individual path unfolds. Sometimes that means to absolutely surrender to a Higher Consciousness — to let go of the struggle of overwhelm and human worry. For excessive worry only results in excessive stress which then can result in unhappiness, depression, negativity and the like.

When you trust in the outcome, that all will be well in your journey, that you are precisely where you belong on your particular path — you will be in that spectacular, wise flow, and so much more joyful and peaceful.

Do the inner work. Trust. Believe. Listen to your powerful Inner Guidance. Know that a supportive Universe in its amazing Divinity will guide and support you and is working on behalf of your Highest Good.

In that place of harmony between intention and surrender will be your happiness moments, your most serene space of existence… Relax and simply enjoy the journey!


  • I relax into the knowing that my personal path is unfolding in exactly the way that is right and joyful for me.
  • I find inner peace in trusting that “all is truly well” in my world, as the Universe supports my journey.
  • I embrace the skills of adaptability and flexibility as they serve me well in living my most optimistic and serene life.
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Self Empowerment – Create Your Magnificent Reality

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Do you take time to envision what you wish to create, what you wish to bring forth into your own personal reality? Do you move into the powerful energy of setting intentions and goals, of being in alignment with the high vibrations of what you desire to manifest?

Experiencing your most creative, inspired incarnation of your soul self can be exquisitely fulfilling!

You must focus on being “on purpose” – really tuning in to just what you want, having true clarity about which life path you wish to walk. Sometimes that seems like it can feel beyond ones reach. However, be open to your inner guidance, that profound knowing about the best way for you to personally navigate forward.

Create crystal clear visions of your life dreams. See yourself achieving them!

And as you take each energetic and action step, make sure to celebrate your successes and accomplishments along the way. This is key. Even baby steps that take you in the direction you wish to go should be noticed and rejoiced! Pat yourself on the back…

Bask in the beautiful, sublime energy of feeling good about YOU, of feeling at peace with each sweet moment of being in alignment with your soul’s mission.

On a more earthy level, allow and encourage yourself to feel HAPPY with small achievements, with feel-good, slice-of-life moments that just touch your heart. Yes, we all have those. Even in the midst of turbulent times, we can find these, though it takes more looking. So make sure to notice these, to be present and joyful, to simply savor the luscious-ness of these.

It is these kind of moments that do move you powerfully along on a good-feeling journey. These are the times when you feel so delightfully ALIVE. These are the moments when you are “in the flow” and all is incredibly right with the world.


  • I take specific steps to create my most magnificent and inspired reality.
  • I focus on clearly envisioning my goals and desires.
  • I celebrate my successes — and feel delighted by each accomplishment, no matter how small or simple.
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Be A Conscious Creator – Write Your Life Story

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Are you in the flow and process of designing a joyful, fulfilling life story? Are you totally aware that you are the architect of your present and your future?

I hope you do live in awareness of this, or maybe this will serve as a clear reminder. And if you are truly unfamiliar with this concept, then maybe this will be a bit of an awakening for you.

As a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, I do meet many who come for healing and relaxation sessions. One of the biggest complaints/ailments of these times is stress. I’m sure that is no surprise to most. Stress can be a killer. It can cause tension, anxiety, imbalance, discord and if left to fester in a prolonged way, it can manifest into serious symptoms and dis-ease.

Most people would love a magical, anti-stress pill! So in place of that, many turn to antidepressants, mood elevators and the like — and today, doctors hand them out like candy.

To be in the flow of inner peace and well being, it takes inner WORK. There is no magic wand to wave.

It may take a combination of regular exercise, a truly healthy, nutritional way of eating, an excellent therapist, along with holistic/meditation/stillness practices. It takes thinking in a brand new way.

So many people feel “stuck” in old, negative thought patterns. It is essential to awake to the knowing that you — and only YOU — can make the shift to more joyful ways of thinking. Don’t expect your parent, your child, your partner/spouse, your friend to provide for your happiness.

When you begin to take responsibility for your life and your state of mind, that is when your real power emerges. And this doesn’t mean you have the ability to change all that is happening in your life. Your job, your family, the challenges in your immediate environment — some of that you may have to learn to cope with.

What you CAN do is choose the way you react to all that is happening in your surrounding reality. Your reaction is totally within your own control.

So do you become unglued, frustrated, stressed out? Or do you choose to remain in that place of inner peace and balance? I bet I can guess your preferred answer to that…

It is not always easy to tune in to that place of calm and harmony and flexibility — but it IS doable.

So by accepting responsibility for your own mindset and choices, you become that “conscious creator”.  And if you can be in that place emotionally, then you will see how GOOD it feels. And how productive and optimistic you can be.

Are there times you will slip into old patterns, go down the rabbit hole of despair — sure, it happens. But know that you are strong and can bring yourself back to the light. Be kind and nurturing to yourself, especially at these times.

So begin to truly take charge of writing your life story – what is your delightful vision for yourself for the future? Make it happen, one step at a time — and remember to enjoy each moment of the journey!


  • I create my life story to be fulfilling and uplifting for me.
  • I cherish my unique path and love who I am!
  • I always take time to be kind and gentle with myself.
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Mindfulness – Being Present in the Now Moment

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Are you given to an ultra fragmented mind with thoughts in all directions? Do you ever have that sensation of a dizzying swirl of memories, regrets, thoughts, wishes, plans, worries all vying for space in your head at once?

I do admit that I am certainly guilty of that at times. And so I do the inner work of being PRESENT. Our lives in this modern world are full, and multitasking seems to be a way of life, unless you are a monk in a monastery. The condition of “terminal busy-ness” seems to be an intrinsic part of the human experience. (And this is especially affected by all these technological devices that have become an integral part of most people’s lives.)

It is it healthy? Is it productive, really?

When ones attention is spread all over the place, it can feel like a loss of control and it is certainly the antithesis of inner peace.

So what many people seem to be seeking is peacefulness, stress-management, and/or a more meaningful life experience.

That is why we must awaken to the empowerment of PRESENCE, of being more immersed in the NOW moment. And that is not always easy to do…

By being focused and able to give ones real attention to the immediate moment, or task of the moment, brings more harmony and serenity into your reality.

It appears to be a natural human tendency to be mired in the past, with vast accumulations of worries and regrets — or overwhelmed with concern and worry about the future — “What will happen… etc. etc?” Where do you fall on this spectrum?

Bringing ones mind into living more presently has lovely benefits, and will allow you to feel a greater flow of ease with life.

Some suggestions:

1. Become aware of your state of mind. Are you uncomfortably unfocused more of the time than not? Check in with your thoughts. If it is easy enough to pull your concentration to the present and hold it there, then you are on the right track. However, if doing so is a momentous challenge, then begin to pay attention to beginning to achieve a sense of mindfulness.

2. When you feel stress, disconnect and tension begin to arise, just stop, sit and breathe. Focus on your breath and take five slow, deep cleansing breaths. This is not a magic solution, but it will help bring you into the present and head off anxiety before it becomes too overwhelming.

3. Strive to speak more slowly. I know many people who seem to speak at the speed of light — I think of them as “fast talkers”. It is sometimes stressful just listening to them. Check in with yourself – do you feel you have to speak ultra fast to get your thoughts expressed? Record yourself speaking and then listen. If you find yourself to be a fast talker, allow your speech to slow down in general. Work on making statements in a more thoughtful, calm way. This can make an amazingly positive difference in your life!

4. When you are frenzied, feeling particularly hectic, you can do what I have termed talking to yourself in your Higher Self reminder voice. Let your inner guidance lead. And allow your soul-self to remind you to “slow down and pay attention” or imagine you are hearing the phrase “be right here, right now.” If you have privacy, you can speak softly out loud, “Pay attention to this moment.” or “Just be in the moment” and it is amazing how you can shift your energy and concentration with a little boost from that inner voice.

5. When you are performing a simple or mundane task such as brushing your teeth or combing your hair, avoid letting your mind wander onto tomorrow’s “To Do” list. Instead, simply BE in the moment. For instance, pay attention to brushing each tooth carefully and diligently. Or whatever task you are doing, just DO that particular task without a runaway mind.

6. Carve some time out of your busy life to schedule a “nature break.” Spend time and connect with the natural world around you. Walk barefoot in the soft grass or in the sand. It is always rejuvenating to go to a beach or a lake or body of water and just allow yourself to connect with that peaceful element of water. Take a walk in the fresh air — even a short one is revitalizing and good for you both mentally and physically. And it does help you be present.


  • I take time each day to connect with my breath, and this causes a peaceful, mindful shift within me.
  • I do the inner work to focus on the present moment and I am empowered!
  • I find beauty and solace in simple aspects of my immediate environment.
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Positive Attitude – Releasing Judgement

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Are you sometimes too quick to criticize others? Do you tend to be judgmental in your attitude? Or are you even aware of this aspect of yourself?

In general, as those drama-seeking, emotion-filled human beings that we are, we tend to view others and their beliefs and actions with caution, skepticism and often great criticism. And I am not talking about that large political arena. I am referring to your own personal life and those relationships that surround you — even your immediate family members. Sometimes it is that close personal and social circle in which people seem to know how to press our buttons and we are quick to respond in a reactive, not-so-understanding way.

Within families there often tends to be bickering and ego-driven conclusions, arguments and gossip. We strike out and we JUDGE, sometimes in a very loud way.

It is so essential to begin to recognize this sense of judgment within ourselves, acknowledge that conflict-creating aspect of ourselves in order to begin to do some inner work to make a shift.

The wisdom of living a compassionate, loving, balanced life is embodied in the Reiki Precepts, which overall asks for us to strive for more humility and compassion, being as non-judgemental as possible. They encourage us to tone down or even silence the inner critic… letting the ego gently step aside. You don’t have to be Reiki-trained to follow this sage advice for living a kind, serene life.

“Once we can let go of our need to judge others, we will experience an immense inner freedom.”
– Henri Nouwen

Let us simply place our focus on experiencing our best and most compassionate journey. For letting go of judgment frees us from great resistance within, taking us a step closer to being that highest and best version of ourselves.

For ultimately, who are we to judge others? Are we so perfect and beyond reproach that we know everything — absolutely not! And certainly being judgemental impacts our worldview and is part of the reason why our larger reality is in this challenging, disconnected place of sadness and separation.

Let us achieve that sense of tolerance, understanding and peacefulness. Let us personally be the positive change that we wish to affect…


  • I move into the flow of peacefulness, and see others with more compassionate eyes.
  • I release my sense of judging others and strive to be more tolerant and understanding.
  • I relax my standards by which I view others, and I acknowledge and respect that everyone has their unique life path.
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Keeping Inner Peace in Turbulent Times

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We are living in a time of cosmic turbulence — of dramatic shift. Do feel it? Do you feel tuned in to periods of extreme unrest, uncertainty, personal turmoil?

I have felt this deep sense of upheaval, of things stirring and changing, and I believe it is part of the process of transformation, and ultimately of greater alignment with my soul purpose and mission.

Sometimes I feel my life is spinning almost out of control. But wait, you say, aren’t you Reiki trained? Doesn’t that keep you peaceful inside despite all the challenges swirling around you?

It certainly helps, yet for during some time periods, it is “buckle your seatbelt — you are in for a wild ride!” And then I call tap into my Reiki training, striving to maintain some semblance of balance through this cosmic roller coaster experience.

Jack Canfield, a most well known motivational teacher and author, states that one of his most important “success principles” is to take 100% responsibility for your own life. In complete agreement, I attempt to draw in the reigns of this wild beast that is sometimes my reality. And I reiterate to myself “Take control of your life. You are powerful!”

And that strong head talk helps propel me in a more focused direction. However, I observe that in some moments my life feels like an unbridled, spirited and testy equine with an active mind of its own.

And I learn over and over again that not everything IS in my control as much as I strive to take responsibility of the human voyage I am on.

Sometimes I need to remind myself to acknowledge a Higher Power. To let go of my white knuckled grasp on those reigns and let the peacefulness of my soul and the Divine just flow within me.

I consciously allow myself to release resistance… to surrender to the powers that be!

To assist my understanding and compliance with this cosmic state of change, it has become very clear to me about the necessity of remaining present. This is an important survival tool that can serve all of us well on many levels.

To navigate choppy waters, focus on the next little piece of the voyage. Place attention on the NOW moment. When I consistently remind myself of this, it helps bring an immediate sense of relief and serenity into my heart and mind.

Do that inner work to live powerfully in the PRESENT. Know that not everything is in your own control. Yet, DO take responsibility for those things that you can affect and influence. And always be of authentic heart and come from a place of COMPASSION.


  • I know that at times I need to surrender to the flow of Divine timing — and trust that everything will work out for my Highest Good.
  • I embrace the concept of mindfulness — being present — to help me remain in the space of inner peace.
  • I take responsibility for my actions, and I strive to be in compassionate interconnectedness with others.
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