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Positive Thinking – Quest for Happiness


Are you on that lifelong quest to find joy? Are you seeking that magnificent, colossal Golden Temple of Happiness?

There is an old song called “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places” I think many people can replace the word “love” with “happiness”. When you are spending your time and energy looking for happiness, then you are going about the process in a totally unsuccessful way.

As we all know, there is no specific “place” of happiness…

Many people are just waiting for happiness, hoping and praying it will somehow come along and smack them with joyfulness. But that is certainly not how life works. And yet, certain happenings do occur that give us a sense of temporary happiness (for instance, you get that much-coveted promotion, that unexpected check in the mail, a visit surprise visit from a close friend, a fun vacation, etc)

But we should not depend on external happenings to be the sole cause of our joy and optimistic emotions.

To gain a new perspective on that oft-considered elusive emotion, it is essential to begin to understand that happiness is a way of life, an embracing of the beauty, blessings and mindfulness of the journey, not a specific destination at which to arrive.

In fact, our unique journeys are filled with many joyful aspects and dimensions that fill our field of vision. It is just up to us to notice them. And when life also brings many challenges, it is sometimes difficult — or seemingly impossible — to be able to tune in to the vibration of joy.

However, I firmly believe that happiness is something that exists inside of us, or at least the potential for it exists within our core essence.

So how does one tune in to happiness?

You have to practice — EVERY DAY. Do those things that feel good to you, that bring a smile to your face. Even small actions can be vital and rejuvenating. Especially if you are facing obstacles, it is key to take time to focus on those aspects that are the bright spots in your life. Reach within and connect to that strong, powerful persona that lives within your heart. And remember to nurture yourself with kindness and compassion.

Be sure to find/create regular moments of happiness. Even uplifting memories coupled with some deep cleansing breaths can bring a sense of lightness, relief and joy in a very quick way.

Do not rely on others to “make” you happy. It is not anybody’s job or mission in life to tend to the details of your happiness. It is completely up to you to access this beautiful, optimistic part of yourself.

Spend more time being in the space of gratitude!  Basking in the glow of appreciation has proven to uplift us.

And stop searching for happiness. Begin to focus on just being in the present moment. Find something (whatever calls to you) within your present environment that elicits a sensation of joy within you.

Help others in a compassionate way. Being of service can be positively uplifting!

Embrace the concept that you can create and design your own happiness. You don’t have to run after it or wait for it to find you.

Always trust in your intuition. That is the most powerful guidance for helping you navigate a more Joyful path… In which direction to move ahead and in which direction to steer clear of… Your heart is always a great barometer of both feeling and wisdom. Tap into the knowledge that exists within, because it is absolutely connected to the wellspring of joy…


  •  It is easy for me to find and focus on those aspects of my now moment that feel joyful to me.
  • Happiness begins within — and I reach into my core essence to connect with my inner joy and feelings of hope.
  • I tune in to my intuition and the wisdom of my heart to guide me on a joyful, uplifting path.

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