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Forgiveness – A Path Toward Healing


Do you ever find yourself stuck in the difficult place of “unforgiveness”?

Do you shudder at the expression “forgive and forget?”

It is not a simple task to do both, and I believe those actions can be segmented out. You can absolutely forgive without forgetting. And I am not implying that you should condone or accept horrible actions or treatment that someone has done to you in the past.

However, when you hold anger in your heart, it just eats away at YOU. It is a tricky toxin that blocks your ability to be in the flow of joy, love and well-being. And yet sometimes you don’t even realize how seriously poisonous it is for you…

So forgiveness is something you should integrate into your life and work through…

Here are several suggestions:

1) Permit yourself to experience the pain, the wrath, and the anguish. Let yourself get lost in it — temporarily. But give yourself a time limit, and make it a brief one. Say to yourself “For the next three days I am going to allow myself to express the pain/hostility/regret, etc that I feel. But after three days, I am letting it all go. And then I will embrace forgiveness.” Stick with your set goal, and make a super-conscious effort to release hurt and negativity. Then, take the compassionate action — send and light (or peace and light, if that is easier) to that person!

2) Forgive someone from your own perspective. This type of forgiveness does not actively involve the other person who is the object of your bitter feelings. This means doing the inner work on your own (or with a counselor, therapist etc.) — piece by piece, releasing each segment of negative, resentful emotion. When these blockages are truly gone, your psyche should feel healed and clear — this is a major “cleansing” process.

3) Forgive someone face to face. Some situations are best resolved actively with the other person. You need to sincerely share your forgiveness and let them know you are ready to begin anew with the relationship. You may wish to ask for them to forgive you too. This scenario asks that you let go of blame and fault — and only focus on healing and moving forward.

4) Learn from the experience. Life teaches us a variety of valuable lessons, and we need to be open to grow from difficult experiences. What can you personally learn from the experience of holding on to the anger versus letting forgiveness into your life? What lessons will you take into the future to improve and enrich your relationships?

5) Accept healing into your life and move on. Being open to complete emotional healing is key to forgiveness. When we are stuck in prolonged situations of anger toward others, our lives are certainly not joyful. The more hostility you feel, the more anger and negativity you attract into your life. And of course, the reverse is true as well. Forgiveness is the supremely beautiful path to healing.

By allowing both your mind and heart to heal, letting the pain subside, and focusing on positivity, you will be able to move forward in a peaceful, balanced and empowered way!


  • Connecting with love and understanding with others brings feelings of radiance and joy.
  • I let my inner light fill the darkness, illuminating the way for myself and others.
  • I make a conscious effort to forgive others and let go of past hurts.
  • I release anger and resentment, and replace this with genuine forgiveness.
  • Forgiving others brings me to a peaceful place of understanding and balance.
  • By letting go of past hurt and anger, my heart opens to healing and harmony.
  • I release hostility and resentment, and welcome love and healing into my life.
  • I am patient and steadfast on my path to forgiveness, as I know it is a process that can take time.

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