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Be A Conscious Creator – Write Your Life Story


Are you in the flow and process of designing a joyful, fulfilling life story? Are you totally aware that you are the architect of your present and your future?

I hope you do live in awareness of this, or maybe this will serve as a clear reminder. And if you are truly unfamiliar with this concept, then maybe this will be a bit of an awakening for you.

As a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, I do meet many who come for healing and relaxation sessions. One of the biggest complaints/ailments of these times is stress. I’m sure that is no surprise to most. Stress can be a killer. It can cause tension, anxiety, imbalance, discord and if left to fester in a prolonged way, it can manifest into serious symptoms and dis-ease.

Most people would love a magical, anti-stress pill! So in place of that, many turn to antidepressants, mood elevators and the like — and today, doctors hand them out like candy.

To be in the flow of inner peace and well being, it takes inner WORK. There is no magic wand to wave.

It may take a combination of regular exercise, a truly healthy, nutritional way of eating, an excellent therapist, along with holistic/meditation/stillness practices. It takes thinking in a brand new way.

So many people feel “stuck” in old, negative thought patterns. It is essential to awake to the knowing that you — and only YOU — can make the shift to more joyful ways of thinking. Don’t expect your parent, your child, your partner/spouse, your friend to provide for your happiness.

When you begin to take responsibility for your life and your state of mind, that is when your real power emerges. And this doesn’t mean you have the ability to change all that is happening in your life. Your job, your family, the challenges in your immediate environment — some of that you may have to learn to cope with.

What you CAN do is choose the way you react to all that is happening in your surrounding reality. Your reaction is totally within your own control.

So do you become unglued, frustrated, stressed out? Or do you choose to remain in that place of inner peace and balance? I bet I can guess your preferred answer to that…

It is not always easy to tune in to that place of calm and harmony and flexibility — but it IS doable.

So by accepting responsibility for your own mindset and choices, you become that “conscious creator”.  And if you can be in that place emotionally, then you will see how GOOD it feels. And how productive and optimistic you can be.

Are there times you will slip into old patterns, go down the rabbit hole of despair — sure, it happens. But know that you are strong and can bring yourself back to the light. Be kind and nurturing to yourself, especially at these times.

So begin to truly take charge of writing your life story – what is your delightful vision for yourself for the future? Make it happen, one step at a time — and remember to enjoy each moment of the journey!


  • I create my life story to be fulfilling and uplifting for me.
  • I cherish my unique path and love who I am!
  • I always take time to be kind and gentle with myself.

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