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Adaptability in the Ever-Changing World


Ours is an ever-changing, shifting world of impermanence. Our circumstances and surrounding energy flows and changes. WE change, evolve and transform over time. Nothing lasts forever here in our corporeal, physical world. Our joy is a blend of who we are at our core essence, plus how we react to those people and circumstances around us.

To be immersed in the optimistic mindset and align with the great, potent, enlightening stream of the Universe, we need to embrace adaptability and flexibility.

Yes, we can set goals, make plans and integrate the Law of Attraction into our lives — intuition assists us in navigating on the right track for our unique life journey. It helps us manifest and CREATE.

However, some aspects are simply beyond our physical and mortal control.

That is the grand adventure of our lives. Do the personal work that you can — be of the consciousness of adapting and “going with the flow.” Yet be open to the way your individual path unfolds. Sometimes that means to absolutely surrender to a Higher Consciousness — to let go of the struggle of overwhelm and human worry. For excessive worry only results in excessive stress which then can result in unhappiness, depression, negativity and the like.

When you trust in the outcome, that all will be well in your journey, that you are precisely where you belong on your particular path — you will be in that spectacular, wise flow, and so much more joyful and peaceful.

Do the inner work. Trust. Believe. Listen to your powerful Inner Guidance. Know that a supportive Universe in its amazing Divinity will guide and support you and is working on behalf of your Highest Good.

In that place of harmony between intention and surrender will be your happiness moments, your most serene space of existence… Relax and simply enjoy the journey!


  • I relax into the knowing that my personal path is unfolding in exactly the way that is right and joyful for me.
  • I find inner peace in trusting that “all is truly well” in my world, as the Universe supports my journey.
  • I embrace the skills of adaptability and flexibility as they serve me well in living my most optimistic and serene life.

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