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Patience and Perseverance During Trying Times

A Personal Experience Story

Patience was never my greatest virtue. However, over the years of accumulated experience, I have learned how to wait, observe, be in the moment and adapt to the flow of life unfolding for me…

This mindset was put to the intense test lately, as I am in the process of relocating to a new home. It is in a neighboring town, but nearness does not guarantee easiness!

It took well over two years to find and obtain a suitable ranch style house that has a spacious area for my Reiki and meditation business and practice — a long journey of looking at properties both online and in person and making many bids that never went anywhere.

And now, finally, my husband and I are excited and looking forward to living in our new house.

However, there is much remodeling and renovation to do and this process has been incredibly SLOW. And although our first contractor was highly recommended, he attempted to take as much of our money as he could con us out of, since we trusted and believed in his plans and promises. He did little work. We were actually relieved to “fire” him and remove his negative vibrations from the new abode. Unfortunately, we hear this contractor story is sadly all too common.

So now we have a new contractor who is actually doing the work and making progress, though he has a very small team (and other commitments with other homeowners as well) so everything is still in progress. But he and his men show up and actually ACCOMPLISH much!

This has been a test of my own patience and I am grateful to have my Reiki practice and mindset to help see me through. However, it has been an stressful time in my life. I DO continue to hold the vision of what my new place (and Reiki space) will look and feel like when it is remodeled and clean and all the dust/spackle/smell of paint has dissipated. But that vision is currently just in my mind and heart.

I do feel many life lessons arising from this series of obstacles and challenges. When things are particularly tough, I always ask myself “What can I learn from this experience? What life lesson does this teach me? How does this make me stronger?”

One of my own particular lessons is to be conscious of that line between what is within my control and what is not. I am a planner and I like things to happen in a very balanced and harmonious way. However, some things are just beyond our control and we must cope with that and trust that all will happen in a way that is right for us.

Also, when there is resistance along our path, this is all part of our physical and emotional experience here on “Planet Earth.” We gain wisdom and strength from these times, as painful as these steps are in our journey. It is important to know that they are temporary and will pass in time…

Above all, I am supremely grateful to have found this new house and I do my best to remain in that space of appreciation! In time, I know it will be the vision (or close to it) of a lovely residence for my husband and myself (and our kitties.)

Always hold on to your own personal vision — keep it strong and clear in your mind and in your heart. Stay the course and persevere as you move along your path toward goals and plans. Trust that you WILL enjoy the fruits of your labor and your dreams!


  • I create clear, joyful visions of what I wish to achieve in my life.
  • I know that contrast and challenge ultimately infuse me with greater emotional strength.
  • I stay calm and focused in the NOW moment to accomplish the tasks at hand.

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