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Remember to Practice Self Care


Do you happen to be a GIVER, a NURTURER, someone who tends to take care of everyone else? Do you sometimes feel driven to be sure that everyone else is fine — perhaps to the extent of depleting yourself?

Of course, it is a beautiful compassionate attitude to be caring toward others and to want them to be in the flow of harmony and well-being. However, when we tend to get involved in trying to be that “caregiver supreme” we tend to lack attention to our own well-being.

And sometimes the lack of self-care is not wrapped up with other individuals at all — it results from being caught up in a situation. Such as my recent relocation from one house to another — and all the packing, downsizing, remodeling and long, physically demanding days that entailed — that took me so out of the realm of any form of self-nurturing.

One day I looked at my hands and realized all my nails were worn down to the quick and my skin was like a sheet of sandpaper. That is because I was walking around in a daze of a million tasks that needed to get done before I could even look in the mirror and think about me.

But I plan not to ever allow myself to sink so far down into such a place of living in a surreal reality with a giant, seemingly never-ending To-Do list. It is not healthy.

Since I am a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, I was able carve out a few minutes each day to tune into the Reiki energy — which helped sustain me. However, I am still guilty of forgetting about ME.

So what have I learned?

True healing begins directly with YOU. Compassion begins with you.

Perhaps we all know these things, but when we get caught up in the ultra-crazy-busy segments of our lives, we tend to forget.

And we need to be PRESENT. Present in a way that is peaceful, joyful and healthy for us.

Make time for YOU. You will not be helpful to anyone else if you are depleted and exhausted. Take time to do those things that make your heart sing and your psyche feel GOOD.

YOU are a precious commodity — a unique being who is making your own special and beautiful contribution to this world. Do not forget that. Do not forget your worthiness.

And when you remember these things, you will find it more natural and easy to focus upon making sure that you remain in that flow of well-being and JOY.


  • I take time to focus on things that bring joy and peace into my life.
  • Practicing self care helps me be stronger and in tune with my own rhythms and inner guidance.
  • I am compassionate to others — and also to myself!

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