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Positive Living – Gratitude in Your Life


Life is so precious — each breath we take is a mini-miracle of our sensual and profound connection to our physical life here in the earthly plane. Do you bask in appreciation at certain moments of each day, simply grateful to be alive and experiencing the intense adventure of your own personal and unique journey?

If you are lax in this sense of gratitude, it is something to work on moving forward.

Gratitude is so empowering!

And when we can truly be in that supreme place of appreciation, we feel so GOOD, so JOYful and in that mindset, it helps us be our best selves. It will send out those sweet vibes to the Universe to bring more positive aspects into our reality.

When you are in the flow of deep gratitude , notice how alive you feel, how you glow with the sensation of being in the stream of optimism and radiance.

When you wake up in the morning, let your first thought be one of gratitude. Say to yourself “I am grateful for this day and the promise and opportunity it brings! Thank you God/Universe/Life (whatever aligns with your personal belief system)” and truly FEEL the gratitude.

I do believe you will notice how the day unfolds with greater ease, peacefulness and joy. It sure beats focusing on all the tough tasks you have to complete that day. (Yes, those will even be accomplished more smoothly if you are in the better frame of mind.)

And what about at night, before you go to sleep? Be grateful for those things that went well that day and emotionally let go of anything that was challenging. It is an awesome, beneficial practice to review and appreciate the uplifting facets of your day. And even if you feel you had a relatively rough day, focus on simply one thing that lifted your heart, one thing that you can be grateful for. It is believed you take to sleep the energy and vibration of your evening thoughts so make them feel-good ones of appreciation.


  • I take time each day to immerse in the mindset of gratitude.
  • I notice and observe the many beautiful and joyful blessings that surround me!
  • I appreciate who I am and my own special, unique life path!
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