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Inner Strength and Flexibility though Life Challenges


Does life just sometimes seem like a long string/series of challenges, one arising after another? Just when you are confident you have things a bit settled and balanced, anticipating some smooth sailing, along come new hurdles to plunge you back into a period of turmoil!

Ah, welcome to this intense journey called LIFE. Rarely is everything oh-so-easy and flowing in beautiful peace and grace. So when you ARE keenly aware of such a serene period in your reality, of course seize the serenity and JOY of it.

I firmly believe that we have to accept the ebb and flow of our lives, that challenges and obstacles are simply an integral part of our human experience. It is our reaction to them, our basic mindset as to how we cope, that determines our true level of inner peace and personal emotional strength.

And I also believe, it is absolutely possible — and essential — that we be in the attitude of flexibility and openness, remaining tuned in to that place within that is our inner guidance system as well as inner light of tranquility.

Adopt a mindset of “All is well in my world” — even if the wind of challenge is blowing heavily. Affirm that “This is LIFE and I am strong and adaptable.”

Also remind yourself that “this too shall pass”.  And DO remember to always be happily, sharply aware of whatever is going RIGHT in your life, whatever blessings surround you, because they absolutely exist.

Take time to focus on these. Express your gratitude for these! Even if they are small — acknowledge them.

Just look around, observe, and see past the contrast of challenge. And you can and should train yourself to do this!

For you will be more optimistic overall, more tapped in to your own “power”, and able to navigate your own unique life in a savvy and peaceful way.


  • I stay in the mindset of flexibility, and know that I can cope with all challenges that arise along my life journey.
  • I tune in to that bright light of inner strength and guidance that exists within – my Core Essence.
  • I make time to focus on all the positive aspects of my unique reality — and that creates a feeling of JOY within!

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