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Positive Attitude – Feel the Love and Joy of Life


Life is fleeting and fragile — it is simply an extraordinary (and temporary) visit here on Planet Earth. For some it is a short, powerful visit — for others it is a long and intense journey. And nobody knows the exact time when ones own personal visiting hours are over and it is time to exit.

That is why it is essential to make your imprint here in a most glorious, loving and compassionate way. It is important to move through life with real awareness from your heart — that ripple and flow of LOVE toward all others here.

Strive to be a being of love and a beacon of love! Reach out and connect with your fellow beings and with the animals that reside on this plane of existence with us as well. Allow love to flourish and bloom within you, and make consistent effort and intention to bask in it, to share it, to expand with it. Love is the fruit of your soul — sweet and delicious!

And along with love is the condition called JOY. As a being of love, bask in the joy that abounds in this life. Oh, sure, it may not always seem that way, especially as one moves through a particularly challenging period. But there are always glimpses of joy in ones life — and if you focus and pay attention, you will discover there are remarkable, big bursts of joy surrounding you, just waiting for you to acknowledge. Make it a priority to tune in to the conditions of joy in your own reality.

Sometimes it is something as simple as noticing the act of breathing — our exquisitely human way of existing here in the physical body. Breath is the vital reminder of our humanity – and connecting with our breathing allows us to reap the meditative, peaceful benefits of taking the time to focus and remember this.

What is the essence of the joy in your own life? Who are the people that surround you with love and inspire sincere joy within you? Who are those that support you and nurture your life journey? Acknowledge them and feel supreme gratitude for them.

Sometimes it is easy to place your attention on the cozy, human comforts one experiences — a soft, cuddly warm blanket – or perhaps a soft, cuddly warm cat or dog. EnJOY and revel in those special comforts – not all joy needs to arise out of profound segments of our lives. Anything that brings happiness and optimism is welcome…

Embrace the splendor of nature and the natural world as much as possible. A colorful sunset can bring lovely inspiration and appreciation into your heart. Feeling your bare toes in the grass in the warmer weather is happiness-inducing! Last year I bought a hammock-type swing for the yard, supposedly for my grandchildren — but guess who ended up using it often? Yes, I ended up spending many sweet hours laying in the peacefulness of this swing — communing with the magnolia tree from which it was suspended. Which shows that one is never too old to creatively spend time outdoors and tap in to ones inner child.

Life can seem to pass in that figurative blink of an eye in that larger scope of the concept of a timeless soul journey. So make your time here count in a powerfully positive way. And make sure that you joyfully and lovingly touch the lives of others.


  • I tap into that fountain of love within and allow it to expand powerfully to others.
  • I give grateful and focused attention to the moments of joy in my everyday reality!
  • Connecting with others in a compassionate way is a goal of my soul!
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