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Inner Peace in this Busy Technological World


When I was younger, I used to envision growing older and reaching a more senior segment of my life, and picturing this as a serene, simpler time, which I would embrace with ease. Now as I am actually engaged in that climb into a more mature stage of life, I realize how my earlier visions of this were so unbelievably off base. Or perhaps at the time that I had these mental pictures, daily living was simpler in general and I could never have imagined the effect that modern technology and 2020 lifestyles would have on everyone, including those who are older.

I do have some friends and family that are already “retired” and they lead the busiest, most hectic lives which makes the idea of a peaceful retirement stage quite an oxymoron.

I have no plans to retire anytime soon, and am not at that age yet anyway. But a glimpse of it is beginning to appear on the horizon.

I love what I do in my path as a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and figure I can sail into senior age as one of those wise old “Reiki Masters.” And I say that with a smile. I plan to continue on for many, many years yet, as long as I am physically capable of this journey.

Of course, today as people age, they are encouraged to stay mobile, active and fit — and I am all for that! However, engaging in healthy exercise is one thing. Being actively overwhelmed with a million tasks and aspects of life is a whole other concept. There needs to be a balance or sense of moderation. The challenge is to find that personal middle ground.

Let’s face it — life today is busy. It is more than busy — it is filled with tasks, obligations, responsibilities and it is filled with emails, texts and Social Media as well. Years ago, before smartphones and the related communication, there was not that constant flow of total connectivity. I strain to remember what I actually did early in the morning, before there was the checking of email. Perhaps I simply read the newspaper — a printed edition.

Occasionally when I go out, I forget my mobile phone — and though I prefer not to — sometimes I feel it is the Universe nudging me and reminding me to disconnect for a little bit for my own well-being. Because I am sometimes just as bad a s a millennial! And every once in a while I thoughtfully envy some of those my age who are not as technologically savvy or who don’t need a smartphone to manage their business.

My thirty-something daughter decided to opt out of regular Facebook posting and connection, and I was shocked by this and actually missed her presence on the Social Media giant. At first I could not understand it, but she explained to me that she had been on Facebook for a very long time, since college, and was tired of the time-consuming distraction of it. How very wise and mature of her!

The message here is to take some time out to decompress from technology, and take time to embrace inner peace and relaxation. This is a life lesson with which I am constantly learning and re-learning. Yes, I do make some time each day for some stillness, contemplation or meditation, and I do Reiki self treatment as well, though it often feels like there is not enough time and I keep reminding myself that this is essential self-care, not an indulgence.

Remember to take care of your own spiritual needs along your own path. Tune out from your devices, and tune in to who you truly are at your core essence. Make time just to be in the quiet space of stillness. Or if you have an Apple Watch — try the “Breathe” app on there!


  • I take time every day for some form of stillness or meditation — or simply focusing on my breath.
  • I make a consistent effort to tune out of technology and tune in to my True Self — a being of peace and compassion.
  • I spend time outside so I can reconnect to nature and Mother Earth.

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