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Practice Presence During this Challenging Time


Are you able to be present and focused on the NOW moment? Are you able to live in the space of mindfulness?

I have written much about this topic over the years, but find that at no time is it more essential than during this challenging time of lockdown and sheltering in place to practice this skill.

The COVID pandemic has incited fear, panic and anxiety in many people. Even those that are normally fairly peaceful and laid back are experiencing heightened disharmony and stress from turbulent times in these completely uncharted waters. Many are having a tough time navigating in a centered and serene way.

This is totally understandable — after all, we are facing a time unlike any other in our world view and life perspective. The last serious pandemic was the Spanish Flu in 1918, over a hundred years ago.

“Pandemic mentality” is a new and scary concept. The media plays upon people’s fears and strives for the most sensational news that they can possibly deliver, inciting feelings of panic and chaos.

So we need to personally do the opposite — strive to maintain a sense of fluid stability within our energetic selves and not succumb to that tide of fear mongering. Will we have moments of feeling deeply sad or disturbed — of course, that is our human nature, and what is happening is obviously heartbreaking and difficult. People are suffering and many people are dying, and that is a reality.

We need to go within, to connect with our Core Essence, our True Self and inner guidance to help keep us on the path of light and inner peace. And sometimes we need to turn off the media, the news, the TV and our other devices to go back to that place of balance.

Practicing presence is a fabulous way to cope with this unprecedented time, and by doing so, we are able to release some of the worry. Remember, worrying does nothing to change any outcome of past or future — it just creates sadness and disharmony within us and that can deplete our immune systems. And we all know that a strong, healthy immune system is so essential right now.

Allow yourself to begin to live more in the moment. Let go of the past as best you can, and do not speculate way too much into the future. Place your concentration on the activities and tasks of your current day.

The questions that everyone is asking of course, is “when will COVID end? When will the world re-open? When will life return to a place of even semi-normalcy?” Right now as I write this, nobody has any clear answers. But I do firmly believe it is important to trust and have faith that life WILL return to a semblance of normal flow, as businesses reopen and we begin to get out and about again.

Yet, do not spend too much time thinking about it and wondering about the time frame. Simply place your attention on where you are now, what you are doing and what you can do to help nurture and sustain yourself during the time you may feel “socially depleted.”

Being present helps you be more joyful overall.

When this lockdown first started, I would wake up each morning and would kind of hear that phrase, “another day in COVID world” in my head, which was not very positive. I have since quieted that negative voice and simply awake to each day imagining that it is no different from any pre-COVID world day. I have my lovely home, my husband, my family (even though they may be far away right now), my kitty cats. I have my Reiki practice to help me be present and tuned into that wellspring of strength and peace within me.

I am grateful for all I DO have, all the blessings that are in my life. I suggest you too, take pause and recognize your blessings, especially during these strange times. For if you look around, I am sure you will easily find those aspects of your life that are meaningful, pleasing and appreciation-inducing.

Focus on your breath and how precious that simple aspect of your physical being can be.

This bizarre time in our lives will pass. It may take weeks, months or perhaps a year or two, but we have to let go of wondering about that time frame and simply live our lives as best we can. Yes, take those practical measures to stay safe, as you must, but do not be afraid to LIVE and to feel. Nurture yourself. Be present, and you will stay strong and centered in this strange journey that we are all experiencing at this moment in time.


  • I stay centered and connected to the now moment.
  • Practicing presence allows me to feel more peaceful and optimistic.
  • I focus my attention on my current day, and I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

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