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Positive Living – Seek Joy and Release Fear


Do you find yourself getting caught up in the worldview of fear far too often? Do you allow yourself to immerse too frequently in stress and anxiety?

On the news and social media, all the variations and permutations of “fear propaganda” continue to run rampant, and they always will, because that is what attracts viewership and readership. It encourages people to feel vulnerable and frightened.

Let’s face it, at times we all sink into this — but the reality is that you have control over your mind and thoughts. Reawaken to the knowing that you can tap into the inner strength of your power! For you are powerful on every level. You need to feel into the confidence of this and tune out those media voices that send a continuous barrage of gloom and doom.

Sometimes even those individuals who are in our extended circles of family and friends can be serious naysayers as well. So it is essential to remove yourself mentally and emotionally as best as possible from their negative influence.

Tune into that place of strength within yourself. Move away from fear and into the illumination of light and love. It all begins with a conscious choice!

Allow yourself to be drawn to all that is positive (instead of the opposite). For every scary news story, there is an enlightened video, workshop, event that is motivational, that is simply inspired and uplifting! Find it — that is your mission. And when you send out those “seeking-things-positive” vibes to the Universe, supportive guidance will amazingly flow in. But you have to create and immerse in those sensations. And it is always beneficial to be in that mode of gratitude as well.

YouTube has a huge variety of motivational videos and inspired speakers. Hay House always has joyful inspiration! Check the streaming services (Netflx, Amazon Prime, etc) for stand-up comedians. Find those that resonate and allow yourself to just laugh and feel delightfully happy. Even for those moments, you will see how wonderfully this can raise your personal vibration, help you engage in JOY and feel better for the rest of the day — or even week!

And if you have been reading my posts for awhile, you know how much I advocate spending time in nature, for that is so extremely energizing and peace-inducing at the same time. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass, in the sand — feel supremely connected to Mother Earth. It will help you be centered, serene and more joyful.

Minimize those broadcasts and streams of news that bombard you with unnecessary negativity. Yes, on a practical level, remain updated on what is going on in the world, but do not immerse too deeply — only you know how much is tolerable and when you need to back off. Follow your wise inner guidance. Seek to live your life in an optimistic way.

Your soul’s mission is to be the best and highest, most enlightened version of you here on planet Earth. Strive to do that, to create your most illuminated reality, and allow yourself to seek and immerse in joy.


  • I create a happy, serene, feel-good reality for my life!
  • A supportive Universe guides me to be the most enlightened version of myself.
  • I make powerful, conscious choices that are right for my life path.

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