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Be a Light through Continued Turbulent Times


The ongoing pandemic, as well as political turbulence, plus unrest resulting from horrible acts of inequality and injustice, has kept many people in a state of anxiety, concern and even fear.

Our world as we knew it, appeared to suddenly disintegrate before our eyes in March of this year. We began a period in our history that people have termed the “new normal”. Personally, I prefer to call it the “temporary normal.” I always embrace the idea of hope.

Some people have called this time “apocalyptic.” Others with greater insight and vision call it a time of “higher consciousness awakening and evolution.” I hope you are personally choosing to view it as the latter.

Some of the new protocols, such as many people working from home, may long remain after the pandemic has faded because it has been determined that it is often better for businesses and companies, as well as employees to work remotely. Practices such as mask-wearing will end, but not for awhile yet.

However, those severe effects such as extreme unemployment and financial woes are a major, difficult challenge and will take time for our nation (and perhaps the world) to rebuild.

COVID unfortunately is still with us, in some places more than others. We are learning to work around it as best as possible in order to lead lives that have a semblance of normalcy.

I recently made the Long Island Railroad trip in to Manhattan to see my daughter and family. It was such a sad, eye-opening revelation to see the once-vital hub of New York now very barren, with more homeless people and beggars on the streets — places that were once quite safe to walk. The hustle and bustle of the Times Square Theatre District is gone — no more Broadway shows at least until 2021. Restaurants are not allowed to serve inside, only outside. Tourism is currently non-existent and tourists comprised a substantial portion of the liveliness and livelihood in this particular area in all years past.

That joyful feeling of being at the exciting pulse of one of the greatest cities in the world is also non-existent at this moment in time. This city will need a long time to rebuild — probably many years. Yet I do believe it will figuratively rise from the ashes like the legendary Phoenix — at least I like to hold that vision!

Do you have hope? Are you able to hold on to positive, joyful visions of better times to come? It is so essential to keep in mind and heart feelings of coping, flexibility, appreciation for what you DO have, and anticipation of better days ahead. The human spirit is strong and has overcome so many hardships in times past. We need to stay in that place of inner peace and strength. For each of us, it is critical to remain in a sense of connection with others, even if it is not always a physical or up-close-and-personal type of connection.

We need to appreciate one another! And individually, one should embrace the blessings in your life. Do not lose sight of these — even the simple day to day aspects that are calming and comfortable. For me, I have been delighting in the simple pleasure of gardening — it brings me serenity and comfort in a pure, earthy way.

As more of the world can safely open up, it will become easier to achieve our connection with others. In the midst of all this unrest, we have to reawaken to the knowing of our sense of Oneness — at our core essence we are all the same (no matter skin color, cultural or religious variations or nationality), part of the grand scheme of soul and divine consciousness.

Look inside for that inner light that is you — that light that connects you to something far more powerful and expansive than the mundane aspects of life here on planet earth — something greater than the barrage of propaganda that comes across the airwaves and internet. YOU are a radiant, beautiful soul living in a magnificent, amazing physical body. Allow your own personal light to shine — and be a beacon of hope and compassion to others!


  • I create optimistic visions of the highest and best version of my future self.
  • I tap in to my inner strength to stay calm and grounded during times of challenge.
  • I shine my light of understanding and compassion to all people!

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