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Gratitude in the Time of Pandemic and Challenge


Is it very difficult to embrace gratitude and appreciation during the time of extreme challenge? Sometimes if may feel nearly impossible to be in the flow of these uplifting, high-vibration feelings when we are surrounded by a bleak and tumultuous environment and climate of current events.

However, now, more than ever, it is essential and incredibly helpful and healing to do one’s best to move into the stream of appreciation — to search for and focus upon the blessings that truly are in your life.

The current state of affairs is still panic-mode for many in relation to the continuing COVID-19 situation. Some geographic locales are doing far better than others, but overall the news disseminates all kinds of severe scenarios and of course, that reality can be depressing.

One of the ways to personally cope is to tune out some of those tough messages and tune in to all things positive that surround you in your own personal life.  Even if you have to look very closely to discover what will infuse you with feel-good emotions.

Above all, be grateful for your family, whether they are live and in person near you or in your home — or on the phone or on Zoom. Acknowledge your beautiful familial bonds. Of course, if you are able to connect with them in person, that is a powerfully uplifting blessing to cherish!

Be grateful for the small things in your environment, anything that brings you peace and comfort. Be grateful for your pets, if you have any, as they provide unconditional love and acceptance. They can bring such heartfelt warmth to your psyche. Personally, I enjoy cuddling with my youngest cat, who started his life as an outdoor feral and who now has ironically become the most affectionate of my kitties is  His amazing purr brings me into feelings of serenity and calm and I am in appreciation for that.

Also on a personal note, after days and days of rain, the sun is finally peaking out today so I am in appreciation for those slivers of sunlight and I will go outside and check on y plants and garden. Being outside in nature is always uplifting even on a soggy day, and I am so grateful for the back yard that I have that provides much inner peace for me.

Being in appreciation for the food you have and enjoy is simple, but often overlooked — yet it can be very gratifying. Enjoy your meals in a more mindful and present fashion and be grateful for the bounty in your life.

When you focus on anything (small or large) with sincere appreciation, it brings that warm, lovely glow into your heart center — it lights you up with positivity and increased feelings of joy. Do not lose sight of that concept!

From this moment forward, strive to be in a mindful place of gratitude as much as possible. It will shift and raise your own vibration toward more optimism and happiness. And what all of us need right now is more joy…


  • I am grateful for every blessing in my life.
  • I choose to focus on uplifting aspects of my environment and I am joyful!
  • The love of family and friends fills me with heartfelt appreciation.

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