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Life Balance – Positive Affirmations and Healthy Thought Patterns


I was speaking with my Aunt just this morning, trying to find out how she is recovering after numerous health challenges and time spent in the hospital. True to her usual character, she made the statement “I’m never getting better. It’s just not happening.”

My Aunt has never been the most positive kind of individual, which frustrates me, as I feel she is missing out on a having a more joyful life experience. But she IS my Aunt, and of course I do love her. And I do realize and respect her choices, even if I don’t agree with them or see them as being particularly beneficial.

Fortunately, I do believe that her stubbornness, persistence and sheer will to have improved health will serve to get her better, despite her gloomy mindset. However, her energetic and emotional outlook can certainly use some healthy tweaking!

Without giving my Aunt a full lecture on positivity, I just gently suggested that instead of saying “I’ll never get better” to start saying “I’m definitely going to get better” and that in general being positive will be much more beneficial for her. “You know,” she said, “Everyone keeps telling me that.” Sometimes moving away from a deeply ingrained negative-thinking pattern is extremely difficult or next to impossible.

Our thought patterns are cultivated during early childhood. Our initial ways of viewing ourselves and the world that surrounds us are mostly determined by our immediate sphere of influence — parents, extended family members, our teachers and even religious leaders. If those surrounding us thrive on the negative, then how are we going to grow up? What will our beliefs be?

Of course, that question is rhetorical.

Our personal epiphany comes when we realize that YES, we can change and shift forward into a better-feeling and generally more joyful everyday reality.

Hopefully, most of us come to an understanding about how profoundly powerful our thoughts and statements can be, and that choosing ones like “I am definitely going to get better” is going to have a major positive impact on our well being.

I believe that the Universe gives huge focus to all of our statements that begin with “I am…” and responds rather quickly to them. So if we say “I am tired, I am sick, etc” the Universe will respond to that vibration of imbalance and continue to provide us with more imbalance, which of course, is the opposite of what we truly desire. So we have to use great clarity when choosing what follows those words “I am…”

Thoughts such as “I am happy, harmonious and healthy” or “I am relaxed and calm, and feel good about where I am along my life path” are excellent positive affirmations to use on a regular basis. So if you can relate a little too well with the negative “I am” thoughts, then maybe it’s time to have your own mini awakening. You, too, have the ability to make a conscious shift toward bringing more of these feel-good, high-vibration thoughts and statements into your field of thinking and your conversations. And it may have quite a remarkable impact on your everyday life and overall happiness!


  • I am joyful, radiant and in perfect alignment with the Universal stream of harmony and well being.
  • I am open and receptive to all the light-filled, positive aspects that surround me each day.
  • I do the inner work to shift toward good-feeling thought patterns and statements that support both my physical and emotional health.

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