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Positive Attitude – Thoughts to Raise Your Vibration


Challenges are all part of the roller coaster of life — we all experience periods of gloom, discord and stress. But how do we bring ourselves up during these trying times? How do we reconnect to our joyful spirit? For after all, isn’t our spirit what breathes life into us, animates us and connects us to our soul and Higher Consciousness? And shouldn’t our soul be innately joyful, light, magical and powerful?

I recently listened to Sonia Choquette, one of the Hay House inspirational author/teachers, discuss a technique to help uplift. And it so resonated as it is something that I already do.  I believe the most significant step to take when you are experiencing a negative state of mind, uncertainty or emotional upheaval is to think about those things you love. Focus your clear attention on what brings light into your world.

“It’s too simple” you may think to yourself. But sometimes it is the simplest ideas that work.

This technique may certainly not solve all the problems and hurdles you are experiencing, but it can return your mindset to a state of optimism and appreciation — even for a little while. Everyone can use an “optimism break!”

Thoughts are very powerful. So bring to mind the joy of thinking about what you love. Make an actual list or just a mental list. This can instantaneously raise your vibration! Think of that classic tune “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. Certainly thinking about favorite things or what one loves is sure to bring a smile to your heart and help counteract fear or discord.

For me personally, my thought list would include the following:

  • Having breakfast with my husband — sharing that morning cup of coffee
  • Family outings with my grown children
  • Being surrounded by the unconditional love of my pets — specifically when all of them are snoozing contentedly around me with one cat snuggled and purring on my chest…
  • Watching the colorful birds that congregate at my backyard feeder
  • Having lunch on my patio in the warm sunlight
  • Going out to lunch with a close friend
  • Going to the movies and catching something new to the screen

Make your own list, and you can include thoughts of things too, as well as people — ANYTHING that makes your heart sing. So reach for clear thoughts of what you love and those you love — particularly when you need an emotional and energetic attitude boost!


  • As I focus on what I love, my heart grows light and joyful!
  • I take a few moments every day to feel genuine appreciation for the love of those who surround me.
  • My whole outlook is uplifted when I choose to give my attention to joyful and positive thoughts.

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