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Positive Attitude – Our Core Essence is Love


What if we innately knew that our purpose here in human form is simply to explore, experience and expand our capacity to love? How would that influence our time here — how would that affect our every day lives as well as our overall perspective?

What would you personally do differently? Would you be less judgmental — more open to being understanding and supportive? Would you be less likely to cling to a subjective or narrow point of view?

These are deep questions to reflect upon, concepts that I have been giving thought to in these last few weeks, and which bear some thinking about. Personally, I am still working on evolving into a kinder version of myself, with a greater capacity for patience and understanding. That inner work is assisted by tapping in to the wellspring of love within.

Sometimes, in a gentle meditation, I envision just being connected to that strand of pure Divine love that resides deep within my heart. I have no secret knowledge of our purpose here, but somehow tapping in to the core essence of love feels like it is a right exploration for me.

When I go within to that heart space, I feel as if I am tuning in to something far grander than my mere physical existence here. It can be a beautiful, almost blissful moment. Then I am convinced that expressing our love, in various formats, is at least part of the reason why we choose our existence here.

When we think about others, particularly those that bring a sense of challenge or discord into the realms of every day reality, we can feel frustrated and confused at times.

However, we should make every effort to surround them with the figurative vibrating glow of light and love. This imagery may help us view them in a better, less reactive and less volatile way. Attaining that non-judgmental outlook will certainly help our lives –and relationships — flow more smoothly. And we should definitely strive to connect more clearly with our core essence — that of profound love.

Here are several simple ways to tune in to the essence of love within:

  1. Imagine you are breathing in and out through your heart center (heart chakra.) Focus on your heart space, and imagine that you are inhaling and exhaling from there — and imagine pure love flowing in and out in a blissful connecting loop.
  2. Work with an affirmation that resonates with you. “I am a being of light and energy and I let love radiate within and around me, as it flows out toward others.”
  3. Envision yourself surrounded by a bubble of gleaming light that represents love — and meditate with this sensation for several minutes or more. Or imagine yourself and any other person surrounded by this healing bubble that will gently dissolve any discord between the two of you.
  4. Hold an image of yourself cupped in the Divine palm/hand of Universal, unconditional love — feel the warmth, the caring, the compassion as it envelopes you.
  5. Know that you are worthy and deserving of love.


  • As I connect to my core essence of love, I am filled with a sense of supreme peacefulness.
  • I tap into that loving spark of Divinity that resides deep within me.
  • I practice being nonjudgmental, tolerant and understanding toward others, as that is how I wish others to treat me.


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