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Appreciation – Finding Gratitude in the Now Moment


Do you ever consider how good it can feel to truly embrace appreciation on a consistent basis? Personally, I have been in “appreciation mode” recently. Not that I am ungrateful normally, but I am feeling motivated about getting more deeply into the mindset of profound appreciation.

For those in the USA, we are soon approaching the traditional holiday of Thanksgiving so maybe that has influenced me a little. But it’s beneficial to remain in the joyful “attitude of gratitude” all year round. Feeling that brilliant optimism of appreciation absolutely raises your vibration. And then, more magical things happen — you feel better overall — your emotional health improves and even your physical health will improve!

So what do I mean by the “appreciation mode?” This is feeling the glow of appreciation in the very now moment. Of course, it is not possible to hold this vibration all the time. But if you do this several times a day, it will impact your reality for the better.

Take the time to either look around or to look within and simply ask yourself “What am I thankful for right here in this moment?” And rather spontaneously¬† bring to mind something that is particularly pleasing to you, something that inspires gratitude within YOU.

One personal example happened the other day. I took my senior canine to the dog park, enjoying his company and watching his happiness at being off-leash and able to wander freely. I just appreciated that animal/human bonding moment. And as we left the park in my car, I was just filled with appreciation for the beautiful tree-lined road with all the spectacular fall foliage colors. My heart was radiant with appreciation in that particular moment — and I felt so blissful. And it was such a simple time.

Today, my husband went out of the way to run a particular errand for me that will save me so much time and I am happily grateful for this thoughtfulness. Even though the rest of my day brought some of the normal frustrations of life — a minor plumbing problem, as well as a broken car windshield that had to be replaced — trying to hold myself in the light of appreciation helped not just salvage, but improve my overall feelings for the day.

Wrap your heart and mind around feeling gratitude. Be grateful for your unique life path and your own particular skills and talents. Be grateful for those close to you with whom you share a loving bond. Express your appreciation verbally.

Here is a quick gratitude exercise for you. Just bring to mind one thing that makes you light up with appreciation. Do it — just focus on it for a moment. How does it make you feel? Can it make your heart smile — even just for a moment or two? Being in this energy is empowering.

Have the courage to look into the mirror — be bold and confident and say to your own reflection “I appreciate you!”


  • Being in the mindset of appreciation brings more joyful aspects into my everyday life experience.
  • Abundantly feeling and expressing gratitude helps move me up the emotional scale.
  • I truly appreciate my own particular radiant and unique life journey.

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