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Law of Attraction – Being in the Vibration of Joy – A Personal Experience


It had begun in the morning, when I’d had a session with healing client. After the table session, we began speaking about being in the mindset of joy and how important it is to be in the present moment in a feel-good way. I say “we” began speaking, but it was really me. Suddenly I felt myself going into a joyful “rant” if there is such a thing — reciting all my favorite points and methods about my belief in free will and free choice and how it is better to make the conscious effort to choose positive thoughts. I spoke about The Law of Attraction, though I didn’t call it that, but just tied it in to focusing on positive aspects and attracting positive flow into one’s life.

The more I spoke about joy, the better I felt and I had this electrical surge of happiness just stream through me in one of those moments. And I found that my joyful feeling was contagious as my client began to smile and I could see her eyes light up, as if yes, she truly “got it.”

However, suddenly realizing that I had rambled on for awhile, I quickly stopped in my tracks, and apologized, “I’m sorry for the long speech.” But my client simply nodded and said “I liked the speech. I can use the encouragement.”

The explosion of joy within me during the session and then the “speech” stayed with me, more than I even realized… and showed up in very simple, but unexpected ways throughout the afternoon.

I had errands to run and I prepared myself for the most crowded, busiest of parking lots of the places I would be stopping at. After all, it was just after Christmas and right before New Year’s, so as I pulled my car into the first small, crowded shopping center, it appeared that there were lines of cars, no available spots to park, and other cars impatiently waiting. But somehow, as I pulled up close to the store where I needed to go, an SUV pulled right out in front of me, opening up a primo space that I pulled straight into — voila —  like magic!

Next, I had to do a food shopping and I knew the supermarket lot would be like a circus, especially since the weather was so gorgeous and unseasonably warm. But again, even with the overwhelming number of vehicles, as I pulled up closer to the store, a car pulled right out, leaving an excellent spot for me!

The store was packed, but somehow my shopping just flowed as I happily wound myself through the aisles and around the clutter of many people’s shopping carts — in an unusually radiant and upbeat frame of mind! The appetizing counter — always a lengthy ordeal of taking a number and waiting, waiting, waiting — was like a dream. As I approached, a worker behind the counter looked straight at me and said “May I help you?” I couldn’t believe it — no wait — even though it appeared that there were quite a number of people up at the counter.

And even at the checkout counter, everything flowed smoothly and quickly.

What an amazing and pleasant shopping experience! Now I wonder how it would have played out had I not been in the attitude of exquisite joy that morning. I probably would have been bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t find parking anywhere…

Which just reinforces that lovely “Law of Attraction” thinking — the better we feel, the better it gets and life moves along more easily and harmoniously.


  • I bask in the mindset of joy, let it fill my heart and senses — and anticipate optimistic outcomes!
  • I delight in simple pleasures and by focusing on them energetically, attract more of the same into my life experience.
  • I adopt an outlook of positivity and expect things to go right for me!

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