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Self Empowerment – Confidence Along Your Own Particular Life Path


Are you joyful and enthusiastic about where you are heading? Or perhaps you are just accepting, and sort of moving blindly along, not sure if the direction aligns with your true “calling”? Or, are you possibly just plodding through each day, filled with uncertainty?

There is a wide range of potential attitudes toward’s one’s life. Of course, the optimum is feeling genuinely happy, vital and self-assured about your own path, invigorated and knowing that you are living your soul’s calling. Knowing that you are doing exactly what you are meant to do, and are where you are meant to be.

A young woman recently shared with me that although she was basically joyful with her work, she had a nagging feeling that she should have been or done more. And where did this feeling come from? Of all things, a recent visit to a psychic — a woman who she must have paid for a reading, but who spouted only negativity. This so-called psychic had shaken her confidence, informing her that she should be in a different career entirely, and should have done many things quite differently.

I was appalled at this destructive reading as it was detrimental to this young lady who placed sincere emphasis on what the psychic had to say. So I encouraged this woman to forget about the reading and suggested she focus on moving ahead with her life. “Do you like what you’re doing?” I questioned her. She assured me that she does, and she had put quite a bit of studying and practice into her vocation to get to the point where she is today.

I know that many people place too much credence on the negative remarks of others — and these others aren’t necessarily psychics; they can be one’s friend or family member who might need some lessons in tact and supportiveness.

Personally, I believe that we are pretty much where we need to be on our live path. Not everyone is completely content — that is the usual human condition. But I feel it is important to trust that as we move along our road of both self-discovery and life experience, we  retain a clear understanding about the direction we need to follow. And often, we come to the figurative fork in the road and must make some personal decisions about which way to turn. And if you are truly not content with where you are, then you can always make a shift in another direction.

Embracing your path with confidence is essential for peace of mind. As I always say, tune into your own innate sense of self-guidance that lies within for assistance with what steps you need to take. If you are feeling strong and positive about your goals and plans, then you can easily let the remarks of “naysayers” roll off and not effect your self-assurance.

Not everyone is going to be your champion, and it’s key to understand that. That is why you need to be your own best and focused champion. Have confidence and insight into your own desires and wishes. And you may need to work on striving to ignore or be non-reactive toward those who cast obstacles in your path.

Yes, everyone wants to be passionate about their particular life path, but it is not always possible to maintain a high level of this as we move along our day-to-day schedules. If you can hold on to an overall sense of optimism in your heart, greet each day with even a little enthusiasm, then your life path will surely unfold in a gentle, welcoming, uplifting way. Be confident of this. Be sure of this. And don’t listen to psychics who tell you otherwise.


  • I feel genuinely confident that I am aligned with my life path as I move forward each day.
  • Tapping in to my innate sense of self-assurance helps me overcome obstacles that I may encounter.
  • I gravitate toward those who are supportive and encouraging about my life choices, plans and goals.

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