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Achieving Life Balance – Is it Good or Bad?


In my own thinking, I had always believed balance was a positive state of being. After all, I would always tell people, as I had learned from my Reiki teachers: “Reiki is about bringing harmony and balance into one’s life.” However, I had all my beliefs radically questioned when a holistic teacher told me her point of view, culled from her own life experience, plus from a definitive book that she had read. And this was that we should not even mention the word balance. Could this be? Was she saying that balance is BAD?

From my past experience, most inspirational teachers, as well as my healing mentors, had always heralded balance as a beautiful, peaceful state of being. After all, didn’t Dr. Wayne Dyer write an entire book about “Being in Balance?” Eric Pearl, founder of Reconnective Healing, often mentions balance as being a profound and GOOD space for one to be in — a space of healing.

So this new theory from this holistic teacher shattered my previous views — or at least made me think twice or more about them. And though I was not particularly thrilled with this take on the “balance” idea, perhaps it was something that I needed to ponder and give some serious thought to in order to come to my own conclusions.

The dictionary has several meanings for balance: state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight amount; mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

So what could be negative about balance? Balance in the extreme can be considered a place of “no growth.” A state of being that lets one marinate in stagnation as opposed to being able to thrive and bloom with expansion. As the combination of human/spiritual beings that we are, we are here in this physical plane to learn, create, love and grow on numerous levels. If we were in a constant state of balance, we would be losing out on a huge part of our purpose and soul calling here on planet Earth.

We need to be in the fluidity of the stream of life, to navigate the ebb and flow of our everyday experiences, gain our lessons from the realities that we live. Learn strength and knowledge from overcoming hardship. This profound movement along our life path is what makes us unique as well as enriches our journey. At least that is one way to look at it.

An ongoing state of absolutely ultra-perfect equilibrium might keep us from engaging in the unfolding of our life purpose.

But, the flip side of the coin, is we often CRAVE balance in our lives. Particularly when the current of our lives has been turbulent for a long period. That is when we seek a calm port in a storm. When we yearn for a semblance of peacefulness, of sameness, a state of just being present and tranquil. So a little balance is definitely welcome.

Our lives are ever-changing, whether or not we yearn for — or find — balance. A pure state of equilibrium is rarely achieved and generally short-lived. But attaining even an iota of balance — even a delicious touch — helps us connect with our inner guidance, helps us be present in the moment, helps us be in a lovely space of bliss.

So after the diverse views I present here, I still believe, at the heartfelt level, that overall balance is a positive aspect to embrace in our lives.

The richness of our journey is what life is all about and life is certainly a glorious process, so do relish each step — whether you are in perfect balance or not!

What do you think? Is balance good — or bad? Is balance something to be desired? Or something that stunts our spiritual growth? Please leave a comment here on my blog, as I always appreciate hearing your thoughts and perspective!


  • I enjoy the ongoing multi-faceted journey of my life and I welcome personal growth on a daily basis.
  • Achieving a state of calm, non-judgmental peacefulness can enhance my life experience.
  • I accept the fluid motion of my life as it unfolds, enjoying the opportunities for growth and expansion that that are abundantly present each day.


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