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Positive Attitude – Forgetting, Forgiving or Perhaps Just Releasing?


Okay, maybe you will never forget. And maybe you can’t imagine ever forgiving. But what about the possibility of simply “releasing?” Which is another variation on the theme of letting go of anger and negative feelings, an in-between point that may be far easier to embrace.

When you remain stuck in place of feeling and believing that someone has so wronged you (we are talking super, mega-wrong) you cannot find peace in the now moment, much less be able to move ahead in a joyful way. You are simply existing in a place of complete rage or outrage, only seeing yourself as a victim.

Being consumed by anger for someone else is self-destructive. I think it was Guy Finley who said that being overwhelmed by anger, resentment and hatred is like drinking poison and thinking the other person will die. You are only “killing” yourself emotionally.

I am not saying that it is easy to move away from this negative place, but it CAN be done.

But you must be ready to truly release and let go — to do the inner work of letting go of those feelings of fury, wrath and all those simmering negative sensations that accompany them. And you can set your intention to release the happening and the accompanying feelings into the past.

Ask yourself: If something positive at all is coming out of this situation and this challenge, what would that be? Did I learn a life lesson? Did I grow stronger because of this? There is always something helpful that arises out of these scenarios, but you may have to call upon your inner guidance to help understand it.

I heave heard both friends and clients make severe statements such as “he ruined my life” or “she destroyed my chances of…” When one succumbs to believing those things, you are giving your power away — meaning giving said wrongdoer an unbelievable amount of perceived power over you.  Yes, someone difficult may have cast challenges and obstacles along your path — and of course you need to deal with them. However, how reactive you become in response to these challenges determines the way you cope with them and how you feel about them. It is essential to stop making those kind of statements, because they are extreme “negative affirmations.”

Everyone has heard that old saying, “Forget and forgive… In some of these cases it is extremely difficult to even contemplate that compassionate action of forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning what anyone has done. And no one need verbally forgive an “oppressor.” Forgiveness in this context implies emotional forgiveness directed toward the person from your heart of hearts.  In reality, it has only to do with you and what you are feeling.

And some think “Forget about forgetting. I will never forget what happened. I will never forget his/her actions.”

Embracing the act of releasing can be very healing. You will feel an amazing freedom when you consciously decide to emotionally let go of the event, the surrounding feelings, to let them become part of the flow of the past, and not something that will continue to negatively impact the present. Choose to be in the joyful vibration of the now moment and reclaim your personal power!

If you can do the inner work (and if you need some professional therapy, then get it) effectively, you will be able to move ahead with greater joy and confidence. And we are all worthy of having a joyful uplifting road in life. Releasing those overwhelming wrathful feelings is like emerging from the dark turbulence of a storm to be bathed in beautiful, warming rays of sunlight… Make the decision to embrace those rays of sunlight.


  • I make a conscious choice to let go of angry, wrathful emotions and nurture myself with kindness.
  • I release all difficult feelings that no longer serve me — and strive to focus on the joy and blessings of the present moment.
  • Overcoming challenges and obstacles in my life journey influence me to be a stronger, more confident individual.


  1. Chris Mikalson says:

    Thank you! This has come at the most perfect time!
    Many blessings to you dear lady.

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Thank you Chris – glad this article was very timely for you. Wishing you joy and blessings as well!

  2. Tina says:

    It is always good to be reminded to let go of anger. I am forwarding this to a close friend who is overwhelmed with anger in hopes that it will help her heal. Thank You for your thoughts and emails. They have helped me many of times in the pass. Thank You. You are a beautiful person.

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Thanks Tina and do forward this on to anyone who might benefit from this article… Wishing you much joy and well-being!