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Positive Attitude – Coping With A Series of Challenges


The new year breezed in with a gust of polar vortex air — frigid temperatures that brought challenges of their own. Plus a slew of unexpected everyday life obstacles.

So despite ringing in the energy of the new year on on optimistic note, writing my positive living article, I was — and still am — enmeshed in turbulence.

It was confusing for me a bit. I could not quite understand where these hurdles were really emanating from.

But I also know that surrounding energies and thoughts affect our personal space. And all that occurs reflects not just my own personal “energetic flow” but that of those around me.

And most of what transpired seemed apparently external in nature, beyond my personal control. A blackout burned out my refrigerator, and due to the holiday season — plus one very bad retail experience — I had no fully functioning refrigerator for 10 days!

Then some pipes froze and we were without cold water in the kitchen. The dishwasher burned out around the same time. And my wonderful trusty heavy-duty all-in-one printer that had been a work horse for nearly six years, printing my Reiki business certificates, flyers, forms in beautiful color — went into death throes.

Okay, so I was in appliance and technology hell — and perhaps still am.

Then my indoor/outdoor semi-feral kitty disappeared for three full days and I spent two days searching the neighborhood, posting flyers and almost thinking the worst… when he suddenly reappeared late one evening. A bit disoriented and completely ravenous, but okay… so I think he may have accidentally been locked in someone’s shed or garage. But it was not a fun few days.

And on the heels of that, Long Island endured another polar vortex with single digit temperatures, gusting winds and a 24-hour snowstorm. So I was out in those icy temperatures shoveling for hours. (The snowblower broke last year and we have not replaced it.) Sometimes young men with shovels who want to earn some cash come by and dig us out, but not one showed up this time.

I am physically exhausted and mentally drained as I write this. But in my heart, I know that this too shall pass.

Is there something for me to learn from these three or four weeks of constant turmoil? To maybe look at the bright side, that proverbial “silver lining” — my Reiki business has been greatly expanding. Our health is fine — and that is something to be immensely grateful for.

Life throws curves and challenges at all of us — no one is exempt. It is a question of how we react, how we persevere and how adaptable and flexible we allow ourselves to be as we traverse the winding road.

It is essential not to let yourself sink from all the constant hurdles. And sometimes a string of relatively petty hurdles does begin to seem like an insurmountable mountain of challenge.

Keep your sights set on something uplifting, whatever you can envision. The other night a friend posted a video of a sunrise on a beautiful, serene and unpopulated beach. For five minutes I watched the sun rise gently and brilliantly in this video and was amazingly soothed by it.

Take small, sweet moments that feel good to you and expand them. Stay present when there is a task to be done and don’t go into the “woe is me” frame of mind for that does not serve anyone. Ultimately, it will not help you feel any better.

Know that life flows and shifts in a constant tide of ups and downs, but enjoy the times when the sailing is smooth — let yourself deeply bask in the gratitude for those moments. Know that you would not be able to appreciate those feel-good moments if you don’t occasionally experience the opposite.

In the grander perspective, take some comfort in the fascinating and multi-textured weave that makes up the fabric of your life…


  • I handle challenges that arise with ease and perseverance.
  • I learn important lessons from all phases and aspects of my unique life path.
  • By remaining flexible in attitude, I peacefully and wisely navigate any turbulent waves that head in my direction.


  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you for takeing the time to share this with all of us, it makes it me thankfull that we all have are ups & downs but you reminds us to alway stay thankfull and greatfull for all the good things and to just learn from, deal with and let go of the others. I am thankfull that you take the time to share and enrich my life. Blessing of peace, love & gratitude.

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Thank you Kathy for your kind words. I am thankful that you took the time to read my article and to comment here with such positive feedback. Wishing you joyful blessings as well!

  2. Bev says:

    Hi Sheryl, Just wanted to thank you for the bare truth. So many times we are seen as people who should have risen above it all, and are expected to be positive at all times. Just now as I watched your video after reading your post, I was reduced to tears. Just cleansing tears, as I released all the stress of what I have been feeling. I am down to my last classes in a master’s program, and if they aren’t boogars. The instructors do not know their material, give wrong instructions, change directives in the middle of projects…very stressful. But the point of all is that I today, right now, do not feel that getting this degree is going to do anything for me. My vision has been reduced to the next paper, and I cannot see beyond anymore to what is on the other side of all of this strife. I feel I am chasing the wind…that said, I am going to go for a walking meditation and just focus on breathing in the good and out with the negative…

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Hi Bev – thank you for taking the time to write here and for your thoughts — and for sharing some of the challenges of your own journey. I know that sometimes we think we should be able to rise above it all, but we must remember that we are here on planet Earth having a very human experience. And that includes a full range of human emotions! It is a lovely goal to be positive for far more of the time, but life obstacles do affect us. So it is important that we “allow” ourselves to experience times of sadness, uncertainly, frustration — but the key is not to wallow in it for extended periods. Experience it and let it run a quick course and then release it. Marinating in the woe-is-me only brings physical and emotional illness and despair. So in the midst of all your papers and studies, I am glad you are making time for a walking meditation to refresh your attitude and your spirit! Wishing you many blessings in your life journey…