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Positive Affirmations For A Feel-Good State of Mind


Unless you have been living in a cave the last ten years, you are familiar with the “hottest” new concept for positive and joyful living: affirmations. Everywhere you turn, there are teachings about the amazing power of affirmations.

I have written about them quite a bit over time. If you have read any of my monthly blog posts, you will know that each includes a trio of relevant affirmations. I do love affirmations and the immense and uplifting potential they offer us.

Let’s say you are newer to the concept of positive affirmations, or perhaps need a little review. Affirmations are statements we make to ourselves — part of our everyday head talk. They are in a sense, the cornerstone of our thinking mode, of our state of mind.

Because in reality, many (or even most) of the statements we make in our heads are of a negative vibration. Such as “That will never work out.” Or “I am such a mess.” Or “my life is out of control.” You get the picture — and admit it now, you are guilty too — guilty of allowing a barrage of negative thoughts to inhabit your mind and your thought processes. We all do it.

The key to really shifting is to recognize that, own up to it, and then begin to do the inner work of tuning in to more positivity. Good-feeling affirmations are one simple way to help with this.

You may know or have guessed that I have been greatly influenced by Louise Hay, who I consider the “Grande Dame” of positive affirmations. She has brought this concept to light for so many people and has definitely been a pioneer in the positive thinking/personal development field.

When we are totally living in the mode of negative affirmations, we are sad and depressed. And should these negative thoughts and stresses become lodged in both our conscious and subconscious mind, we run the risk developing corresponding symptoms of both physical and emotional illness. So thinking more optimistically, embracing affirmations and the like has been shown to help one align with the flow of well being. Think happy, be happy — be WELL!

Affirmations can be short and general or long and very specific. There is no rule. However, to begin an affirmation practice, it is essential to choose ones that resonate with you personally. For you to make an affirmation your own, you need to feel into it, to be able to believe it and to be able to say it with general conviction.

So an affirmation like “I will receive a million dollars today” is a fun and interesting statement but unless you are a wealthy stock market trader and are expecting the sale of a high level holdings, or unless a great-aunt that you never knew existed left you a sizable inheritance, this statement may not feel too believable to you.

Statements such as “I welcome abundance into my life,” “Money flows easily and joyfully to me,” or “I always manifest all that I need” are more generic, open and certainly have a feel-good vibration! You can also say things like “Abundance and prosperity come to me each day, often in surprising and delightful ways!” Or you can use a specific focus for your day such as “Today I am open to gracefully receive abundance and joy from a supportive Universe.”

Affirmations can be used for way more than just financial abundance, and certainly for all aspects of ones life including relationships, love, career, etc. You can use one — or a few — affirmations that feel right to you or reflect what you wish to shift in your reality or invite into your life. But you need to say them regularly.

Say them as if you mean them! Get in the bright energy of your affirmation! Make it a point to live in your highest and best “affirmation state of mind.” I am convinced that this can absolutely bring joyful transformation into your life…


  1. marcia says:

    Hello Sheryl I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful and joyful experience I had last night, something was missing in my life, like a puzzle, and I believe thru the Reiki healing along to future studys ( classes) this puzzle will be connected to the others.
    Iam looking forward to be part of the circle healing group again on April 26, I will let you know about my cousin and friend in advance.
    Have a wonderful and joyful night.


    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Marcia – you are very welcome for the Reiki healing. Thank you for joining our Circle and I look forward to seeing you again at the end of April. Many blessings to you… Sheryl