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Positive Attitude – Releasing Negative Thought Patterns


“It is not from where you come, but where you are now in joy, and where you are headed with enlightenment.” ~Sheryl Schlameuss Berger

This quote helps me live my authentic truth and helps keep me aligned with my soul path.  I understand how it feels to be so intertwined with negative thought patterns, but I also know how it feels to emerge from that cocoon of negativity and spread my newfound, colorful wings in the sunlight… delighting in the freedom of flight, away from that which previously held me constricted in an unhappy holding pattern…

I have many clients who come to me for healing sessions who express that they bear the burdens of being trapped in cycles of negative thoughts and emotions.

I hear many people state that they are “stuck.” I do not always understand or particularly like that metaphor. However, I take it to mean one is mired in the quicksand of negative thinking and can’t seem to escape.  People say things like: “My life is so difficult.” “I can’t seem to get away from problems and challenges.”

Sometimes my clients expect the Reiki energy to be a quick fix for all that ails them emotionally. I do let them know that Reiki can help bring them into a healing space of more joyful thought patterns, but that they MUST also do the inner work of making that change on their own. And it does take work!

For me, an outside objective observer, it is more obvious that everyone has the ability to decide to get unstuck — and to stop replaying the old “tapes” in your mind.

Get a grasp on the concept that YOU can choose your thoughts — isn’t that amazing? Doesn’t that make you incredibly powerful? I try to convey the profound meaning of this concept to others, but learning and understanding this is usually a process that takes time.  Though I would love to see the figurative light bulb go on in their minds with their face lighting up in an “Ah-ha” moment!

We often grow up in an environment that fosters negativity. I grew up in the perspective of a house filled with it. It is the way my parents grew up and that style of parenting is what they knew.  So of course, what did I learn — absolutely how to be a vessel of downtrodden, debilitating thought patterns…  I like to think that today’s parents are generally more enlightened and know the significance of bringing their children up in as joyful a household as possible.

So decide that it is time to write your own personal life story in a more positive, uplifting way. Say to yourself, “Today I will consciously focus on more joyful aspects of my reality.”

As an easy starting point, tune in to those little things that give you pleasure — your child’s smile, the unconditional love of your pet, the brightness and warmth of the morning sunlight, the scent of the flora that blooms in your garden — or your neighbor’s garden. Be in that space of joy and APPRECIATION as well. Yes, you can train yourself to do this.

When difficult thoughts start to rear their ugly heads, become aware and begin to shift them over to something positive in your immediate environment — or a beautiful, uplifting memory that gives you a sense of comfort and peacefulness.

Speak about your life in the confident, optimistic way that you want it to unfold… and then watch for little miracles that flow your way…


  • Today I begin to shift my life toward more positive thought patterns!
  • I do the inner work of embracing more optimism in my life.
  • I create my reality in a joyful, uplifting way by cultivating an attitude of gratitude.



  1. Donna Hickey says:

    Well said, Sheryl. I too understand how your mind can be your worst enemy or your most precious gift. I suffered for years with health problems and negative thoughts. I realized over time how my thoughts could change how I felt. Eventually, by studying the Law of Attraction, and working on changing old, harmful, thought patterns, I was able to turn it around. Now I see that I have control of what I think and how I feel. It very empowering to know that I have the power at any time to change my reality. It actually has become quite fun to use it and see the changes and laugh at myself when these thoughts come up again.
    Thank you for reminding all of us to use this gift we have.
    In light and love,

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Donna – thank you for your kind feedback and for sharing some of the Law of Attraction wisdom you have learned and implemented in your own life. Embracing the concept of LOA is both an awakening and a process! I am glad to hear it has brought more peacefulness and well-being into your life. With light and love to you too…