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Positive Attitude – Reaching Out to Others With Compassion and Kindness


We are an “in-touch”, communicative, technology savvy society — or so it would appear on the surface… However, despite all that ease of connection, we still have issues with kindly keeping in touch with those who are in our surrounding circle of family and friends, particularly when they are experiencing times of challenge.

Remember that old telephone advertising slogan “Reach out and touch someone”?? It should be so much easier to subscribe to that belief today — and yet…

I am sharing my own personal observations of “connectivity” in this fast-paced, modern world — so know this is my personal perspective. [Please leave a comment in the comments section and let me know what your own thoughts are.] But are people in general all so wrapped up in their own ego-centric little worlds that they can barely communicate within their immediate circle? That we cannot perceive other people’s pain because we just don’t feel or understand that connection to them?

That we simply refuse to find or make the time for a kind word whether it be in the form of a text, an email or a quick phone call call or even an old fashioned card or note in the real mail?

Of course, there are those who have a deep and profound level of compassion who reach out to anyone in need and that is a beautiful thing. I highly commend this altruistic attitude. But I truly believe they are in the minority, not the majority.

I embrace the concept that there is simply no excuse NOT to keep in touch or reach out, especially when someone close to you is truly hurting or would be helped by hearing from you…

So here are my own thoughts and suggestions for being there for others:

• Awareness and acknowledgment in general. Stay tuned in to the vibrations of others close to you. Know what is going on with others — keep updated. Do not hibernate in your own little shell.
• Be proactive in reaching out. If others are hurting, take the initiative to contact them! Someone who is hurting may not have the motivation to call you or text you so it is up to you to make the move toward connecting with them.
• Remain non judgmental. Respect a person’s feelings whether or not you agree or disagree with they way they are handling a situation.
• Let the person express or vent.  This is a beautiful skill to embrace. Simply lend a sympathetic ear.
• Remain non reactive to things that might not resonate with you — just be respectful.
• Do not offer much advice, unless invited to do so. Most people just need to share their feelings and thoughts and may be resistant to being told what to do if they are going through a difficult time.
Fake it even if you don’t feel a profound compassion. Your willingness to just listen and be there will be deeply appreciated by the other person. This sense of reaching out will greatly enhance the bond/relationship with this other individual

Keep in mind that a communication does not have to be a lengthy phone call (as your time and personal patience level may not always be up to that) but even a quick text message or email saying “I know what a tough time you are going through. Just know you are in my thoughts” will go a long way to soothe someone. For you it might take only a minute out of your busy schedule but for the recipient it might have major impact in helping give them a touch of comfort.


  • I take steps to reach out to others with compassion and understanding
  • I respect others’ feelings and emotions and strive to listen without judgment.
  • Even though I may not totally comprehend another’s personal experience, I still freely offer my support along their journey.


  1. Mary Thrasher says:

    Wow, thank you so much for reminding me in my busy life that there are people who are in need of compassion and a listening ear. Thank you!

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Thank you Mary for your feedback and may you always have a compassionate ear for others and receive the same courtesy and kindness in return…