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Positive Thinking – The Mindset of Appreciation


“Through gratitude we express one of our most powerful emotions and open the flow of positive energy.”  ~Joe Nunziata

Gratitude IS powerful.  It is said that being in the space of appreciation can change our lives in an uplifting and transformative way.  When we are thankful for all the joy and abundance in our reality, that feeling is amplified,  attracting more happiness and prosperity to flow in…  because the Universe responds with matching our vibration and bringing in more of the same…

It is easier for some people to adopt a mindset of gratitude and for others it takes more inner work to be able to look around, appraise your reality and count ones blessings, so to speak…

For me personally, I am training myself to spend more time in the place of appreciation… it does not come naturally.

One can keep a gratitude journal for the express purpose of regularly noting down what you are thankful for and make entries in this on a daily basis.

I recently participated in an online Social Media version of that idea — the 5-day gratitude challenge on Facebook. The goal was to write three things each day (over a span of five days) for which I am thankful. And I don’t know why this was more of a challenge… but I think it is because, for the sake of social media, I was reaching for major points of appreciation instead of just focusing on those little things in life that are simple, yet very beautiful.

Such as the wonderful, peaceful energy that fills my my Healing room.   Or a sweet toddler hug from my young grandson… Or the amazingly succulent flavor of a locally grown red, ripe tomato… Or the warmth of the sunlight that streams through the large window of my living room…

Doing the inner work of gratitude has helped me heal from the grief I went through upon the passing of my beloved canine companion. Whenever I would be consumed with sadness, I would shift the thought and emotion process to thoughts like: I am grateful for all the sweet love and devotion he gave me for nearly 14 years… I am appreciative that he actually lived such a long, full and happy life… These thoughts have helped uplift my heavy heart.  Now, as time passes, I bask in the space of gratitude for the wonderful bond we shared and I experience less grief over loss and more joy in the memories…

It has been shown that people who regularly lead lives filled with gratitude are generally more optimistic and experience an increased level of prosperity in their lives. So doesn’t it make sense to move into that space of authentic appreciation?

So what are you personally thankful for? Take a moment to give that some thought. Take a moment to just be in that lovely place of gratitude. Take a few minutes to do this everyday!

Working with relevant affirmations can help you. I have collected ten of the high-vibration positive affirmations that I have written and used over the last several years so feel free to recite them, integrate them into your own mindset, and enjoy the flow of uplifting energy they can fuel within your heart…

  • I gratefully accept all the wealth and happiness that the Universe provides for me every day.
  • I am thankful for all the love in my life.
  • With loving gratitude, I notice all of the beauty and grace that that surrounds me.
  • It is easy for me to feel and express appreciation for others.
  • I focus on all the positive things in my life, empowering them to grow and multiply!
  • I gratefully accept happiness and prosperity from a supportive, abundant Universe.
  • Expressing gratitude is easy and fulfilling for me.
  • The more appreciation I feel and acknowledge, the more joy and abundance flow into my life!
  • My life is exciting, unique and filled with feel-good experiences!
  • I give thanks for all the amazing blessings that fill my life.


  1. Rachel says:

    What a beautiful Gratitude list. I start every morning with 5 things I am grateful for. Sometimes a challenege and sometimes very easy. Puts me in a wonderful state of mind.

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Rachel — thank you for your kind words! And for sharing your beautiful morning gratitude practice. Gratitude at the beginning of the day certainly sets the tone for the entire day. Peace and light ~Sheryl