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Your Unique Life Journey – The Walker


A real life observation and metaphor…

Every day — or almost every day — the Walker passes by.  Solitary. Purposeful in his step. He has been striding through the neighborhood for as long as my husband and I have lived here, which is seventeen years.

I do not even know his name or where he lives.

He is focused on some inner screen as he never acknowledges anything outside himself. Never says “hi” or “how are you doing” — or even casts an inquisitive glance in my direction. Never notices the blooming of the flowers and greenery in the spring, nor the falling of the leaves in the autumn. Not seeing anything else but the road directly in front of him.  Looking almost as if propelled by some unseen force.

He is a puzzle, an enigma. Why is he out walking in such a driven way?  Is it for his health?  I almost get the feeling that if he stops this ritual, he will just cease to be. Perhaps his doctors told him he must walk, as an antidote for some cardiac condition. Or perhaps he walks to escape something — some difficult but ongoing family situation, spouse, partner?  Or maybe he is simply mentally disabled or challenged — somewhere in the autistic spectrum.

In reality, I have no clue.

All I know is that as long as the roads are walkable, he is there, passing by my house.  When I first moved in, he was more rotund, and I thought perhaps he was walking simply to shed some pounds.  Yet, over the years, he has slimmed down and now he is actually skinny. His legs are like pale sticks and where he used to walk with a spring in his step, now he is slower, slightly unsteady. He looks as if he is walking bowed, his spine beginning to curve with age.  I can only assume this will grow even more pronounced in the time to come. The Walker is becoming an old man.

I can’t help but wonder — why does he walk so steadfastly? And why does he not acknowledge or connect with anyone?  How does one remain so inward-turned, so oblivious to life happening around him?  When we first came in contact with him, we tried to connect — made efforts to meet his gaze, say a soft “hello,” but he cast his eyes away, pretending not to notice. Or maybe he truly did not see us with any focus, as he is stuck in his own strange world.

Yet how does he go through his days as a Walker, without partaking in the Life happening gloriously all around him, without enjoying the companionship of others? To me this is incredibly sad.

Am I too judgemental — too critical?

Would you envy the Walker — an individual who takes time to exercise his physical self each day and have some alone time?  Or would you look at him with sorrowful curiosity?

If I had to be in his walking shoes, it would be torturous to walk the solitary road. Because I adore companionship and interaction with others and thrive on that. For I feel we are meant to engage with others. I feel it is so barren to go through life unaware of the beauty and connection that is here in this physical plane.

Yet, for The Walker, who truly knows?  Maybe this solitary walking is his salvation, his time of meditation…  I will never know as he chooses not to share words with anyone along his daily path.

As as for yourself, do you too often find yourself walking (or even “sleepwalking”) through life, oblivious to all the possibilities and opportunities that surround you?

Do you become so singularly intent on getting somewhere, accomplishing some goal, that you don’t enjoy the beauty of the actual journey?

For most of us, our human experience gives us a taste of both solitary and connected “walking”…

Let these musings and metaphors help to awaken a knowing within you about what you are guided to experience here in the physical plane. I do believe we are meant to partake of many samplings that life has to offer us. Be open and receptive to the possibilities that flow your way…  and tune in to your inner guidance and heart to help navigate whichever path(s) you choose to walk…


  • I delight walking this road of life with others who support my journey…
  • I respect the life path of others — striving to be understanding and non-judgmental.
  • I enjoy my solitary time where I can connect with nature and the elements.


  1. Bev says:

    Very good reflection of all sides of the issue–whether someone walks alone or with others. My first thought is that he may very well be taking everything and everyone in, in his own way. When I was first trying to recover from illness I did meditative walking, breathing in spirit and pushing out illness…it isn’t that I did not notice others, its that they were abrasive to my purpose, as they insisted that I interact with them (and only them?). Now I am recovered enough that I can be on both planes intermittently, but health does require my time spent alone breathing with the One spirit.

    Great blog, as always Sheryl!

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Bev — thank you for sharing your thoughts. And for explaining how you personally felt when going through a recovery period. Sometimes a walker obviously needs to remain focused in an inner purpose, or on specific breathing. I’m glad you are recovered to interact a little more with others along your walking journeys, though of course, you are entitled to your quiet time in nature too… I appreciate your kind comment about my blog. Wishing you many blessings and much serenity…