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Positive Living – Gratitude in Each Moment


I am sitting out on my patio at dusk. It is the last unseasonably hot day in October. The forecast spans out with rain and cooler temperatures starting tomorrow, so I am sure this truly is the last HOT day to enjoy.

Have I grasped and seized the beauty of this day — certainly not enough! Of course, there was some work to do, some chores, some errands. And late in the afternoon it finally dawned on me: why was I not just EXPERIENCING this gorgeous autumn day, a day so reminiscent of summer that it makes one lose all real track of time and seasons.

So that little inner guidance voice tells me it is not too late — go out and EXPERIENCE the sunset outdoors. I bring out some music as well — melodic and beautiful Native American flute music. The mystical sound of the flute feels like the perfect accompaniment to the close of daylight. And I soak up the beauty of these moments…

And I am grateful… for this serene space in time…

I am grateful for this day — this glorious day that I get to SEE and FEEL… and be part of!

Sometimes we take all that for granted — the very essence of life. Just focusing on our breath can remind us — how natural and peaceful we can be even for but one moment in time.

I encourage you to partake of your life in a BIG way — do not sit on the sidelines and mope. Strive to EXPERIENCE the adventure of it all. Yes, we all know that some facets of our lives are not always perfect. We are often faced with challenges and drama as that is part of our existence here in the physical plane.

However, let us be in the supreme space of appreciation for BEING here, having a physical life, having interaction with others, having beautiful and loving relationships with others.

Having free will to make CHOICES and to set goals that resonate with our heartfelt dreams and desires.

We need to remember how powerful and creative we can be, for sometimes we forget. And let us be in the feeling of gratitude for having this ability and this knowing.

What are you grateful for? Tune in to your inner voice and acknowledge appreciation for your own unique life, your path, your soul’s mission…

Your life will be enriched and uplifted as the vibration of gratitude flows powerfully in your heart and mind!


  • I am thankful for my own abundantly fascinating and rewarding life path.
  • Connecting with others who are supportive and loving brings the flow of gratitude into my entire being!
  • I appreciate all the blessings in my life, both large and small!


  1. Barbara Gilman says:

    Sheryl, you are soooo cool. Loved this post about gratitude in each moment. So much of it resonated with me because it’s such a part of me already. Wonderful that you shared this with your readers, to give them a much needed wake up call. Most people go thru the motions of living without really being conscious of each moment – and time does pass so quickly, even when we are mindful.

    I too, am grateful for “this serene space in time…” whether it’s out on my deck enjoying the quiet along with the sounds of nature, or out on the Trail careening with the birds, rabbits, squirrels, babies, trees, bushes, flowers, etc., and doing a bit of Tai Chi out there!!! Never thought to bring some special music out on the deck to enhance the experience. Great idea.

    Thanks for these words of wisdom!!

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Barb — thank you for your kind words and sharing your own experiences. I am pleased to hear about your own sense of gratitude, especially for your time spent outdoors, connecting with nature and just “being” and “listening” to the sounds around you.