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Positive Attitude – Are You Comfortable With the Person in the Mirror?


What do you see when you look in the mirror? Or, more importantly, exactly WHO do you see? Is it an individual who is basically happy, accepting and understanding of yourself? Or is it the big critic that reflects back to us? Glimpsing your entire reflection, do you automatically think, “I’m too skinny, too heavy, too short, too sad-looking, etc.” Or can you smile at yourself and be totally at ease with the person that looks back at you?

If you are in the flow of a balanced life, your reflection should be a joyful one — one that you perceive as harmonious and looking quite good. Catching your reflection, even unexpectedly, should make you smile and not wince. However, if you are in the “flaw” of life — then you are noticing and fixating on your flaws and imperfections, physical and maybe even mental/emotional.

So perhaps the mirror indicator is a “reflection” (pun intended) on where you actually stand in your own personal comfort level with your core essence. Because even if your nose is long and your stomach is wide, if you are truly at ease with yourself, the mirror will not cause you stress.

I believe that in our quest to achieve a balanced, joyful life we must be truly comfortable with our authentic selves. Does that mean we should not strive to work on being more motivated, more compassionate, more understanding, more communicative, or even a bit thinner, more toned, or more (fill in the blank for yourself)? Absolutely not. However, being at ease within our own skin and psyche is an intrinsic part of a peaceful and optimistic mindset.

So pay attention to your reaction when you pass the mirror (especially a full length one because that gives you the picture of yourself in your physical entirety) and just note your initial response. Is it a flutter of happy recognition, or do you immediately see an area that needs improvement? If the critic in the mirror instantly comes to life, then maybe it is time to start doing the inner work of self-acceptance along with gentle, consistent shifts toward more positivity.

One powerful exercise is to actually DO mirror work. This one is from Jack Canfield. Just before bedtime, stand by a mirror and speak out loud to your reflection, reviewing your day in a positive light. Go over those things you did, such as if I’m speaking to myself “Sheryl, it’s fantastic that you went to the gym and worked out. It’s very healthy for you. You finished writing that article for your next newsletter, so you are caught up with that. You responded to all emails from prospective Reiki students. This morning’s healing session clearly was beneficial to your client. Later in the day, you prepared a healthy and tasty dinner for your husband and yourself.” Then at the very end just say to yourself, “It was a great day. I love you.” You might feel really embarrassed at first, but with patience and practice, your perception and relationship with yourself will improve.

Or, if you prefer a more succinct version of this, stand before a mirror at night and just acknowledge any or all of the following: “I am happy with myself on all levels. I am grateful for all that I do and all that I have. I feel good about my accomplishments of the day. I appreciate all those who love me.”


  • I am comfortable with who I am, and where I am along my life path.
  • The compassion and understanding I show toward others is always mirrored back to me.
  • I practice self-acceptance and treat myself with kindness.


  1. Alexandra Converse says:

    This was a lovely message. I know it truly helped many people. Good for you.