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Positive Attitude – Managing The Too-Busy Lifestyle


Do we tend to cram too much into our days and lives? How many tasks are too many for a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

For my own personal planning, I like to use Jack Canfield’s productivity tip called the “Rule of Five” which is listing five “to-dos” that are manageable, doable and clear in terms of one’s goals for the next day. My list WAS manageable for awhile but I lately find the list is overrun with way too many disjointed tasks and actions that I frantically try to get done. So I need to go back to streamlining and giving better thought to what I wish to accomplish. And just how I wish to spend divide up my days between work and pleasure.

Sometimes I believe it is where I live — that Long Island as part of the greater metropolitan area, breeds what I am coming to think of as the “too-busy” lifestyle. Or maybe it is now at the life stage I am at that my brain is just chock full of ideas, plans, as well as events, obligations, chores, etc. that pull me in every direction. Or that I ALLOW to pull me in every direction.

There are volumes written about time management and I myself write much about the beauty of living in the now moment. Yet when I pull back and get an objective glance at the multitasking that has become all too familiar to me, I realize that I need to do some real work on shifting this too-busy reality.

Do I truly have an answer about managing the too-busy lifestyle — perhaps not, since the way of shaping your day is a personal decision. However, I encourage you (as well as myself) not to lose sight of what is truly significant and part of our foundation for living a positive and connected life.

Do not be too busy to:

  1. Awake with happy anticipation and greet your day as if you expect fantastic events to unfold and all things positive to flow to you.
  2. Hold on to your light. Find your center, achieve your balance and focus on what is good within you as well as externally. Immerse yourself in an attitude of appreciation. Remain connected to your inner guidance.
  3. Shine your light for others. Allow the wellspring of compassion to always supply you with kindness toward others, whether they be human or animal.
  4. Remember your connection to the Divine, Source, your higher consciousness – whatever you personally relate to. And be joyful and honor that connection!
  5. Find pure bliss and peacefulness in each living, breathing moment, which means making an effort to focus on the present moment with clarity. Empower yourself with this simple but profound concept.

What about your own reality? Do you pace yourself well and manage your time in a coherent and balanced way? I’d love to know your thoughts, so please take a moment to post a comment here on my blog and I promise I won’t be too busy to read and respond to it!


  • When I awake, I look forward to my day with joyful enthusiasm and anticipation.
  • I focus my rapt attention on living in the clarity of the now moment.
  • I find it easy to shine my light of compassion and understanding to help and encourage others.


  1. Afton Carnevale says:

    Sheryl, I do feel the same way at times, overwhelmed with obligations, chores, work etc. thank you for the great positive thoughts today. I am thinking more positve, having more love in my life to heal others. I tend to forget but with people like you reminding us to put more love and light in the world you make it a better world to live in.
    Many blessings to you

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Afton – it’s good to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words, and you are welcome for the positive thoughts. We all DO have to remind ourselves at times to be grateful for the love in our lives, to be in the flow of self-healing, and to let our compassion and positivity flow out to others and the world. Peace and blessings to you too, and have a joyful, light-filled week!

  2. Shirley says:

    Thank you Sheryl, I really needed to hear this today! My life is starting to become very busy and I am starting to feel overwhelmed and disconnected! This has reminded me to breathe and take time for the 5!! Thanks again Sheryl!

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Shirley – thanks for taking time to comment and it’s nice to have your wonderful energy here today. We all do get those moments (sometimes days and even months) of overwhelm so it is up to us work on remaining in a positive and peaceful mindset! Have a fantastic week — and I wish you joy and harmony in all you do…