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Positive Thinking – Releasing Worry and Fear-Based Thoughts


Worry is part of the human emotional scale — something we all do, some of us constantly and in a panicked way and others to a much lesser degree. Where do you fall on the spectrum of obsessing about concerns and things that can go wrong versus being a calm and peaceful being?

In Reiki, one learns the Five Precepts — principles by which to live our lives in a spiritual, balanced and healing manner. One of those is (you guessed it) “Do not worry” or “For today, let go of worry.” You certainly do not have to be Reiki-trained to focus on this guiding principle. The precepts encourage us to adopt this kind of balanced mindset “for today only” reminding us that living in the now moment is the place where we can begin to let go of our worrying.

I came from a traditional background of worriers — my core family lived with an unhealthy focus on anxiety, mired in a negative mindset. So that is what I learned from an early age. My grandmother was highly superstitious and I carried around many of her ingrained beliefs for a long time. Now I know that most superstitions are based on fear and limiting beliefs.

However, it was many years of me heading in the opposite direction of a black cat that was crossing the street, until I finally was able to overcome many of Grandma’s fear-based teachings. (Ironically, I now HAVE a black cat who has brought so much feline love into my life.)

Some “worrying” is probably helpful to keep us on our toes about tasks that need to get done, for instance, worrying about leaving the house in a state of safety (did I lock the doors, leave on lights, etc.)

Worrying about one’s health is generally not a productive attitude, but being concerned and going for a physical or to check out something that might need traditional medical attention may be helpful in that it motivates one to actions that are beneficial.

But is there a difference between obsessive worry and just generalized worry? I believe that it is obsessive worrying that is our downfall and causes us to sink into a place and space of negativity and inability to function in a truly healthy and harmonious way. However, if constant worrying is affecting your ability to think and function normally, then it would be wise to check with a mental health professional for some guidance.

Assuming that your worrying is within the range of “normal” what can you do to ease it?

1) Identify and acknowledge that you have overactive worry mindset. That in itself is a grand first step to begin to eliminate it.

2) In the words of the classic song “Don’t worry – be happy!” know that you CAN learn to choose more joyful thought patterns. Keep in mind that worries are a form of self-limiting beliefs and fear-based thinking. Once you can wrap your understanding around that, it becomes far easier to make a change.

3) When you find yourself stuck in the loop of worry, have a talk with yourself. Ask yourself exactly why you are worrying and let yourself acknowledge the worst that can happen. Once you have (briefly) “gone down to the depths” then design steps you can take and positive actions that will help you rise up. Begin to actively take those mental steps — one at a time — to walk in a path of greater light and positivity.

4) Substitute an affirmation(s) for negative mind chatter. This is especially helpful if you begin as soon as you find yourself getting caught up in a round of acute worry. (See affirmations below.)

5) Ask for guidance from friends and family. You are not alone in this life experience so reach out to others. Connection with supportive folks inspires comfort.

6) Ask for guidance from spiritual helpers (whatever resonates with you.) Ask the angels, Archangels, the Divine — and trust in your connection here. This kind of reaching out can actually be very healing and calming.

7) Incorporate pure fun and joy into your everyday life. You can’t occupy the space of both worry and enjoyment at the same time, so opt for the good-feeling actions, thoughts and emotions when possible. When you are feeling good about your now moments, then worries are eased out and happiness flows in.


  • I release worry as I welcome in a more joyful and positive mindset.
  • I pay attention to the now moment and strive for a sense of harmony with that moment.
  • I do the inner work of releasing anxiety and tension, and choosing optimism and balance.


  1. Marie-Reine says:

    Hi Sheryl,
    BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for it! It is nice to read about all this, because sometime we forget a few things. Continue your wonderful work with your site. I really enjoy reading about it again, we need to be reminded of all this, more than ounce. You are a LIGHT!
    Your friend,
    Marie-Reine, <3

    PS: Leaving for a trip in France for 3 weeks on Agust 27, yeahhhh, all because of my positive thinking. And with wonderful, positive friends. My husband can't come, because of his fear of flying.:( He told me if I can't do it, you do it, and have a marvelous time. 🙂 I sure gonna miss him.

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Marie-Reine – thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment here, and for your kind words about my site and articles. I am so thrilled to hear you are taking a trip to France for 3 weeks! You obviously attracted this wonderful trip into your life and your husband is very understanding and supportive. So DO have a fantastic time and enjoy every minute of it! You must post photos on Facebook after your return and let us know how it all went… Blessings and light…