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Life Balance – Releasing Human Drama and Exploring Your Spiritual Side


It’s been said by a number of inspirational teachers that we are “multi-dimensional” beings. It’s also been said that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience” and not the other way around. Any way you look at it, I profoundly believe that there is more to us than just flesh, blood and bone — more to us than just this speck of human existence planted here on planet Earth.

Many of us feel, at one time or another, a connection to something that is much bigger, grander and more powerful than our existence here in the physical embodiment. I believe we all have an innate spark of divinity that lies within us, keeping us “networked” in with God/Universe/Divine — whatever your own personal perceptions are. Some people are more closely connected with that inner knowing than others.

This connection to an alternate dimension may often be called the “spiritual” side of us. Because at the same time as we exist in these human vehicles, is it also possible that we exist on another level in a more spiritual dimension?

Another thought: part of us may still exist in the past of our own lives and in the future of our own life — so could this time continuum also be considered even another dimension? There are many theories, which I will not go into here (you can read them elsewhere.) I am merely suggesting the possibility that we DO exist in several dimensions.

Yet, the dimension that is hopefully the most real to us is our present reality in human form. And part of our nature, as I have seen over and over again, is to embrace drama in our lives. A major aspect of the human experience is interaction with others, and that always leads to some form of conflict. Because our lovely human egos so often and eagerly give birth to drama.

Even a network of healers I am with (and we all consider ourselves quite spiritual) is not immune to that, as I have seen the last few weeks. Why was I surprised by a chain of events that was almost soap opera? But our group is private and I will not share any further information — just lessons learned from being an observer. I tried not to get involved, but somehow was pulled in, like a strong whirlpool dragging me in. But I will say that I managed to remain as objective and compassionate as possible to all parties concerned. It would seem that this particular group who embraces their multi-dimensional side in a very authentic and caring way, would not ever display some of these kinds of conflicts…

So we must acknowledge our egos and our oft-volatile emotions, yet make an attempt to keep them in check. Occasional drama is inevitable for most of us (and we must admit that sometimes we even find it exciting) but continuous streams of it are stressful and trying. So look inward for yourself — are you the kind of person that often creates or inspires drama? Really be honest with yourself. Because drama always causes someone else to be uncomfortable.

And if you answered “yes” or “maybe” to that question, begin the work of finding more peace and balance, and perhaps exploring your spiritual side.

Or, are you a person who is extremely reactive to drama? Know that you CAN refrain from becoming engaged in the winds of conflict. You have that choice.

But in any case, consciously embrace more harmonious and compassionate thoughts. It is helpful to try to see a situation from the perspective of others involved, as opposed to just your own line of vision, which can be limited. Turn down the drama, but turn up the kindness and the love…


  • I release negative drama from my life experience and I choose a more harmonious reality.
  • It is joyful and fulfilling to interact with others using positive and supportive communication.
  • I choose to react in a peaceful way toward any emotional drama that arises in my life.


  1. Vicki Alssid says:

    I have been thinking about the “drama” issue a lot lately. Seems like the older I get the less tolerance I have for it. It may be one reason why psych nursing did not appeal to me when I went back to it after a 20 year absence. I find I have difficulty tolerating it as a school nurse when students come in in a dramatic fashion, and do my best to try to make the situation more matter of fact. I will have to do more thinking to notice when I may be being dramatic. I love these affirmations.
    Isn’t it interesting that while soap operas are leaving the networks, the still dramatic reality shows on are on the rise.

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Vicki – I think it must be challenge to maintain your cook with the students who do bring their “drama” to the school nurse. I’m glad you react in a calm and matter-of-fact way. I am sure that helps them release some of their drama and anxiety.

      I still prefer to have my drama on TV as opposed to real life and yes, those reality shows provide plenty of it 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. Have a peaceful drama-free week, if possible!