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Positive Attitude – Being Supportive of Others Experiencing Life Challenges


I am sure you can vividly recollect those dramatically turbulent times in your life when you experienced a myriad of challenges and obstacles. Times when you felt your life was just falling apart. Discordant, unbalanced, stressful periods. Those memories stay with us quite clearly but DO help shape who we are.

But have you ever experienced the opposite — a time when you have finally arrived at a point of harmony and balance — and now suddenly everyone around you is going through challenges. With no warning notice, the lives of others in your “circle” are simply unraveling with health issues, money problems, etc.

When we are in the graceful flow of life, we somehow expect and assume that everyone else is riding the same wave. And as we go merrily on our way, attempting to be in the joyful moment — WHAM — people are falling like dominoes (remember that old game?) around you.

Of course, that is all figurative language — not that people are dropping at your feet. I’ve been experiencing this myself recently. After getting caught up in the swirl of challenge after challenge with family and friends, I am truly wondering — is this part of the great energetic shift of 2012? Or is it just the normal stream of life showing up in difficult and tumultuous ways?

I first met these tough happenings with extreme resistance — which we all know is never an appropriate way to deal with anything. Those feelings of resistance bring to us more of the same, and more hardship too, if we do not move ourselves into a better mindset. And I do know better, but I reacted at a gut, emotional level as most anyone would do.

I have since been learning to navigate these choppy waters in a calmer way. But I constantly re-learn the lesson that life is always an adventure.

Here are six suggestions for coping during tough times:

1) Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. Do acknowledge what you are observing. But don’t let your whole heart get caught up in the negativity.

2) Be supportive to those going through the challenges. Extremely supportive. But don’t let their fear-based emotions become yours. Be compassionate, but not empathetic. Walking with others too closely along their rocky path is not healthy for you either.

3) Keep your own powerful inner light strong and radiant. Be a brilliant beacon of understanding and peacefulness to others — a port in their personal stormy sea. They will come to depend on you. But realize that they will regain their poise and harmony at some point. So you will not have to shoulder their burden indefinitely.

4) Understand that everyone has their own personal life path — some of it joyful and some of it difficult. Respect the unique soul journey of others. There are always powerful lessons to learn through overcoming hardship.

5) Continue to keep a keen focus on those aspects of your own life that are optimistic and positive — and take care of yourself. As much as you need to be there for others, make sure that your own needs are met. Or you will begin to feel stressed and worn-out.

6) Do keep in mind that this is all temporary. The ebb and flow of life is constantly changing. Hold tight to the knowing that the stream of joy and well-being is always there, that others can slip comfortably back into it at some point after they have bypassed the swirling turbulent eddies of challenge and turmoil.

And take to heart the simple, yet profound steadfast guidance of Abraham-Hicks as they say: “All is well.” Accept that concept and allow it to permeate your emotions and your senses. All IS well.


  • I let my powerful inner light shine as a guiding beacon for others who are experiencing challenges.
  • I tap into my heartfelt sense of stability as I assist others in navigating through turbulent times.
  • I consciously and gratefully focus on the uplifting aspects of my life — all the blessings, the joy, and the people who love me.


  1. Rose Palmer says:

    Dear Sheryl, What a beautiful way to describe waddling through the summertime in the calm waters as well as the rough and turbulant.

    Your newsletters are always great, and they arrive at just the right time.

    love Rose

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Rose – thank you for your kind comment and I’m glad this is timely for you. I appreciate your taking the time to write. Enjoy your summer! Love and blessings… Sheryl

  2. Sonia Martin says:

    Wow Cheryl…How awesome – Hit the spot!!
    So happy to hear about your daughter’s Wedding – My daughter got married in Spain this past June – What a wonderful experience for all of us.
    Actually it is SO special that you feel you are NOT THERE but watching all of it – kinda numb from the overwhelming joy….but of course there are the “other aspects” of life that are not so joyful…..but it is true, we must remember that all of it combined is what helps us be who we are ….and this is the gift we sometimes overlook…..

    • Sheryl Schlameuss Berger says:

      Sonia – so happy to hear from you! And congratulations on the marriage of your daughter. A wedding in Spain must have been amazing. Life IS always a mixture — of both joyful and challenging. We need to be flexible and strive to amplify the positive while dealing as best we can with the difficult aspects. Thanks for commenting here – enjoy the rest of the summer!