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Positive Attitude – Keeping Serene in A Stressful World

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What is the major malady that people complain about?  What is the ailment that brings most of my clients to me for Reiki sessions?  If you have guessed “stress” then you are absolutely right.   Stress and its negative effects are a challenge to much of modern society.

We are all incredibly crazy-busy — multitasking throughout our daily lives, trying to juggle and balance all aspects and facets that fill up each day for us. Between all this time management of home/family, business/work  — our lives are PACKED!  Theoretically, technology should make things easier — but often it only serves to add more complex and time consuming tasks to our day-to-day reality. Yes, I refer to smartphones, tablets, iPads, computers, etc!  We are a nation consumed by stuff to do and stuff to keep up with on our devices — because of this we never truly have any “time off.” I am reminded of this every day in my own personal world view.  And I am certainly not immune to all the emotions that this encompasses.

Do you see yourself in this picture of total “full-plate” day-to-day living?

We used to speak about the optimistic perspective of looking at life with the glass “half full.” The current reality is that we look at life with the glass as “over-full” — little time for stillness or downtime. Quietude sometimes appears to be a thing of the past.

If you check out the actual definition of “stress” in a dictionary, there are varied meanings.  However, in terms of physiology, stress is a specific response by the body to a stimulus, as fear or pain, that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism.

To me, stress is a buildup of extreme tension within ones body and energetic field, causing an imbalance or state of “disharmony”.

Let’s face it, when one is stressed, you feel anxious, uptight, tense — basically feeling not-so-good — and this results in negative thought patterns as well.  When these negative thoughts remain with you for a prolonged period of time, the emotions surrounding them lodge even further in the physical/mental body and cause the manifestation of symptoms such as digestive issues, psychological imbalances, and even serious diseases…

So basically, you want to release stress — the feeling and thinking of it!  You need to strive to be in the flow of peacefulness within — and if that sounds next to impossible, then just aim at being in the flow of “semi-serenity.”  Living a peaceful modern life is a bit of an oxymoron… But for your own well-being, it is essential to adapt a “mindset of mindfulness” and personal quietude with an ability to go within when things outside you and surrounding you fall into disarray and turmoil.

Realistically, it is never truly possible to quiet every thing in your external world — life these days is pretty noisy. So it is so critical to quiet your internal world when you need a break from the frantic pace that life sometimes morphs into.

Meditation is a classic, timeless practice that can certainly help with this.

The attitude of mindfulness — of being truly present in the now moment — can help with this.

Just closing your eyes and focusing on your breath while taking some long, slow cleansing belly breaths can help with this.

Five to ten minutes of simply going into stillness and tuning out the clamor and clutter of a busy environment can be utterly rejuvenating.

And sometimes you just have to develop the determined outlook that in your heart, you are going to remain serene, no matter what discord people “throw” at you, no matter what hectic happenings crop up in your little corner of the world.

You do not have to allow stress to overtake you. You can choose to create your own unique perspective of tranquility. And that doesn’t mean you have to go meditate on a mountain top or follow a ritual of silence in a monastery…

You can always access the peace within — that beautiful, glorious inner light that reminds you of your Divine or Universal connection, that reminds you that at your core, you come from a place of serenity and clarity. And if you can connect in with this, you will be more in tune with your soul purpose here on Planet Earth…as well as more joyful and of course, more in that radiant stream of well-being…


  • I tune in to my inner rhythms to remain peaceful, especially during challenging or turbulent times.
  • Despite what happens around me, I remain tranquil within my heart and mind.
  • I make a conscious choice each moment and each day to embrace an attitude of serenity!
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How do you feel when you first awaken — when you first come to morning consciousness? Perhaps you awaken gently and peacefully — or you might be summoned awake by a piercing alarm. Either way, do you generally feel positive and eager to face the day? Or are you cranky and thinking of the overwhelm of everything you need to accomplish that day?

How you initially greet the day can have a very powerful impact on how your day unfolds.  If you start out in a negative way, chances are the flow of the day will bring much of the same.

It is essential to strive to welcome your new set of 24 hours in a positive, joyful mindset. Even if everything in your life is not totally perfect (and let’s face it, whose life is completely perfect anyway) you can still muster a connection to optimistic thoughts. In fact, I believe it is to critical to do so for your own good…

In general, our attitude and our thought patterns affect our ability to align with the flow of well-being  And it has certainly been shown that successful, happy people have an uncanny knack for thinking happy, fulfilling thoughts and keeping their mindset in the stream of positivity.

Anyone can do this — it is a purely conscious choice. However, for some it is easy and for others, it is such a challenge.

Personally, I believe that the morning is what sets your tone for the remainder of the day, so your morning thoughts — and your morning rituals — are seriously important.

Coming to consciousness and recognizing comfort in your immediate surrounding is a simple and easy way to begin. So instead of thinking:  “I have that awful meeting today, or I have to deal with that difficult person, so and so…” move away from those negative, downtrodden thoughts that might appear first thing like annoying pop-ups in the computer window of your psyche.  Instead, just think about how cozy your bed was for your evening’s respite, how soft your pillow is, how pretty the sunlight is streaming in the window, or how peaceful the gentle sound of rain is outside… or how sweet it is to have your beloved canine laying devotedly at the foot of the bed… Whatever you can personally quickly focus on for a momentary thought-saunter into the “positive” will be helpful

The next mental step is to reach for a more definite moment of gratitude or appreciation. Affirm that you look to this day with gratitude for all the uplifting possibilities it will hold. Open your arms wide (in actuality or just figuratively) and be receptive to all the GOOD that your day will bring. Set your intention for being in the space of RECEIVING.

If you have a morning practice, that is a beautiful way to start the day.  And by this I mean meditation, prayer, intention, affirmations, etc.

My friend, Gloria, who is a hypnotherapist, presented a workshop where she encouraged participants to follow a simple, but very uplifting morning practice of positive statements to welcome their day.  I so enjoy using these statements and here are a few:

Today will be a great day.

I have a good life.

My body is strong and healthy.

I move with vitality and vigor.

I am excited about the future.

Life is a fascinating adventure.

Can’t you just feel the joyfully magnetic pull of these words inspiring and uplifting you?  Find several affirmations that resonate with you and recite them in the morning. Let them add a lovely flavor of optimism to your morning thought patterns.

If your morning can include a little physical exercise, that in itself can be invigorating and will awaken your endorphins to initiate you into a day of more positive sensations.

If you have breakfast (and the healthy experts advise us all to do this with nutritious fare that will fuel our physical bodies) then be mindful at breakfast.  Really enjoy what you eat and focus on the nutrients energizing and preparing your body to have an amazing, strong and healthy day.

There are so many different ways you can move away from early morning negativity. Greet each day as if it counts, as if it is meaningful.  Greet each day as if you are HAPPY — and as they say, if you need to “fake it till you make it” that is okay because acting happy will inspire real joy!

Begin tomorrow as you awaken — “carpe diem” — seize the day!  And behold it from a powerfully positive perspective…   You are WORTHY of happiness.


  • I greet this day with positivity and appreciation.
  • I am open to all the new and exciting possibilities that this day may bring.
  • I set my intention to be mindful today, to focus on the present moment with clarity and optimism.
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Positive Attitude – Happiness and Mindfulness

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There has been so much written about finding that elusive state of being — profound happiness.

Our inspirational teachers have all come up with thousands of ways to help you be happy.  Yet how many people feel they actually achieve that pinnacle of extreme exultation and positivity? And is it truly necessary for leading a fulfilling and rich life?

Optimism does not seem to be the natural way of the human condition and I am not sure why. Are we born relatively happy, and then life teaches us otherwise? Or are we born in a neutral space, and have to learn happiness? These are just questions that are food for thought.

In my years of experience here on Planet Earth, working first in the corporate world and then the holistic healing world, my observation is that people have a wide range of happiness ratio (whether they spend more time feeling good than bad.) It seems far easier for people to fall into that space of concern, stress, tension, confusion. Happiness seems to take work!

If you are one who naturally gravitates toward positive feelings, then I suspect you are more uplifted than most. If you get up in the morning, excited and optimistic about greeting the day, then you are in a beautiful space and probably among the minority.

However perhaps there is too much focus on the achievement of a total constant positive state of being — if we try hard and fall short, we feel in worse shape.  And really, I don’t believe it is possible to be happy ALL the time!  Part of the human experience here in the physical plane is to feel through a large range of emotions so we can understand contrast and learn the value of appreciation.

So what if we set our sights on a more neutral state of being rather than always pursuing some perfect state of bliss?  That would be mindfulness — being present and focused in the now.  Maybe we don’t always need to be happy, but simply “happily functioning” in the current moment, living purely right here, right now.  Observing what is at hand and coping with what is right before us. Ready to move forward into our next moment, just greeting the unfolding of our own unique life experience with a sense of expectancy, openness and receptivity.  As well as flexibility.

If you can wrap your mind about that kind of state, then you will likely be able to move into a more receptive space that includes peacefulness and harmony. So if you can just be peaceful (meaning non-reactive to all the challenges that happen in our surrounding reality) in the moment, with the task at hand, being in an attitude of “neutrality,” that does leave an opening for good things to flow in, thereby bringing that wave of happiness that may periodically flow with it.

It is completely spectacular to seize those clear moments of happiness, of course!  Milk them for all the goodness you find streaming through you at that point in time.  But don’t be judgmental when the flow abates, because like the ocean tide, there will be an ebb and flow of this sought-after emotion.

Accept yourself for who you are — and your own variety of emotions. Take those “steps” so that you are happy more than you are not happy — yes, go ahead and do the “inner work.” Yet know that it is okay if you find yourself in a sort of breezy, gentle place of “neutrality” for periods of time.  The only place you DO NOT want to be is mired in serious sadness, stress or depression for any prolonged time frame.  But don’t underestimate the gracefulness of living neutrally and mindfully in the moment.

“Happiness is not what makes us grateful. It is gratefulness that makes us happy.”  ~Br. David Steindl-Rast


  • I focus on the now moment, allowing my life to unfold with a state of openness and expectancy.
  • I strive to be in that space of neutrality and mindfulness, doing the inner work of remaining peaceful and non-reactive.
  • I understand and accept that my human range of emotions brings a wonderful learning experience in the form of contrast.
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Positive Living – Cultivating Supportive Friendships

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Are you surrounded by mostly healthy relationships?  If so, that is a joyful blessing! It is also a testament to your own mindset, outlook and personality — as well as the inner work you do to maintain and sustain these bonds.

Yet no matter how much focus we give, there are bound to be those questionable ties we have. Those relationships that make us pause and ask ourselves about how we can effectively cope with a specific person. Or silently wonder: why is that person still in my life?  Some relationships are just blandly “okay” — not helpful, but not harmful.  Others can be downright toxic to ones well being.

You should not remain in a relationship that is blatantly toxic. And toxic can have a range of meanings — from one that is merely somewhat unhealthy to one that is seriously emotionally abusive. If a friend is consistently putting you down in overt or perhaps even subtle ways, that is not a healthy friendship.

All the inspirational teachers say to surround ourselves with people who support us, lift us up — and cheer us on along our life path. If our friends authentically love us, then wouldn’t they want to be encouraging and uplifting to us?

Our connections with those around us should always be optimistic, loving and respectful. This makes perfect sense to us — and yet, why do we often get caught up in ties that are far less than stellar, far less then supportive?

I believe that most of us make every attempt to put our best foot forward, so to speak, and cultivate many relationships, simply assuming that if we set out to be a fine friend, then what we give out will be returned to us in kind. And though that is the case perhaps for most of the time, it does not hold true all the time.

Sometimes, despite trying to be a loving friend, the other person is not able to return that attitude. This can stem from extreme life challenges/obstacles; egotistical and narrow-minded beliefs; or sometimes simply a change in directions, as in paths becoming so divergent that there is no real commonality anymore.

And what about those fair weather friends — or barely there friends? They tend to possibly be more “takers” rather than “sharers.”  They enjoy the bond and the company as long as things are going smoothly for you — but when a little turmoil lands across your path, they are suddenly GONE — or busy with their own stuff without even a sympathetic ear.

Sometimes you may experience the uncomfortable dance of trying to integrate a person into and out of your life, depending on how caring the friendship is at each moment in time. This can create havoc with your emotions… Relationships thrive on positive stability — knowing another is there for you. And of course, this should be a two way street. We need to be there for others in both peaceful and challenging times. Being totally able to count on each other when the going gets rough is essential to a healthy friendship.

Over the course of my life, I have learned that usually those vastly difficult relationships tend to dissolve out of my life (the Universe giving me some supportive assistance perhaps?)  Some relationships thrive on drama. When you become aware of this and refuse to be reactive — and discourage all aspects of that volatility — the other person might simply retreat. For they are not receiving that atmosphere of emotional turmoil that they so crave.

So take the serene, shared road — be a remarkable friend. Immerse yourself in healthy relationships. Surround yourself with those who buoy you up.  Release those who bring you down.  And embrace those you care about with a kind, encouraging, honest, loving heart.  If you strive to do the emotional “work” of sustaining healthy friendships, it is bound to bring greater joy, satisfaction and connection on this journey called LIFE…


  • I treat others with understanding, compassion, support and encouragement.
  • It is easy for me to lend a sympathetic ear to my friends, and truly listen with my heart.
  • I remain peaceful and non reactive in the face of drama that others may create.
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“Life is what you make of it…”  That is a well known older saying. Which has recently resurfaced in my own mind and thoughts.

So I ask you this question: are you creating a life that is pleasing to you?  One that resonates with your heartfelt desires and goals?  One that is fulfilling the primal longing of your soul?

Sometimes we get caught up solely in the energy of challenges and obstacles — all forms of negativity. Downtrodden thoughts that bring us into feelings of powerlessness.

It is sadly the human condition to focus upon these aspects that are difficult as opposed to the beautiful aspect of life — our free will and our amazing ability to be able to make our own choices and decisions.

We have the remarkable power to design our lives to reflect the best and Highest versions of ourselves. It is just that most of us don’t truly get that — or don’t believe it.  Or have no clue how to go about it.

Look back on those times that you have been strong, successful and fulfilled — even if those times were brief.  There is no doubt that you have had experiences where you fully realized your own potential and inner strength. But then, instead of holding on to that knowing, you became adrift in the busy stream of life, forgetting how to tune in to your inner guidance, your core essence. You lost that Divine connection to your soul, your Higher consciousness or whatever you wish to call it.

Your physical vehicle (your being) needs to do the work of navigating life here on Planet Earth to have your most joyful, abundant and enriching experience. Part of this is to take care of YOU and realize the powerful creation abilities that you have. A second part is to understand our soulful connection in Oneness — and to have deep compassion for others and all of Life.

This realization is never easy.  It requires steadfast energetic movement along your path in a most positive, uplifting way.  Some general suggestions include:

1) Meditation
2) Positive living resources — affirmations, self-empowerment teachings, spiritual and personal development books
3) Holistic modalities such as Reiki and the like
4) Immersing yourself in nature and the natural world
5) Consistent time with family and friends and a continuous widening of your Circle of connectedness
6) Events that empower and inspire
7) Life coaching or something similar
8) Religious/spiritual practices that truly resonate with you

Most significantly, will you “awaken”  (yes, a very popular term these days) to the multidimensional, complex being that you are at your core essence? You are not some stick figure puppet meandering around our planet aimlessly and in isolation — though sometimes you may feel that way.

Though you are undeniably unique — you have a radiant connection to others.  So truly let yourself enhance and appreciate that — not wallow in the state of separation. For I firmly believe that understanding and embracing our interconnection is essential, and actually complements and enhances our uniqueness and individuality.

Your life will be exactly what you make of it.  Choose to take those steps — one thought at a time if need be — that will bring you the reality of a life that is pleasing and joyful to you.  A life you are passionate about living.


  • I seek to enhance my connection with others on a profound level of understanding.
  • I take time to nurture myself with those things that inspire joy within me.
  • I am a powerful creator of my life experience and I design a life that is fulfilling to me.
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Appreciation – Tapping into the Vibration of Gratitude

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What are you grateful for in your life?  Do you actually take time to focus on appreciation, to think of those aspects of your life that inspire gratitude within you?

Right now, as I write this, I am expressing appreciation for this glorious day — because amazingly, this particular day is actually mild, sunny and almost like summer, even though we are well into the autumn weather here in my locale.  And I am just “tickled” — yes that is the word that comes to mind — that I can experience this day — and maybe even eat lunch out on the patio in the middle of autumn.  How delightful will that be!

But you can express appreciation for ANY day, for the gift of that day, for the possibilities, opportunities that can flow your way…  Be grateful for each new morning, awakening to the potential of that particular set of 24 hours and what it can hold.

Yes, sometimes it is far easier to look at the day with negativity (and of course, we all are prone to get into that mindset periodically) and all those unpleasant tasks you may have to do.  And those many responsibilities that await your attention.

However, if you choose to greet each day in the space of appreciation, wonder, curiosity, adventure — each day can become a magical gift.

Holding that beautiful, high-vibration sense of appreciation in your heart will inspire you to feel better, to align with the infinite flow of both abundance and well-being… The “attitude of gratitude” can do wonders for you — on the mind/body/spirit level!

And joyfully and deeply immersing in the mindset of appreciation will bring more of those feel-good emotions into your reality.

So try it — WHAT do you appreciate in this moment — there certainly is something and hopefully “many somethings”!  Something as simple as a flavorful cup of tea, a comfy blanket, an unexpected joyful email — anything that gives you the welcoming flicker of feeling good.

WHO do you appreciate?  Who are those people who truly make your heart sing and invoke a smile on your face and a happy dance in your outlook?  Focus on them.  I hear your mind chatter thinking — but what about those that are the opposite — those negative personalities?  Give them less — or no — attention.  Remain non-reactive.  Meanwhile, spend time and connect with those who support you and buoy you up!  Sometimes the other types will then begin to “fade” into the background.

And don’t forget the loving connection with a sweet pet — our pets can bring so much happiness into our lives.  Appreciate the human/animal bond and the unconditional love it provides.

Incorporate a gratitude mindset (or a full gratitude practice) into your life.  Pay more attention to being happily appreciative of the beautiful and uplifting aspects of your environment.  Keep a gratitude journal or simply keep track of some of your gratitude observations.  Share your gratitude with family and friends.

When you awake each morning say this affirmation: I am grateful for this day and welcome all wonderful possibilities into my life!

The beautiful vibration of gratitude can shift your life into such  a deeply uplifting direction. Just be supremely open to receive all things joyful and positive — and then be thoroughly grateful when they do arrive…


  • I am happy and grateful for everything I have and receive daily.
  • I am thankful for my blessings — and focus on the good things, giving them power to grow and multiply!
  • I breathe in gratitude and breathe out love.
  • I am profoundly thankful for my own unique and wonderful life.
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Forgiveness – A Path Toward Healing

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Do you ever find yourself stuck in the difficult place of “unforgiveness”?

Do you shudder at the expression “forgive and forget?”

It is not a simple task to do both, and I believe those actions can be segmented out. You can absolutely forgive without forgetting. And I am not implying that you should condone or accept horrible actions or treatment that someone has done to you in the past.

However, when you hold anger in your heart, it just eats away at YOU. It is a tricky toxin that blocks your ability to be in the flow of joy, love and well-being. And yet sometimes you don’t even realize how seriously poisonous it is for you…

So forgiveness is something you should integrate into your life and work through…

Here are several suggestions:

1) Permit yourself to experience the pain, the wrath, and the anguish. Let yourself get lost in it — temporarily. But give yourself a time limit, and make it a brief one. Say to yourself “For the next three days I am going to allow myself to express the pain/hostility/regret, etc that I feel. But after three days, I am letting it all go. And then I will embrace forgiveness.” Stick with your set goal, and make a super-conscious effort to release hurt and negativity. Then, take the compassionate action — send and light (or peace and light, if that is easier) to that person!

2) Forgive someone from your own perspective. This type of forgiveness does not actively involve the other person who is the object of your bitter feelings. This means doing the inner work on your own (or with a counselor, therapist etc.) — piece by piece, releasing each segment of negative, resentful emotion. When these blockages are truly gone, your psyche should feel healed and clear — this is a major “cleansing” process.

3) Forgive someone face to face. Some situations are best resolved actively with the other person. You need to sincerely share your forgiveness and let them know you are ready to begin anew with the relationship. You may wish to ask for them to forgive you too. This scenario asks that you let go of blame and fault — and only focus on healing and moving forward.

4) Learn from the experience. Life teaches us a variety of valuable lessons, and we need to be open to grow from difficult experiences. What can you personally learn from the experience of holding on to the anger versus letting forgiveness into your life? What lessons will you take into the future to improve and enrich your relationships?

5) Accept healing into your life and move on. Being open to complete emotional healing is key to forgiveness. When we are stuck in prolonged situations of anger toward others, our lives are certainly not joyful. The more hostility you feel, the more anger and negativity you attract into your life. And of course, the reverse is true as well. Forgiveness is the supremely beautiful path to healing.

By allowing both your mind and heart to heal, letting the pain subside, and focusing on positivity, you will be able to move forward in a peaceful, balanced and empowered way!


  • Connecting with love and understanding with others brings feelings of radiance and joy.
  • I let my inner light fill the darkness, illuminating the way for myself and others.
  • I make a conscious effort to forgive others and let go of past hurts.
  • I release anger and resentment, and replace this with genuine forgiveness.
  • Forgiving others brings me to a peaceful place of understanding and balance.
  • By letting go of past hurt and anger, my heart opens to healing and harmony.
  • I release hostility and resentment, and welcome love and healing into my life.
  • I am patient and steadfast on my path to forgiveness, as I know it is a process that can take time.
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Self Empowerment – Your Soul’s Varied Path

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Are you aligned with your soul path? Following your life’s predetermined vision of what you are meant to do here on Planet Earth?

There is so much consciousness buzz these days about discovering ones true purpose in terms of job/career/mission on the physical plane.  And for the purpose of this article, I am referring to ones path that brings in income, not just a hobby or volunteer opportunity.

I believe one of the most fulfilling things is to be able to earn a living doing what you are most passionate about.

And I also believe that there are variations to ones mission here — that perhaps we are not all meant to simply discover our “purpose” and then just do that one thing for the balance of our time here on Earth. For that sometimes can make one weary, bored or burned out.

Sometimes your journey might take you down different roads and along each turn, each path, you learn something new, some important and enlightening life lesson.

It is up to us to make sense of these lessons, learn from them, grow from each experience here..

I have been musing over my own varied life path segments here in the physical world and decided to make a list. I found it quite interesting to really ponder the huge variety of things I have done over the course of my life…

  • Office temporary in Manhattan
  • Assistant to the cataloger of law books at a law library
  • Sales assistant and Administrative assistant at a high end Italian furniture company
  • Electrolux vacuum cleaner sales lady
  • Administrative Assistant for a Mortgage company
  • Administrative Assistant for Kitchen and bath renovation company
  • Journalist, writer and designer of weekly newsletter for local day camp
  • Professional belly dancer
  • Graphic designer/Art Director both freelance and staff for a variety of companies, including a major direct mail/sweepstakes company
  • Veterinary assistant at local Animal Hospital
  • Sales rep for a pet product company
  • Dogsitter
  • Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils
  • Reconnective Healing Practitioner
  • Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner

Quite a varied list, isn’t it?  Though some jobs were short lived and perhaps lasted just months, the Graphic Design was very lengthy. And my most recent work as Reiki Master teacher has been in the last nine years, and I plan to continue it into very old age, or as long as I am able.

Now contrast this shifting background to the soul path of my brother.  The first time he ever flew as a passenger on an airplane at about the tender age of three, he told us “I want to fly airplanes.”  And fly airplanes he did — and still does.  It is definitely his life’s main passion. And he never wavered or looked to do anything else. In fact, his early aviation passion took so much motivation and focus and putting in many hours of learning and practicing… Until he landed (pun intended) his dream job with a major airline, now the captain of both domestic and international flights…

I used to think (way back) that I couldn’t quite “find myself” as I explored different jobs, but now I know that each step along these pieces of my life journey made for a very full, richly-woven fabric of life experience.

Today, in college, most students are required to declare a major course of study by their second year, when most students are barely out of their teen years. It is not always clear what young people really might want to do with their lives at that stage, but yet they have to make a decision. I wonder what percentage of young people change life course numerous times.

I ask you to respect and honor your own life journey…   Let life unfold for you in a natural way, meeting it with flexibility and adaptability.

Be open to all possibilities.  Let your heart help guide the way. Know that yes, maybe you will find — or have found — the one remarkably satisfying path in your mission. Or perhaps you may experience a multitude of different roads along the journey. Let yourself learn and grow from each one. And for any long period you spend in an intensely fulfilling job or career experience, be in appreciation, because that is one of the radiant blessings one can reap here on the plane of human existence…


  • I relax into the flow of life and let it unfold in with a flexible, open-minded outlook.
  • I am open to all possibilities and opportunities that appear in my life journey.
  • I understand that my soul path may reflect various segments of learning, and I am receptive to this process.
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Your mind, your thoughts, your emotions and your statements create your reality.  Does that powerful concept resonate with you?

“Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful.”
~Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Peale’s book,  The Power of Positive Thinking, was first published in 1952 and his concepts were way ahead of his time.  He was one of the first of the modern day inspirational teachers and writers to suggest specific ways of shifting thoughts and energy into a powerful, positive current.

This was long before the Law of Attraction made its appearance, which may have been first in the 1980s.  And the “discovery” of the Law of Attraction revolutionized our way of thinking!

Today with all the wonderful inspirational teachers — as well as scientific research to back up much of it — we know how amazingly powerful the mind is!  Many people are awakening to this knowing, and yet there are still those who have no clue about how to harness the significance of your thoughts and emotions to improve your life.

It is not always easy to do this either, but the inner work of aligning with the flow of this way of thinking will bring so many benefits …

You are the designer of you life, the architect who creates the structure of your experience.

Once you bask in the understanding of this, there can be many glorious “ah-ha” moments!

So today I suggest you pause and contemplate your own unique reality and observe what you can do to reflect this type of optimistic thinking.

Our thoughts are something that we can CHOOSE — they may be shaped by our past and our surroundings, but ultimately we can select our own thoughts.  With that in mind, try to reach for positive thoughts more often. It may seem easier to be in the bad habit of reaching for a negative thought, but you can absolutely train yourself to access that stream of upbeat thinking.  (If you need some simple, basic help — just google Louise Hay, the foremost authority on positive thinking and feel-good affirmations.)

Your emotions are intertwined with your thoughts on many levels — your thoughts can strongly influence your emotions.  Therefore, optimistic thoughts result in a more joyful emotional state.

To those who are totally resistant, how would you feel if you decide to take up mental residence in a state of “woe is me” and victimhood? How will your thoughts feel?  And how will your emotions feel?  And needless to say, your well being will be severely affected in a negative way.

Embracing a stronger, more uplifting, can-do, “I-am-powerful” mindset will help you overcome challenges and obstacles that befall you along this journey of life…

And then we come to the verbal statements and speaking patterns that reflect our thoughts and attitude. When we make statements like “My life is a mess.” “Everything bad always happens to me,” and the like, we place ourselves in a severely negative mindset. As we have come to know, this leads to more negativity, stress, discord.

So it is essential to let your speech and statements be in the flow of calm and optimism as much as doable for you. (Yes, I know it is not possible to be in this state of mind 100% of the time or perhaps anywhere near this, but you can certainly improve the amount of time you spend in a more joyful, harmonious way of thinking and feeling.)

The bottom line is that if you begin each day with “peaceful, contented and happy attitudes” the balance of your day will tend to reflect this vibration of joy and balance.

See where you personally need the most inner work — do you need to start at the basic level of THINKING?  Are you catching too many sad and negative thoughts popping into your head?  Shift your way of thinking!  Say a positive affirmation. Consciously release the negative thoughts.  Focus on something you find uplifting — a good memory, a thought of someone you love, etc.  Do the mental work!

If you are getting into the mode of more peaceful thinking, but your way of speaking is still punctuated with too many negative statements, then CHANGE the way you speak. You can definitely do it!

My mother-in-law, who has recently moved up from Florida to a nearby Assisted Living facility, recently took a fall and was bruised afterward, but fortunately not seriously injured.  The next morning I phoned her and was making an extra effort to be upbeat, so I said a cheerful “Good morning!” to her. And she replied “What’s good about this morning!” in an extremely brisk, negative way. How do you think the rest of HER day might go with this sad start?

As an extremely senior citizen who grew up in a completely different time, she has never made the connection about thoughts and statements influencing ones day and overall well-being.  But I am working on helping her learn…

I believe one is never too old to learn this powerful lesson…

And we are each learning and re-learning aspects of it everyday…

Enjoy the journey that you are on, for life is a fascinating adventure…  and choose thoughts that will help you travel on a road of optimism, vitality, high-vibration and enthusiasm!


  • I choose positive, happy thoughts to help me align with the stream of joy and well-being!
  • My thoughts and feelings create my reality so I decide to create with powerful, joyful, high-vibration thinking!
  • I pay attention to my everyday speaking patterns and strive to use feel-good statements in my life on a regular basis.
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Good health — everyone wants it, everyone strives for it. Who does not want to be fully aligned with the flow of well being?

As a Holistic Practitioner I have done much investigation, reading and soul searching about what comprises good health.  Some people seem to just radiate with it and shine with the glow of positive health. Others are challenged with a myriad of issues and seem stuck in the flow of discord and dis-ease.

When I speak about that topic of overall well-being, I often use the analogy of that old-fashioned pie chart graph, with different slivers/segments relating to different aspects of good health.

So what makes up this chart?  What practices and aspects affect the way we feel here in the physical plane?  I always ask this of my Level I Reiki students to get their take on this and to invite some real thinking, exploring and discussion on this topic.

Many people’s first thought is genetics. They subscribe to the theory that a person’s genes determine his/her health. Though science does espouse this, I believe it is not completely the case. Yet, we can place a piece of the pie under the heading of Genetics, perhaps a very small piece though.

For today there is the science of epigenetics — which encourages us to think about all the other factors that influence our genes. Epigenetics involves genetic control by factors other than an individual’s DNA sequence. Epigenetic changes can switch genes on or off. This recognizes that though sickness genes may be present, there are many external factors which determine whether or not that particular gene gets turned on or off. So, for instance, if you may have a “genetic predisposition” for cancer, it does not mean you are doomed to get it. There are other factors that come into play….  such as all aspects that we are touching upon here!

Which brings us to other pieces of the pie…

Diet and nutrition of course are a segment of this metaphorical pie. I’m sure most would agree that these play a significant role in ones well being.  But how much — 20%, 50%, 90% ????  Nobody knows for sure, except that modern medicine tends to overlook the importance of how we fuel our bodies. (Most doctors seem to be more into the handing out of pills to treat anything and everything.)

Yet today there is so much research pointing in the direction of “you are what you eat.”  A steady diet of junk food, fried food, etc. is certainly not healthy and I am positive most people would agree with that thought. However, ask people and health professionals about what constitutes a healthy diet and you will hear a multitude of different ideas. And what is healthy for one person may not be as good for the next.

So it is up to you to do some research and find the absolute best nutritional program for yourself and that includes foods, beverages and healthy supplements. Ah, definitely food for thought…. (And that also means being knowledgeable about organic foods, non-GMO foods, superfoods , etc. but we could write an entire book about that!)

Now, what about another aspect of our model of good health — that of exercise? Regular exercise and keeping in shape through physical movement are absolutely something most doctors would actually agree on — and most individuals as well.

So why are so many people sedentary and unmotivated to bring movement into their lives? Yes, many people have jobs of sitting in front of a computer screen all day long. And for those people it is even more essential to make time for movement and exercise.  For others, perhaps it is just time management and prioritizing and becoming motivated.

In fact, we should all be motivated to make time for physical activity on a regular basis. As people are living longer, I am firmly convinced that exercise is the key to staying mobile and functional, because it helps your body, your brain and your emotions!

Another piece of the pie chart would be SLEEP. A sound and good night’s sleep is essential for well being. Yet sleep disturbances are so common. Why are we as a society are we so plagued by insomnia? But alas, there could be another book written solely on this — and there are volumes out there! The bottom line is to make sure that you engage in a peaceful, rejuvenating night’s sleep as much as possible.

So back to our pie chart. How about the environment — the area surrounding us, both in close proximity and a little more expanded?  Toxic household chemicals and chemicals used on our grass, our home exteriors, for weed control, pest control? There are bacteria and possibly chemicals in our water supply as well.  These things most likely have a direct bearing on our health…

And this is one slice of the pie for which we may have minimal control.  If we find out that we are actually living nearby to a newly discovered toxic waste dump, maybe we can move, though that can be difficult too. And what about other, more subtle environmental issues, such as being in the flight path of a nearby airport (and I am not just referring to noise pollution) — or chemicals being sprayed to kill bugs and mosquitos in our areas?  And what about air pollution in general?

Then there is the aspect of chemicals in the home. Some of the soaps, sprays, cleaning solutions we use are filled with potent. and not-so-healthy, chemicals.) Some of the makeup, skin care products, etc also have the potential to harm us. It is important to use as many natural, organic, milder products — and so it is essential to read, pay attention to labels, do some research on what is healthier… and to shift over to these better and less damaging versions of those necessary types of products we use on a daily or regular basis.

For ALL chemicals in proximity to us have the potential to affect us.

And what about “toxic” people in our immediate environment. Those difficult, negative personalities that may surround us are not healthy for us either…

Which brings us to a related aspect, one other supremely significant factor — our thoughts and emotions, which we now know have a direct bearing on our well being!  Being in the flow of uplifting, positive thinking can have real impact on your physical body.

Feeling good and joyful in our heads and hearts leads us to feel good in our bodies.  And the opposite is true as well. The more one is in the mode of anger, sadness, worry — how will that person’s body react? Especially if ones emotions and thoughts are in a stressed out, frustrated angry place for a prolonged period of time.

There are so many scientific studies which show how stress can directly affect the body in a negative way and bring on all kinds of symptoms of illness.  That is why I often write about all different aspects of well-being in terms of attitude and positivity — because I believe that it is ultra-significant in maintaining ones overall health.

And what about holistic, spiritual, calming practices such as Reiki and meditation?  I know that they also make up a piece of our healthy pie. All practices that help keep us serene and tuned in to our “core essence” have the potential to keep us aligned with that radiant flow of well being.

Additionally, it comes down to which aspects of our pie chart we can control and which we can’t.  So it is essential to take charge of what we can. Personally, I believe that most of our pie chart is under our direction creation, management and supervision!

So have I covered most everything?  Is there anything you would like to add to this pie chart?  And what do you feel is the most important aspect that contributes to well-being?  How has this affected your own life?

I would love to hear your thoughts. So please post a comment or email me directly.


  • I create my reality utilizing positive practices to keep me aligned with the flow of well being.
  • I envision myself as completely healthy and working at my full and vibrant potential!
  • I take all steps to keep my mind, body and spirit  joyful, peaceful and in harmony with my highest and best vision of myself.