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Self Empowerment – Your Soul’s Varied Path

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Are you aligned with your soul path? Following your life’s predetermined vision of what you are meant to do here on Planet Earth?

There is so much consciousness buzz these days about discovering ones true purpose in terms of job/career/mission on the physical plane.  And for the purpose of this article, I am referring to ones path that brings in income, not just a hobby or volunteer opportunity.

I believe one of the most fulfilling things is to be able to earn a living doing what you are most passionate about.

And I also believe that there are variations to ones mission here — that perhaps we are not all meant to simply discover our “purpose” and then just do that one thing for the balance of our time here on Earth. For that sometimes can make one weary, bored or burned out.

Sometimes your journey might take you down different roads and along each turn, each path, you learn something new, some important and enlightening life lesson.

It is up to us to make sense of these lessons, learn from them, grow from each experience here..

I have been musing over my own varied life path segments here in the physical world and decided to make a list. I found it quite interesting to really ponder the huge variety of things I have done over the course of my life…

  • Office temporary in Manhattan
  • Assistant to the cataloger of law books at a law library
  • Sales assistant and Administrative assistant at a high end Italian furniture company
  • Electrolux vacuum cleaner sales lady
  • Administrative Assistant for a Mortgage company
  • Administrative Assistant for Kitchen and bath renovation company
  • Journalist, writer and designer of weekly newsletter for local day camp
  • Professional belly dancer
  • Graphic designer/Art Director both freelance and staff for a variety of companies, including a major direct mail/sweepstakes company
  • Veterinary assistant at local Animal Hospital
  • Sales rep for a pet product company
  • Dogsitter
  • Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils
  • Reconnective Healing Practitioner
  • Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner

Quite a varied list, isn’t it?  Though some jobs were short lived and perhaps lasted just months, the Graphic Design was very lengthy. And my most recent work as Reiki Master teacher has been in the last nine years, and I plan to continue it into very old age, or as long as I am able.

Now contrast this shifting background to the soul path of my brother.  The first time he ever flew as a passenger on an airplane at about the tender age of three, he told us “I want to fly airplanes.”  And fly airplanes he did — and still does.  It is definitely his life’s main passion. And he never wavered or looked to do anything else. In fact, his early aviation passion took so much motivation and focus and putting in many hours of learning and practicing… Until he landed (pun intended) his dream job with a major airline, now the captain of both domestic and international flights…

I used to think (way back) that I couldn’t quite “find myself” as I explored different jobs, but now I know that each step along these pieces of my life journey made for a very full, richly-woven fabric of life experience.

Today, in college, most students are required to declare a major course of study by their second year, when most students are barely out of their teen years. It is not always clear what young people really might want to do with their lives at that stage, but yet they have to make a decision. I wonder what percentage of young people change life course numerous times.

I ask you to respect and honor your own life journey…   Let life unfold for you in a natural way, meeting it with flexibility and adaptability.

Be open to all possibilities.  Let your heart help guide the way. Know that yes, maybe you will find — or have found — the one remarkably satisfying path in your mission. Or perhaps you may experience a multitude of different roads along the journey. Let yourself learn and grow from each one. And for any long period you spend in an intensely fulfilling job or career experience, be in appreciation, because that is one of the radiant blessings one can reap here on the plane of human existence…


  • I relax into the flow of life and let it unfold in with a flexible, open-minded outlook.
  • I am open to all possibilities and opportunities that appear in my life journey.
  • I understand that my soul path may reflect various segments of learning, and I am receptive to this process.
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Your mind, your thoughts, your emotions and your statements create your reality.  Does that powerful concept resonate with you?

“Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful.”
~Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Peale’s book,  The Power of Positive Thinking, was first published in 1952 and his concepts were way ahead of his time.  He was one of the first of the modern day inspirational teachers and writers to suggest specific ways of shifting thoughts and energy into a powerful, positive current.

This was long before the Law of Attraction made its appearance, which may have been first in the 1980s.  And the “discovery” of the Law of Attraction revolutionized our way of thinking!

Today with all the wonderful inspirational teachers — as well as scientific research to back up much of it — we know how amazingly powerful the mind is!  Many people are awakening to this knowing, and yet there are still those who have no clue about how to harness the significance of your thoughts and emotions to improve your life.

It is not always easy to do this either, but the inner work of aligning with the flow of this way of thinking will bring so many benefits …

You are the designer of you life, the architect who creates the structure of your experience.

Once you bask in the understanding of this, there can be many glorious “ah-ha” moments!

So today I suggest you pause and contemplate your own unique reality and observe what you can do to reflect this type of optimistic thinking.

Our thoughts are something that we can CHOOSE — they may be shaped by our past and our surroundings, but ultimately we can select our own thoughts.  With that in mind, try to reach for positive thoughts more often. It may seem easier to be in the bad habit of reaching for a negative thought, but you can absolutely train yourself to access that stream of upbeat thinking.  (If you need some simple, basic help — just google Louise Hay, the foremost authority on positive thinking and feel-good affirmations.)

Your emotions are intertwined with your thoughts on many levels — your thoughts can strongly influence your emotions.  Therefore, optimistic thoughts result in a more joyful emotional state.

To those who are totally resistant, how would you feel if you decide to take up mental residence in a state of “woe is me” and victimhood? How will your thoughts feel?  And how will your emotions feel?  And needless to say, your well being will be severely affected in a negative way.

Embracing a stronger, more uplifting, can-do, “I-am-powerful” mindset will help you overcome challenges and obstacles that befall you along this journey of life…

And then we come to the verbal statements and speaking patterns that reflect our thoughts and attitude. When we make statements like “My life is a mess.” “Everything bad always happens to me,” and the like, we place ourselves in a severely negative mindset. As we have come to know, this leads to more negativity, stress, discord.

So it is essential to let your speech and statements be in the flow of calm and optimism as much as doable for you. (Yes, I know it is not possible to be in this state of mind 100% of the time or perhaps anywhere near this, but you can certainly improve the amount of time you spend in a more joyful, harmonious way of thinking and feeling.)

The bottom line is that if you begin each day with “peaceful, contented and happy attitudes” the balance of your day will tend to reflect this vibration of joy and balance.

See where you personally need the most inner work — do you need to start at the basic level of THINKING?  Are you catching too many sad and negative thoughts popping into your head?  Shift your way of thinking!  Say a positive affirmation. Consciously release the negative thoughts.  Focus on something you find uplifting — a good memory, a thought of someone you love, etc.  Do the mental work!

If you are getting into the mode of more peaceful thinking, but your way of speaking is still punctuated with too many negative statements, then CHANGE the way you speak. You can definitely do it!

My mother-in-law, who has recently moved up from Florida to a nearby Assisted Living facility, recently took a fall and was bruised afterward, but fortunately not seriously injured.  The next morning I phoned her and was making an extra effort to be upbeat, so I said a cheerful “Good morning!” to her. And she replied “What’s good about this morning!” in an extremely brisk, negative way. How do you think the rest of HER day might go with this sad start?

As an extremely senior citizen who grew up in a completely different time, she has never made the connection about thoughts and statements influencing ones day and overall well-being.  But I am working on helping her learn…

I believe one is never too old to learn this powerful lesson…

And we are each learning and re-learning aspects of it everyday…

Enjoy the journey that you are on, for life is a fascinating adventure…  and choose thoughts that will help you travel on a road of optimism, vitality, high-vibration and enthusiasm!


  • I choose positive, happy thoughts to help me align with the stream of joy and well-being!
  • My thoughts and feelings create my reality so I decide to create with powerful, joyful, high-vibration thinking!
  • I pay attention to my everyday speaking patterns and strive to use feel-good statements in my life on a regular basis.
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Good health — everyone wants it, everyone strives for it. Who does not want to be fully aligned with the flow of well being?

As a Holistic Practitioner I have done much investigation, reading and soul searching about what comprises good health.  Some people seem to just radiate with it and shine with the glow of positive health. Others are challenged with a myriad of issues and seem stuck in the flow of discord and dis-ease.

When I speak about that topic of overall well-being, I often use the analogy of that old-fashioned pie chart graph, with different slivers/segments relating to different aspects of good health.

So what makes up this chart?  What practices and aspects affect the way we feel here in the physical plane?  I always ask this of my Level I Reiki students to get their take on this and to invite some real thinking, exploring and discussion on this topic.

Many people’s first thought is genetics. They subscribe to the theory that a person’s genes determine his/her health. Though science does espouse this, I believe it is not completely the case. Yet, we can place a piece of the pie under the heading of Genetics, perhaps a very small piece though.

For today there is the science of epigenetics — which encourages us to think about all the other factors that influence our genes. Epigenetics involves genetic control by factors other than an individual’s DNA sequence. Epigenetic changes can switch genes on or off. This recognizes that though sickness genes may be present, there are many external factors which determine whether or not that particular gene gets turned on or off. So, for instance, if you may have a “genetic predisposition” for cancer, it does not mean you are doomed to get it. There are other factors that come into play….  such as all aspects that we are touching upon here!

Which brings us to other pieces of the pie…

Diet and nutrition of course are a segment of this metaphorical pie. I’m sure most would agree that these play a significant role in ones well being.  But how much — 20%, 50%, 90% ????  Nobody knows for sure, except that modern medicine tends to overlook the importance of how we fuel our bodies. (Most doctors seem to be more into the handing out of pills to treat anything and everything.)

Yet today there is so much research pointing in the direction of “you are what you eat.”  A steady diet of junk food, fried food, etc. is certainly not healthy and I am positive most people would agree with that thought. However, ask people and health professionals about what constitutes a healthy diet and you will hear a multitude of different ideas. And what is healthy for one person may not be as good for the next.

So it is up to you to do some research and find the absolute best nutritional program for yourself and that includes foods, beverages and healthy supplements. Ah, definitely food for thought…. (And that also means being knowledgeable about organic foods, non-GMO foods, superfoods , etc. but we could write an entire book about that!)

Now, what about another aspect of our model of good health — that of exercise? Regular exercise and keeping in shape through physical movement are absolutely something most doctors would actually agree on — and most individuals as well.

So why are so many people sedentary and unmotivated to bring movement into their lives? Yes, many people have jobs of sitting in front of a computer screen all day long. And for those people it is even more essential to make time for movement and exercise.  For others, perhaps it is just time management and prioritizing and becoming motivated.

In fact, we should all be motivated to make time for physical activity on a regular basis. As people are living longer, I am firmly convinced that exercise is the key to staying mobile and functional, because it helps your body, your brain and your emotions!

Another piece of the pie chart would be SLEEP. A sound and good night’s sleep is essential for well being. Yet sleep disturbances are so common. Why are we as a society are we so plagued by insomnia? But alas, there could be another book written solely on this — and there are volumes out there! The bottom line is to make sure that you engage in a peaceful, rejuvenating night’s sleep as much as possible.

So back to our pie chart. How about the environment — the area surrounding us, both in close proximity and a little more expanded?  Toxic household chemicals and chemicals used on our grass, our home exteriors, for weed control, pest control? There are bacteria and possibly chemicals in our water supply as well.  These things most likely have a direct bearing on our health…

And this is one slice of the pie for which we may have minimal control.  If we find out that we are actually living nearby to a newly discovered toxic waste dump, maybe we can move, though that can be difficult too. And what about other, more subtle environmental issues, such as being in the flight path of a nearby airport (and I am not just referring to noise pollution) — or chemicals being sprayed to kill bugs and mosquitos in our areas?  And what about air pollution in general?

Then there is the aspect of chemicals in the home. Some of the soaps, sprays, cleaning solutions we use are filled with potent. and not-so-healthy, chemicals.) Some of the makeup, skin care products, etc also have the potential to harm us. It is important to use as many natural, organic, milder products — and so it is essential to read, pay attention to labels, do some research on what is healthier… and to shift over to these better and less damaging versions of those necessary types of products we use on a daily or regular basis.

For ALL chemicals in proximity to us have the potential to affect us.

And what about “toxic” people in our immediate environment. Those difficult, negative personalities that may surround us are not healthy for us either…

Which brings us to a related aspect, one other supremely significant factor — our thoughts and emotions, which we now know have a direct bearing on our well being!  Being in the flow of uplifting, positive thinking can have real impact on your physical body.

Feeling good and joyful in our heads and hearts leads us to feel good in our bodies.  And the opposite is true as well. The more one is in the mode of anger, sadness, worry — how will that person’s body react? Especially if ones emotions and thoughts are in a stressed out, frustrated angry place for a prolonged period of time.

There are so many scientific studies which show how stress can directly affect the body in a negative way and bring on all kinds of symptoms of illness.  That is why I often write about all different aspects of well-being in terms of attitude and positivity — because I believe that it is ultra-significant in maintaining ones overall health.

And what about holistic, spiritual, calming practices such as Reiki and meditation?  I know that they also make up a piece of our healthy pie. All practices that help keep us serene and tuned in to our “core essence” have the potential to keep us aligned with that radiant flow of well being.

Additionally, it comes down to which aspects of our pie chart we can control and which we can’t.  So it is essential to take charge of what we can. Personally, I believe that most of our pie chart is under our direction creation, management and supervision!

So have I covered most everything?  Is there anything you would like to add to this pie chart?  And what do you feel is the most important aspect that contributes to well-being?  How has this affected your own life?

I would love to hear your thoughts. So please post a comment or email me directly.


  • I create my reality utilizing positive practices to keep me aligned with the flow of well being.
  • I envision myself as completely healthy and working at my full and vibrant potential!
  • I take all steps to keep my mind, body and spirit  joyful, peaceful and in harmony with my highest and best vision of myself.

There is so much information out there about the wonderful benefits of meditation. It is scientifically proven that meditation affects the body in the exact opposite way of stress, thereby restoring the body and mind to a calm state, helping the body to self-heal and repair, and prevent further damage due to the effects of stress.

Though meditation is often used for spiritual evolution and connection, the benefits of meditation of increased physical and mental relaxation are helpful to anyone!

Do you take some time each day to do some form of meditation?

Of course, when hearing the word, you might automatically conjure up a vision of a monk on a mountaintop immersed in a lengthy inward connection, or perhaps an “om-ming” mantra.

However, meditation does not have to be done in any special place and it does not have to be lengthy! Real benefits can happen with just short doses of personal stillness during the day.

Are you thinking that your day is just too busy to take a meditation break? Even short moments of removing yourself from the busy, hectic stream of everyday reality can be helpful in rejuvenating your mind and body and moving you into the flow of calmness.

The easiest way to experience a “stillness moment” is to just focus on your breathing. The only requirement is that you be seated and be attentive to your breath. Take a nice long, intentional cleansing breath — inhale through the nose and let the breath go all the way down to your belly and then exhale through the mouth. Let your exhale be slow and deliberate and take a bit longer than your inhale. Intend to breathe in peace, light and healing and exhale any stress or tension your are holding within. A few of these breaths can help decrease stress and anxiety by breaking the loop of shallow, anxious breathing.

By focusing on your breath, you are connecting with your own inner light and going within to re-energize your mindset. A few minutes of this can be surprisingly relaxing. Intend that your relaxation will continue, even after you plunge back into the momentum of your busy life.

Or simply take a moment (or moments) of stillness. This requires no particular focus, no mantra, no special breathing. Just close your eyes and “BE.” Brush difficult thoughts aside and be a quiet, clear, still slate — existing in the peaceful, non-judgmental space of mindfulness.

That is what is meant by BEING PRESENT.

It is likely that you will have a flood of thoughts trying to plow through your mind, but just let them go and bring your focus gently and quietly back to the present. Your challenges of yesterday have passed and you can’t change them now. Your TO DO list for tomorrow can be dealt with later. In this one moment, you are in the HERE and NOW.

Even if you only have one minute — use it to be present and peaceful. Perhaps you can find one minute 3-5 times a day — and even that may make a real difference in your stress quotient, as it may give immediate relief to an extremely challenging day or environment.

Another simple little positivity break is just to be in the moment, but breathe into an affirmation. Sit in stillness and hold a positive affirmation gently, but firmly in your mind. You can use one such as “All is well in my world” or “All is well in this now moment.” “I breathe into the present moment with peace.” “I tune in to my heart rhythm and I am peaceful.” This is a more specific way of being present and it brings in a wave of positivity to help dispel any stress.

These easy suggestions are doable, so do strive to work them into your life. Of course, if you are embracing and practicing a lengthier daily meditation practice, then you are already reaping the benefits of inner stillness, connection and peace.

Just be aware and open to using these simple ways to remain more connected to the flow of well-being — and to your inner guidance. It is so good for your mind, body and soul!


  • I make time each day to tune in to my inner harmonic rhythm.
  • I carve out moments to simply be in the place of stillness and peace.
  • I strive to practice mindfulness and being focused on the present moment.
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A Personal Experience Story

Life is certainly never static — it is a living, breathing ebb and flow of change, shift and transformation.  When we talk about achieving stability and balance, it is but for a temporary moment in time. And though it is a worthy goal to aspire to create some form of balanced harmony in our lives, it is critical to accept that change will always be part of our reality.

Yet the thought of change is daunting for most people, and change can present itself as a huge challenge.  Cultivating flexibility and adaptability — traits that will help you stay in that flow of coping and being open to new possibilities — is worth the inner work!

From my own personal experience of the last month or so, I have definitely had to deal with that specter of change.  My elderly mother-in-law (an octogenarian who was widowed 20 years ago) had two accidental falls too many in a short span of time and finally agreed to move up from her condo in Florida to an assisted living facility local to where I live in Long Island.

She was used to living an “independent” life or so she perceived it. But legally blind, hard of hearing, dependent upon a walker for mobility, her life there — away from all family — appeared more “isolationist” to my husband and myself. She had a home health aid to assist her during the day, and even drive her to wherever she needed or wanted to go.  But each health issue that presented became an ordeal, simply because there was no family around and concern for some serious issue without the support and caring of family was on our minds.

My mother-in-law is very quick to speak her mind and is not a particularly positive-minded person. The sudden availability of an apartment at the assisted living during the freezing heart of winter created a whirlwind of activity and stress in order to get her packed up. Figuring out what she could bring with her and getting rid of the rest of her stuff (some of it lifelong accumulation) was really tough for her, as it would be for anyone in her position. (Please know that she had much physical help in the form of my brother-in-law and his wife.)

Personally, I was anticipating a huge challenge and indulging in too much fear-based anxiety, yet secretly praying/hoping that perhaps she would acclimate… She is not a person who has ever done well with change. And yes, I believe in the Law of Attraction and focusing on positive aspects.  However, the practical side of me, based on previous experience with the lady, brought up challenging thoughts.

And even though the facility has an amazing and caring staff, ultimately I knew that I would be the one most responsible for her day-to-day life and needs, especially since my husband works in the city and is gone for very long days. So the bottom line was, how would this impact my own life?  Yes, I love her and DO have an excellent relationship with her — but this move is a significant change in my life — a life that is already very full without another facet (even a loving one) added to it.

It was about four weeks of anticipation for both her and us — and at the other end in Florida, she was extremely stressed by this whole packing up and preparing-to-move process, and leaving the comfort and knowingness of her home.  Additionally, she was unhappy about coming from the mild climate to this freezing Long Island winter — who could blame her for that?

So now you may wonder — how did it all go?

Well, she has been here for a month and I feel a sense of relief from all that fear-based expectation. Incredibly, she has adapted quite smoothly — a surprising and delightful shock to me and my husband.

Despite many obstacles, she has been fine. The first week she arrived, there was a quarantine lockdown because several cases of flu broke out — fortunately not her, but for several days, nobody from the outside was allowed in. I could not get in and start to bring her all the winter clothes that were shipped via UPS and had been delivered to my house. So her stuff was in limbo and we could not even visit her and she had very few clothes.  Eventually, all the boxes were delivered, brought over, unpacked and her little apartment is all set up now.

She seems happier than I have ever seen her. And I totally believe it really has to do with two things — first of all, the love and nearness of family. She will now be able to watch her great-grandson grow up and establish a relationship with him, which she is already doing. Secondly, she is receiving a very helpful level of care and attention from the facility and included are three hot meals a day that she loves.

So there have been enough positive things to override that she is mostly stuck in the facility due to the outdoor weather being too snowy, icy, frigid and treacherous for her to navigate with her walker.  But she has two heating controls in her apartment and can make it as hot and Florida-like as she wishes!

From my perspective, this journey has been made a bit easier because I have truly focused on being in the moment as best as possible. When my mind would sort of “run away” with trying thoughts about what would be, I would remind myself to be truly present, and simply take the actions of the the moment that were necessary to move the journey along. And part of me just needed to “surrender” and accept that this change coming into my own life would be a positive and joyful one. I would have the opportunity to establish a close relationship with my mother-in-law, especially since my own mother is gone for many years and I am open to having a surrogate “mom” in my life, even though I will be taking more care of her than she of me!

The one life lesson that was clear and powerful for me was that: LOVE really does overcome. I firmly believe that the attention and love that my mother-in-law is receiving from nearby family (us and others) has been instrumental in her accepting and dealing with this major life change. And yes, we are all still adjusting to her being here and working on defining our relationships in a way that is pleasing and workable for all.  Another, very beautiful thing, is that my mother-in-law, not usually very expressive of emotions, has been happily voicing her appreciation for all that my husband and I are doing to help her — so that is a truly kind side of her that I am seeing.

All is well and I am adjusting to this change in my own life, and there is now a feeling of ease and grace to it… and for that I am grateful!


  • I accept shift and change with a mindset of ease and adaptability.
  • Life is a flow of ongoing changes, and I welcome new possibilities with joyful anticipation.
  • I strive to stay in the moment and to be present exactly where I am on my unique life journey.

“Expand your definition of the word love to include all things and notice how big your heart becomes.” ~Panache Desai

Everything we do, every thought we think and every emotion we feel comes from a place of either FEAR or LOVE. For both fear and love cannot both occupy the same space at the same time — it can only be one or the other.

Which space do you personally occupy most of the time?

If you are feeling stress, disharmony, anger, frustration, then you are obviously coming from a place of fear. And most people spend a disproportionate amount of time in that negative space. It seems easier to just let oneself fall into that kind of perspective… criticism, being extremely judgmental, exasperation, irritation — even full-blown rage. Yes, it seems far easier to wallow in the negative aspects of fear-based emotions.

So is fear our natural state? Though I am only human and living in the physical plane with a broad range of emotion, my inner guidance suggests that actually LOVE is our natural state… a perspective that brings much joy and many blessings into our reality. I believe we are born with a wellspring of love in our hearts, but the influence of society affects and shifts us, even as children. By society I mean parents, peers, religious affiliations, school, etc.

You can always remember and reawaken to the consciousness that you are love — a radiant spark of Divinity, connected to the Oneness of All.

You need to reach into your heart and choose the mindset that you are a being of love. Reach into your inner guidance and tap into that place of pure love within you. I firmly believe that this is your core essence.

Somehow along the way, you may have become separated from that beautiful connection to who you really are at your soul level. But anywhere along the road of life, one can reach back, go within and embrace that once again in a very powerful way. Meditation can be a key to this. Spending time alone or just in quiet stillness can remind you of this connection.

When you are aware that you are becoming fixated on fear-based emotions, begin to acknowledge that. Just coming into this awareness can begin to shift your mindset.

If you sense that negativity, that component of fear beginning to arise within you, affirm “I release fear and tune into LOVE.” Sometimes, just mentally embracing that kind of affirmation can assist your moving into the stream of positivity.

So I ask you, today, here and now, to just have that knowing — that Love is your natural state. Accept that as your TRUTH. And let that truth guide you, warm you, infuse your being… you will be all the happier and healthier for it!


  • I consciously choose to be in the energetic space of LOVE.
  • I tune in to the wellspring of kindness and compassion that resides within.
  • Love is my natural state, and embracing that high vibration brings much joy and well-being into my everyday reality.
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“With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun.”  That is the saying that was on a beautiful poster of a colorful sunrise that that I chose to display on the wall of my childhood bedroom. I was a teenager then and at the wise old age of fourteen, somehow I sensed the profound meaning of that saying.

Today, we might think in terms of more modern metaphors. For instance, each day, each morning we have the amazing potential to “reboot” our lives.

Yes, how simple, but how deep — you can begin again each morning that one awakes and greets the day.

But can we really begin again? We are fundamentally the same person, different day, being met with the same problems and challenges that we had when we went to sleep the previous night.

Yet the way we decide to deal with challenges can be shifted… We can plan new goals and adapt a more positive mindset. We have the amazing, creative power of choice!

We have the ability to adjust our thinking and transform our outlook. We need to just remind ourselves of this concept. For it will empower our lives.

So if what we have been thinking and doing in the past has not been working too well for us — we CAN make a change. It is never “too late.”

Of course, at times challenges and obstacles do cross our paths. Then we have the choice to either buckle under the weight of these, or to tap into our inner strength and overcome and move forward. Which will you personally choose?

Imagine if it were the very first day of your life — or the very last — open your eyes to the amazing world around you and make the day count!

Especially in the energy of a brand new year, it is a very powerful time to set your intention to be more present with your life, to understand about the significance of the now moment.

And then to take the next step… Whether it be a tiny baby step or a giant leap — and bring more positivity into your life… More of an uplifting intention to manifest what you wish into your reality. To align with that unique path that you are joyful and passionate about.

To make choices that feel GOOD and right to you.

No matter about past failings, faults, weaknesses and being off your own navigational path. Today — this moment — you can begin anew. Just have that knowing.

And as those moments of greater joy and fulfillment do flow in, be in that radiant space of appreciation….

You inner guidance is always there for you — it is your connection to the Divine. Stay tuned in to who you are at that core essence, yet allow yourself to be fluid, adaptable and flexible in your everyday life.

Make a promise to yourself to strive for that higher and best vision of who you can be, your most happy future self, aligned with your soul path. You CAN do it — you just need to believe that. And your own world will change in a dramatic and remarkable way…


  • I focus on all the beautiful and positive aspects that surround me.
  • I am a powerful creator of my own life experience.
  • I choose thoughts and emotions that align with the goals and mission of my true and unique life path.
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Self Empowerment – Taking Care of You

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Do you ever feel guilty about putting yourself first?  Or are you a person who is really able to give yourself the nurturing care you personally need to keep yourself optimistic, uplifted and aligned with the flow of well-being?

I am going to pretend I am the voice of the Universe (or perhaps the voice of REASON) and tell you that YOU are your priority. Your well being comes before all the other facets of your life.

Of course, if you are a mother of young children, you might be smirking and not agreeing with me. However, no matter what your life circumstances, you need to nurture YOU. For even if you have little children, how good a parent can you be if you are drained, depleted and needy?

When we feel a sense of peace and oneness with the world, then it is easier to be there to support others. We can more effectively cope with whatever demands are placed upon us.

And yet, it is my observation that many people tend to ignore their own needs, put them on the back burner, so to speak. And then wonder why they are overwhelmed, stressed out, and energetically drained and why symptoms of illness may begin to manifest.

So I ask you to get into the mindset of considering yourself the most important person in your world.

Many of us have grown up, being told that our well being perhaps doesn’t matter so much — that your mother, your father, your grandparent, your sibling, etc. is far more significant and you need to take a backseat. So as we become adults, we have a tough time realizing that yes, NOW we are the masters of our thoughts and feelings and we have the choice to put ourselves first.

That does not mean to be uncaring to others — it is always essential to be kind and compassionate to others. But kindness and compassion begins at home in your own skin and psyche.

Carve out even a small amount of time on a regular basis to just to pamper yourself in whatever way is pleasing to you personally. You need time to revitalize.

Here are some reminders (of course you know to do these, but do you actually DO them?)

1) Take some time to just breathe and put your feet up — relaxing for even 10 minutes can shift your mindset into a more positive one.
2) Spa Day — pamper yourself with some special luxuriating.
3) Spend time in silence or meditation, connecting to your inner guidance and wisdom. This can be so re-energizing and sublimely peaceful.
4) Fun things — whatever is joyful, uplifting — music, movies, sports, hobbies and lovely pastimes — indulge in these!
5) Spend time with those people you love and who love you.
6) Spend time in nature — connect to Mother Earth and/or the natural world in whatever way is easily accessible to you.
7) Spiritual peacefulness — in whichever way is right for you.


  • I make time to nurture myself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
  • By taking gentle and consistent loving care of myself, I am stronger and more able to care for others.
  • I find time daily to do those things that rejuvenate and uplift me!
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“Through gratitude we express one of our most powerful emotions and open the flow of positive energy.”  ~Joe Nunziata

Gratitude IS powerful.  It is said that being in the space of appreciation can change our lives in an uplifting and transformative way.  When we are thankful for all the joy and abundance in our reality, that feeling is amplified,  attracting more happiness and prosperity to flow in…  because the Universe responds with matching our vibration and bringing in more of the same…

It is easier for some people to adopt a mindset of gratitude and for others it takes more inner work to be able to look around, appraise your reality and count ones blessings, so to speak…

For me personally, I am training myself to spend more time in the place of appreciation… it does not come naturally.

One can keep a gratitude journal for the express purpose of regularly noting down what you are thankful for and make entries in this on a daily basis.

I recently participated in an online Social Media version of that idea — the 5-day gratitude challenge on Facebook. The goal was to write three things each day (over a span of five days) for which I am thankful. And I don’t know why this was more of a challenge… but I think it is because, for the sake of social media, I was reaching for major points of appreciation instead of just focusing on those little things in life that are simple, yet very beautiful.

Such as the wonderful, peaceful energy that fills my my Healing room.   Or a sweet toddler hug from my young grandson… Or the amazingly succulent flavor of a locally grown red, ripe tomato… Or the warmth of the sunlight that streams through the large window of my living room…

Doing the inner work of gratitude has helped me heal from the grief I went through upon the passing of my beloved canine companion. Whenever I would be consumed with sadness, I would shift the thought and emotion process to thoughts like: I am grateful for all the sweet love and devotion he gave me for nearly 14 years… I am appreciative that he actually lived such a long, full and happy life… These thoughts have helped uplift my heavy heart.  Now, as time passes, I bask in the space of gratitude for the wonderful bond we shared and I experience less grief over loss and more joy in the memories…

It has been shown that people who regularly lead lives filled with gratitude are generally more optimistic and experience an increased level of prosperity in their lives. So doesn’t it make sense to move into that space of authentic appreciation?

So what are you personally thankful for? Take a moment to give that some thought. Take a moment to just be in that lovely place of gratitude. Take a few minutes to do this everyday!

Working with relevant affirmations can help you. I have collected ten of the high-vibration positive affirmations that I have written and used over the last several years so feel free to recite them, integrate them into your own mindset, and enjoy the flow of uplifting energy they can fuel within your heart…

  • I gratefully accept all the wealth and happiness that the Universe provides for me every day.
  • I am thankful for all the love in my life.
  • With loving gratitude, I notice all of the beauty and grace that that surrounds me.
  • It is easy for me to feel and express appreciation for others.
  • I focus on all the positive things in my life, empowering them to grow and multiply!
  • I gratefully accept happiness and prosperity from a supportive, abundant Universe.
  • Expressing gratitude is easy and fulfilling for me.
  • The more appreciation I feel and acknowledge, the more joy and abundance flow into my life!
  • My life is exciting, unique and filled with feel-good experiences!
  • I give thanks for all the amazing blessings that fill my life.

Worry, worry, worry… Why do we give so much attention to this negative pastime?

Why do we take such great pains to inflict this preoccupation upon ourselves? I believe that it is just one of the basic emotions in our human experience here on planet Earth — we tend to be worriers. And if our parents worry a great deal, they pass along that teaching to us.

One of the foundation concepts of Reiki is learning and living the precepts, which are principles to help us live more balanced, joyful lives. One of these principles is “For today only do not worry.” Which urges us to release the stress of worrying in the now moment. And no, it does not mean that it is okay to worry tomorrow either. And you don’t have to be Reiki-trained to embrace this concept.

The statement just asks us to focus on being present — in a physical, emotional and spiritual way — and give our attention solely to the the moment as we are on our quest for emotional peacefulness.

Worry is a most wasteful human practice, but it takes inner work to lessen our focus on it and be in a more confident place of serenity.

[However, we can acknowledge that even for a very “positive” person, sometimes the present moment does not seem so filled with blessings, but might feel downright challenging or painful. If that is your reality and you are in a truly “dark” space at this place in time, then you still should be present and move through the moment. Have compassion and understanding for yourself without becoming a victim to a prolonged negative mindset. Be in the moment gently and know that moment will pass. Be open to all healing and possibilities that can flow in.]

When we dissect the concept of worry, what do we find? Worrying about things that have already happened will not change them. Of course, worrying about the past often walks hand in hand with the concept of regret. Most everyone has a heavy baggage of regret about different aspects of our past. But we need to let it go, a step at a time and as best as possible. Being consumed by regret is detrimental to our well being.

And worrying about the past leaves us so unproductive in the present.

Worrying about the future may leave our thoughts fragmented and distracted from enjoying our present moment. However, the future is something that we can move into with greater ease, if we choose to look at the road that lies before us as one of positive opportunity. From a practical aspect, yes, formulate plans and goals to achieve what you wish to manifest and experience. But do not worry yourself into the future!

So begin to unravel that stressful thought pattern of worry. The very first step is to become aware of it. I was born into a family of worriers. Even my childhood experience was one modeled on a great deal of worrying.

It took intense shifting and coming into the holistic healing field to really awaken to the significant understanding that worry does not help anything! And worrying can’t change anything. The only thing worry can do is leave us stressed, upset, depressed and the like.

It takes strong concentrated work to let go of the habit of worrying and to pay more mindful attention to the NOW moment.

Of course, it is nearly impossible to stop worrying 100%. But if you reduce your worry time, you will be happier for it and more tranquil in general.

So do make the effort. Affirmation thinking can be very helpful for this inner work. And in your heart, be that illuminated child of the Universe, tap in to the Divine spark within and appreciate the gift we call LIFE…


  • I focus on the now movement, knowing that all is well in my life.
  • I give my attention to positive aspects of my reality and take time to feel all the blessings that surround me.
  • My well-being is influenced by my thoughts — so I choose joyful, peaceful ones!
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