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Life Balance – Positive Affirmations and Healthy Thought Patterns

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I was speaking with my Aunt just this morning, trying to find out how she is recovering after numerous health challenges and time spent in the hospital. True to her usual character, she made the statement “I’m never getting better. It’s just not happening.”

My Aunt has never been the most positive kind of individual, which frustrates me, as I feel she is missing out on a having a more joyful life experience. But she IS my Aunt, and of course I do love her. And I do realize and respect her choices, even if I don’t agree with them or see them as being particularly beneficial.

Fortunately, I do believe that her stubbornness, persistence and sheer will to have improved health will serve to get her better, despite her gloomy mindset. However, her energetic and emotional outlook can certainly use some healthy tweaking!

Without giving my Aunt a full lecture on positivity, I just gently suggested that instead of saying “I’ll never get better” to start saying “I’m definitely going to get better” and that in general being positive will be much more beneficial for her. “You know,” she said, “Everyone keeps telling me that.” Sometimes moving away from a deeply ingrained negative-thinking pattern is extremely difficult or next to impossible.

Our thought patterns are cultivated during early childhood. Our initial ways of viewing ourselves and the world that surrounds us are mostly determined by our immediate sphere of influence — parents, extended family members, our teachers and even religious leaders. If those surrounding us thrive on the negative, then how are we going to grow up? What will our beliefs be?

Of course, that question is rhetorical.

Our personal epiphany comes when we realize that YES, we can change and shift forward into a better-feeling and generally more joyful everyday reality.

Hopefully, most of us come to an understanding about how profoundly powerful our thoughts and statements can be, and that choosing ones like “I am definitely going to get better” is going to have a major positive impact on our well being.

I believe that the Universe gives huge focus to all of our statements that begin with “I am…” and responds rather quickly to them. So if we say “I am tired, I am sick, etc” the Universe will respond to that vibration of imbalance and continue to provide us with more imbalance, which of course, is the opposite of what we truly desire. So we have to use great clarity when choosing what follows those words “I am…”

Thoughts such as “I am happy, harmonious and healthy” or “I am relaxed and calm, and feel good about where I am along my life path” are excellent positive affirmations to use on a regular basis. So if you can relate a little too well with the negative “I am” thoughts, then maybe it’s time to have your own mini awakening. You, too, have the ability to make a conscious shift toward bringing more of these feel-good, high-vibration thoughts and statements into your field of thinking and your conversations. And it may have quite a remarkable impact on your everyday life and overall happiness!


  • I am joyful, radiant and in perfect alignment with the Universal stream of harmony and well being.
  • I am open and receptive to all the light-filled, positive aspects that surround me each day.
  • I do the inner work to shift toward good-feeling thought patterns and statements that support both my physical and emotional health.
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A Day Without Electricity – Reflecting on Simple Joys

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A hurricane with drenching rains and heavy winds. A complete power outage including cable outage — no lights, phones, TV or computer. Scented candles softly illuminating each room of the house. My husband and I sat facing each other — me, making the most of the situation and our quiet companionship — him, antsy and distracted wondering what ARE we going to DO with no computer or television or ball game to entertain us.

We sat, contemplating our situation, reflecting on the extreme and taken-for-granted role that electricity plays in our lives. My husband suggested playing Scrabble, but we weren’t sure where the game board was — and then if we even had the correct number of tiles that accompany the game. “How about cards?” I asked. So we decided to play Gin Rummy, something we have not played in many years since the children were young — and were straining our brains to remember the exact rules of the game (and we couldn’t look them up on the internet either.) I was feeling good about our decision to pass the time with this simple delight of card-playing, since it was so far removed from our everyday life. So my husband found a deck of cards and…. the lights suddenly flickered on!

And of course, what happened — my husband jumped for the TV remote, eagerly waiting for our Cable box to boot up, and I quietly retreated to the office to reboot my computer. So much for simple pleasures…

But I must admit that as electricity brought our house to life and the lights came on, I DID feel a remarkable sense of relief to be back in the year 2011…

That one day without power were quite thought-provoking for me and I am still reflecting on the experience. There was a profound lesson I took away from this brief removal from the land of electricity. And that is a real sense of appreciation for our modern lives. Having no working computer, cable connection and no internet – and not being able to power up my smartphone were tough, but the reality of having to deal with the total darkness, no working refrigerator and the possibility of soon running out of hot water were sobering thoughts.

So my sense of gratitude for those things which we routinely accept as a part of our sophisticated world has been strengthened. We are all so tuned in and plugged in to all the latest technology, that sometimes we forget about the simple joys in life, such as spending one on one time in person with those whom we love. So I definitely encourage you to acknowledge and appreciate the modern aspects of your life on a regular basis — you don’t need to wait for a hurricane or other natural disaster to drive home this message.


  • I gratefully acknowledge all the modern conveniences that fill my life.
  • I make special time to spend with those close to me and our relationships are strengthened.
  • Challenges and obstacles serve a purpose — to help me learn and grow! 


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Do we tend to cram too much into our days and lives? How many tasks are too many for a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

For my own personal planning, I like to use Jack Canfield’s productivity tip called the “Rule of Five” which is listing five “to-dos” that are manageable, doable and clear in terms of one’s goals for the next day. My list WAS manageable for awhile but I lately find the list is overrun with way too many disjointed tasks and actions that I frantically try to get done. So I need to go back to streamlining and giving better thought to what I wish to accomplish. And just how I wish to spend divide up my days between work and pleasure.

Sometimes I believe it is where I live — that Long Island as part of the greater metropolitan area, breeds what I am coming to think of as the “too-busy” lifestyle. Or maybe it is now at the life stage I am at that my brain is just chock full of ideas, plans, as well as events, obligations, chores, etc. that pull me in every direction. Or that I ALLOW to pull me in every direction.

There are volumes written about time management and I myself write much about the beauty of living in the now moment. Yet when I pull back and get an objective glance at the multitasking that has become all too familiar to me, I realize that I need to do some real work on shifting this too-busy reality.

Do I truly have an answer about managing the too-busy lifestyle — perhaps not, since the way of shaping your day is a personal decision. However, I encourage you (as well as myself) not to lose sight of what is truly significant and part of our foundation for living a positive and connected life.

Do not be too busy to:

  1. Awake with happy anticipation and greet your day as if you expect fantastic events to unfold and all things positive to flow to you.
  2. Hold on to your light. Find your center, achieve your balance and focus on what is good within you as well as externally. Immerse yourself in an attitude of appreciation. Remain connected to your inner guidance.
  3. Shine your light for others. Allow the wellspring of compassion to always supply you with kindness toward others, whether they be human or animal.
  4. Remember your connection to the Divine, Source, your higher consciousness – whatever you personally relate to. And be joyful and honor that connection!
  5. Find pure bliss and peacefulness in each living, breathing moment, which means making an effort to focus on the present moment with clarity. Empower yourself with this simple but profound concept.

What about your own reality? Do you pace yourself well and manage your time in a coherent and balanced way? I’d love to know your thoughts, so please take a moment to post a comment here on my blog and I promise I won’t be too busy to read and respond to it!


  • When I awake, I look forward to my day with joyful enthusiasm and anticipation.
  • I focus my rapt attention on living in the clarity of the now moment.
  • I find it easy to shine my light of compassion and understanding to help and encourage others.

Positive Attitude – Celebrate Life As If Every Day Were Your Birthday

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Cake With CandlesHow do you usually feel on your birthday? You may be nostalgic, you may be joyful, you may be raring to celebrate, or you could even be a little thoughtful. Thoughts about the day one arrived here in this physical world can run the gamut of emotion, but regardless of which end of the emotional spectrum, one’s feelings can often be quite intense. Birthdays stir up emotions — and sometimes soul-searching.

Maybe we reflect back on what we have accomplished, or maybe we look back at the opposite — what we haven’t. However, I am going to speculate that most people’s ultimate goal is to acknowledge the day that they came into this physical plane and celebrate the event. I do like to think that most people choose to embrace the joyfulness of the day.

On Facebook, I always make an effort to wish everyone a Happy Birthday on their special days – not an easy task when you have over 700 friends. But I feel it is important to reach out to connect and send positive thoughts on one’s birthday. The other day, a friend who was extremely grateful for my good wishes, posted a lovely thank-you image on my Wall with the caption: “My birthday July 24th.” Which quickly confused my other friends into thinking it was MY birthday (even though my March birthday is clearly posted in my information section) instead of someone else. So I had removed the image, but not before I received some lovely good wishes. And those thoughtful wishes actually uplifted my energy that day in a significant way!

I got into some messaging with the friends that had sent them, explaining that it was not really my birthday but that this gave me the neat idea that we should treat every day as if it were our birthday — and reach for joy and celebration more regularly! Everyone wholeheartedly agreed.

When I was a teenager, I had a large colorful poster on the wall with the image of a glorious sunrise and the anonymous saying “”With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun.” That saying has remained a favorite of mine throughout my life and a clear reminder that with each day, there is that glowing chance to begin anew.

So I feel motivated to share these thoughts with you. Can you capture or recapture that sense of anticipation and exhilaration that comes with the promise of the sunrise on one’s birthday? We all look forward to the good wishes, the comaraderie, some cards and gifts, special attention. It is that vibrant feeling that we have that morning of the day to come as vibrating with clearly different energy.

So go for it — imagine that today is your birthday! How do you wish to shape your day — and your energy? Do something to celebrate YOU, to celebrate your specialness, your unique personality and own life path. If you need to make a shift, then today is the day to begin. And wish yourself a Happy Birthday!


  • I celebrate the beauty, joy and uniqueness of each day.
  • I strive for harmony and balance in all that I do, each day of my life.
  • Living in the now moment helps me tune into powerful feelings of optimism, self-acceptance and tranquility.


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Inner Guidance – Effectively Connecting With Your Higher Self

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Can one really tap into that “raw” and powerful form of inner guidance that resides deep within? And how can you actually access your Higher Self?

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has that innate ability to connect with the higher, more knowing aspect of their being, which we have come to know as the “Higher Self.” Sometimes we refer to it as the Higher Consciousness. Your Higher Self is theoretically your connection to Source, to the Universe and to the infinite knowledge and wisdom that abounds in that ethereal and all-knowing place.

And connecting is only one piece of it — it is really listening to that inner voice, and following your own guidance that is also essential. As humans, we tend to second guess ourselves too much. We have often come so far away from our innate intuitive natures that we often fail to heed the best guidance that comes from the feelings in our heart and our psyche.

One recent personal experience of not listening to my inner guidance involved the hiring of a Realtor to sell our house. We narrowed the choice to three agents and interviewed (or should I say “grilled”) all of them, with a long list of questions. My husband was very strong on wanting to use the one who sold his friend’s house and I believe that was the basis of his choice. She was very pleasant, armed with a whole slew of written recommendations and professional designations. However, there was something about her that did not resonate with me, something I felt in my heart and my energetic vibration.

The bottom line is that within the four months (contract length), our house did not sell (and we truly feel it had been priced fairly according to market.) There were many actions along the way that were not very savvy on her part, and a number of omissions. Furthermore, she acted unprofessionally toward the end of the contract. It was a disheartening experience.

Several nights ago, I was up tossing and turning (not the norm for me) reflecting on how could I have been so wrong in choosing this salesperson. As clear as day, the scene of her original interview replayed across the screen of my mind, bringing me back to one red flag — a moment of clarity where my inner guidance had sprung to attention. And that was her statement, “Oh I don’t have to show your house, I just have to post it on the internet.” Why had I hired a real estate agent who had no plans to ever personally show the house?

My inner guidance had noted this blip in her statement and her energetic vibration, yet failed to register the importance of it. (Of course, everything is so much easier to see in hindsight.) I had sensed something so strongly about her, yet just ignored it. And I was quite upset with myself for that.

Which brings us back to the question: how do I know if it is truly my Higher Self? Here are some suggestions:

1) Let your ego step aside. For those who do Reiki, part of our understanding is the quest to let our egos and personalities step aside, so we can be a clear channel for the energy. For anyone to connect with your Higher Self, it’s helpful to get into a similar mindset. Consciously make an effort to really let go of the ego part of yourself, even for a short time, to allow a more crisp, tight connection to the inner voice of wisdom.

2) Hear that inner voice. You may need to strive for a few moments of quiet, tuning in, but ASK for the guidance within. And LISTEN.

3) Recognize that insistent good-feeling voice as opposed to those panicked “what am I going to do” sensations of anxiety. Your Higher Self communicating with you results in your feeling good about your plan, idea, etc. When dealing with challenges, you will feel a palpable sense of relief, a stepping up to the next level of the emotional scale. It can be almost a feeling of “ahhhhhh” or “ah-hah!” If you are feeling very mixed emotion, great turbulence or just not feeling good or clear about a decision or an observation, then it is probably your ego speaking and not your Higher Self.

4) Trust. It’s essential to release any doubts or negativity surrounding this. Trust that you are deeply and profoundly tapping in to the most high-vibration, wise aspect of yourself.

5) Tune in consistently and regularly. Personally, I believe we have access to our inner guidance all the time, not just on special occasions or through particular challenges and obstacles. We just need to recognize and acknowledge that connection. And then of course one must really “listen” and follow through with appropriate action.


  • I consistently tune into the wisdom and guidance of my Higher Self.
  • I listen to my inner voice and know that my intuitive sense is powerful.
  • It is easy for me to make decisions that are highly beneficial for me.
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On my recent vacation, I lounged on the steps of the outdoor pool, enjoying the coolness of the water in contrast to the hot midday sun, my husband, Michael, next to me. A cute young tow-headed boy (we later learned he was six years old) was practicing his swimming by propelling himself from the pool steps into the outstretched arms of his dad. It was fun to watch the pleasant father/son interaction. I leaned toward my husband, musing “Of course they are really enjoying this time, but neither one realizes that in the grander perspective, how really significant these moments can be.” My husband nodded knowingly.

Recently, my husband’s cousin had transferred 8mm movies of various childhood times onto DVD. My husband received a copy of the DVD, and we both watched it nearly spellbound, riveted to the ancient footage of Michael, perhaps just four years of age, playing in a pool with his dad. He, too, was perfecting his swimming skills in the same way. His dad eagerly opened his arms, catching my husband, who gleefully clasped his arms around his father’s neck. The moment was heartwarming and intensely moving, as it was a glimpse back in time into my husband’s close and loving relationship with his father.

When Michael was an older teenager, his father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, beginning a lengthy and prolonged deterioration in his dad’s health. He changed from a vital young man to a dependent invalid before passing away after many years. I never had the chance to meet Michael’s dad, but viewing the videos was so amazing and touching, and gave me a clear sense of the affectionate bond he and his dad had shared.

At least some of these precious childhood memories had been captured on video, but even if they had not, Michael’s joyful memories remain strong and clear in his heart.

So fast forward to my recent poolside observation — the dad probably had not given any thought to the significance of capturing the moment and freeze-framing it in the “camera lens” of his mind and heart. But by carving out this moment of interconnectedness, he was creating a very powerful emotional and visual memory for his young son that will likely remain crystal clear throughout the son’s lifetime, perhaps long after his dad is gone.

So, as it is said, seize the moment. Even those everyday ones that may seem insignificant at the time. You don’t need to assess these times or try to decide whether or not they are important — just immerse yourself in the pure bliss. However simple that bliss might be. For they impact our lives as well as those around us, sometimes in very grand and far-reaching ways.


  • I make every effort to immerse myself in the joy of each moment.
  • I focus on the bliss of simple pleasures — and feel empowered.
  • I know that relaxed and affectionate times spent with loved ones can create powerful bonds and memories.


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Money. We talk about it, think about it, write about it, strive to have enough of it. There are a million books telling us how to make a million bucks! Our own personal relationships with money are ever-changing and often filled with drama.

But how objective are you when observing others people’s relationships with money? Does the way another person interacts and perceives finances affect you?

My own relationship with people has been influenced by their relationships with money — or more specifically, how they choose to spend money. What I mean is that I am not in complete resonance with all levels of conspicuous consumption. I sometimes find it difficult to be understanding of the curious and (my perceived) wasteful spending of others. And yet, in the scheme of things, the spending of others is truly not my business.

I happen to live in an area where many people enjoy spending in a lavish way. For instance, if I make a new acquaintance and she shows off her pair of $400 shoes (supposedly one of many) I might not be truly comfortable in courting this particular friendship. Now, if someone buys numerous pairs of $400 shoes and is a great humanitarian, or volunteers regularly for a needy cause, then this paints that person in a different light (in my eyes) as opposed to an individual who just delights in collecting extravagant pairs of shoes. So that’s where my human-ness comes in and my challenge is to remain non-judgmental. Because personally, though I have numerous pairs of shoes, the thought of spending said amount on just one pair of shoes is totally outside my realm of thinking. (With women, why does it often come down to the shoes…)

My husband and I have ended up at dinners where the major topic of conversation was “stuff” — how much everyone has, what kind of techie toys and gadgets are part of one’s personal inventory. This has included one-upsman-ship regarding vehicles and vacations. We didn’t enjoy these dinners. and had no idea prior that is the way the conversation would turn.

Certain very spiritual individuals sometimes equate money with attachment. This means attachment to our physical plane here. These individuals do not view the concept of attachment in a positive way. For anything that attaches us to the physical realm will not help us adjust when we do leave this world and move along on our purely spiritual journey. However, a variation of that old saying, “When in the physical life, do as the living” which means it is perfectly okay to enjoy those earthy aspects of living — such as accumulating wealth and those physical possessions that bring us pleasure!

Also, it is important not to confuse the concepts of money and abundance. Abundance does not only have to be financial — it can be an abundance of love, of friends, etc. An abundance of joyful people surrounding us is an extremely positive aspect. Or it can be an abundance of shoes.

To set the record straight, there is nothing wrong with having money. It is wonderful to be in the flow of great financial abundance. To achieve that kind of abundance and invite more of it into our life experience, I strongly believe that we need to look at money in a friendly, uplifting way. And it is essential not to get too caught up in other people’s relationships with money, as that detracts from your own more positive focus of attracting more financial prosperity into your life. As for me, with some of my healing background, I have interestingly enough come to view money as an energy exchange…

What are your thoughts on any of this? Are you able to detach yourself from the money habits of others? Do you personally enjoy accumulating stuff — or are you completely the opposite? Be honest and leave a comment here. I promise to be open-minded!


  • All kinds of abundance flow freely into my life.
  • I am understanding and tolerant of others, even when our views differ.
  • I see myself as worthy of great financial abundance.

Has picking up the phone and making an actual call become a lost art? With the proliferation of texting and emailing — have we forgotten how important, courteous and powerful the actual spoken word can be?

Recently I had a class scheduled and one of my students had to cancel out last minute — except she forgot to call and tell me! It was not much before the start of class, and I just happened to take a quick look at my email, discovering a brief, but apologetic, message from her. Normally, I check my email once in the morning the day of a class. If I hadn’t done a quick check again later, I suppose I would have been sitting there with my other students,  just waiting for her…

I strongly believe it is still common courtesy to make that phone call when appropriate. Maybe the younger generation is far more immersed in keyboarding their communication via text messages or emails. But some of the more mature generation has become lax with connecting via the phone too.

I’m not going to deny that texting is a significant convenience. For me personally, it helps keep me in quick touch with my children when we need just a brief communication. When they are going on a long trip and I get their asked-for text “I’m here” just to let me know all is well, that is so reassuring. I understand that many parents of teenagers maintain a close line of communication through texting. Anything that keeps that connection strong during the teenage years is a beautiful thing!

My children are now beyond their teen years, but do we still email? Yes. Do we still text – yes. But we also talk. And I am always joyful to hear their voices. And we talk regularly.

There is something very powerful about speaking on the phone — sharing that close sense of live connection. It is a tangible feeling of real interaction, as opposed to a sentence popping up across a cell phone screen.

When I was a child, there were no computers or cellphones and I was lucky if my parents “allowed” me to use the telephone because they felt it was for adult use only. (I recall times I had to nearly BEG my parents to have the phone for a few minutes.) In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined a world filled with this moment-to-moment real-time communication via small pocket-sized technological devices. These devices have revolutionized communication but it is still essential to apply some courtesy to modern connectivity.

But the bottom line is — stay in touch in whatever way works for you. Just don’t shy away from making that phone call!

And keeping with that thought — does anyone ever send a letter via the old “snail mail” — and I don’t mean paying bills or sending birthday cards. Think back — when was the last time you wrote and mailed a letter to someone?


  • I enjoy connecting with others regularly — it brings joy into my reality!
  • Communicating clearly with others helps me build healthy relationships.
  • I offer compassion, encouragement and support in my close and genuine communication with others.
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