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A Personal Experience Story

My husband and I had been looking forward to this day for quite some time. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday with a mini vacation, several hours away from our home town. At the hotel spa, we had a luxurious side by side Swedish massage planned.

About 45 minutes before the massage, the cell phone rang. It was my daughter who was back in Long Island, panicked and speaking a mile a minute. She had my husband’s car and was traveling to another town for a lunch appointment. One of the rear tires blew out, was totally flat and the car was not drivable. She was on a parkway, a half mile from the nearest exit. In tears about how bad this all was, she lamented about how she had to cancel her lunch appointment with her former mentor/boss whom she hasn’t seen in a very long time.

(Now, you might be thinking that you have no sympathy for me in that my MASSAGE might be interrupted. But please realize this couple massage only happens perhaps every four to five years for us, and it was at the request of my husband who wanted it as a birthday present.)

So I had two choices – I could cry along with my daughter, getting caught up in her flow of  fear (the old me would have.) Or I could remain calm, practical and clear-thinking. Of course you know the choice I will make.

However, in some duel Universe in a different dimension, I could almost hear the other me carrying on with a litany of “oh no, I can’t believe this is happening right now.”

My first priority was to calm my daughter, reassuring her that I will get some assistance for her. And I did point out that despite this unexpected mishap, SHE is totally fine and unhurt. That is the most important thing. She does agree with that.

As we were speaking, I was noting the time on my watch, wondering if roadside assistance can get to her before I get to relaxing on a massage table. So I hung up with her and immediately called the roadside assistance where I  am a member.

This roadside service is not allowed on the parkway, but the helpful operator put in a call in to the only towing company that IS allowed on the parkway. We determine that the easiest course of action is to simply have the service change the blown tire and replace it with the spare.

After this was all put into action and we notified my daughter (she was quite relieved), my husband and I headed to the spa — a lovely, zen place fragrant with the scent of aromatherapy. We each headed off to our respective changing areas, accompanied by spa attendants.

Part of me wanted to simply blurt out and vent to my attendant: “I’ve planned this for so long and wouldn’t you know it — my daughter is stuck on the parkway back in new York. She is freaking out, and I  am nowhere near the zen state I had hoped to be in at this particular moment.” But I simply say nothing and quietly follow the woman to the locker room. As she explains how to choose a pin to lock and unlock the locker, I force myself to focus. Or I could just see all my belongings being stuck in the locker with me having no clue at how to get to them.

As I changed into a long white soft fleecy robe, I noticed a text flash up from my daughter that the roadside service had arrived.  I then moved into the relaxation room, sipping a glass of herbal iced tea but still nervously clutching my iPhone. As I sat and began to TRY to relax, I congratulated myself on remaining centered and focused during this minor, but distracting, challenge. I noticed the sign on the table next to me, which read something like “This is a relaxation area. Telecommunication devices are not allowed.” Inwardly, I managed an ironic smile, but I can’t possibly “abandon” my daughter until the tire situation is resolved and she is able to safely drive home.

As I waited, I noticed a text finally flash onto my phone “Done. I am going to drive home now.” And then I shut my phone and placed it in my locker (remembering the sequence to unlock) and awaited the voice of the massage therapist beckoning me to my hour of luxurious relaxation.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the next hour (and I even opted for the “add-on” of some aromatherapy scented lotions) — it was pure indulgence. And I allowed myself to let go of the tire incident.

Unexpected things happen — that is part of life. And they usually don’t happen at a convenient time. After all, is any time truly “convenient” for something difficult to occur? Flexibility is a powerful life lesson to learn, but an essential one. As I always say, we can’t control everything that happens to us. But we CAN control our reaction to it. And it’s important to keep our perspective on these occurrences. A blown tire is an inconvenience to deal with, but the bottom line was that my daughter was safe and unharmed. From that perspective, it is easier to let these happenings go and to move back into the more harmonious flow of life.


  • I swim with the current of life, remaining flexible and adaptable.
  • I remain centered and calm during minor life challenges.
  • I breathe into the flow of life, acknowledging that everything is happening for my Highest and best good.


Genuine friendships come in all shapes and sizes — and in many varied places, both near and far. We all have friends who are dearly, deeply and profoundly close to us — friends who share in our ups and downs, our tragedies and our triumphs, friends who have clearly and joyfully wound their way into the coziness of our heart space.

Additionally, we all have acquaintances, those who lives touch ours, brush against our reality, but who do not impact us so closely.

And of course, we all experience a range of relationships that span the gamut in between those two ends of the spectrum.

The challenge is to balance it all out, to acknowledge and cherish all of the above in the best and most sincere way possible. Clarity, contact and communication are what I think of as the “Three C’s” of a healthy friendship. These three aspects also need to be offered in an authentically caring, supportive and nurturing manner.

Most essentially, these need to be offered in a non-judgmental way, which is, perhaps the most difficult perspective to cultivate. Over the years, I have been learning to infuse my friendships with as much of this perspective as I can muster.

However, this doesn’t mean sitting back and accepting unhealthy or uncaring treatment from certain “friends” who may not always have your best interests at heart.

In the last few years, I have “lost” a few long term friendships which I never expected to be gone from my life. They were painful losses, but in the long-run, appear to have resulted in a healthier and less stressful aspect of my life experience. These were profound life lessons for me, and helped me understand how important it is to cherish, nurture and support those healthy friendships. I have also begun to distinguish between what I personally need from a friendship in order for it to be a strong, happy and beneficial bond.

Most everyone is familiar with the classification of “fair weather” friends — those who only stay with us when we are in a joyful, optimistic or positive stage of our life. These kind of friends seem to suddenly and conveniently disappear when challenges arise for us.

But I have also experienced that there are “foul weather” friends — those who might gravitate toward taking charge of us in our misery, drama or tragedy. They may feel the extreme need to be needed, thrusting themselves into that role of caretaker or life manager. They often DO serve a genuine role in assisting us through the hard times. However, when the turbulence is over for us, giving rise to more radiant days, these friends seem to suddenly relegate themselves to the background of our lives — or become completely absent.

The very bottom line is that friendships have to be genuinely sharing — an exchange and flow of emotions, talk and genuine concern (yes, even LOVE) for each other.

Anyone who is in a friendship that does not encompass these essential facets will feel slighted and even taken advantage of.

So it is important we set conscious intentions to feed and nurture those friendships that lovingly surround us in order to maintain them and help them grow.

Here are seven basic suggestions:

  1. Connect in person. In this age of a million technical communication devices, it is still key to connect face to face. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a blitz of text messages will do the trick. Spend quality and pleasurable time with those who are close with you. And do this regularly — or as often as both your schedules will allow.
  2. Stay in touch between actual visits. Sometimes nothing beats that old-fashioned phone call with a good friend, just catching up with what is happening in both your lives. And of course, emails and text messages here are a perfectly wonderful way to say a quick hello or give an update. Even using Facebook or Twitter to give brief updates to friends is a newer and far-reaching way to get messages out to a group of friends.
  3. Be bold and confident enough to share true sentiments and emotions. A friend will understand just where you are coming from and be supportive through all emotions, scenarios and challenges.
  4. Be a good listener — and a good ASKER. Cultivate the skill of listening patiently. And afterward or in between, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, for more information about what your friend is feeling or how they may want to approach a challenge in their life. Everyone loves having focused attention on themselves, will know that you are listening — and will appreciate this.
  5. Express appreciation verbally. Let your friend know how much they mean to you in whatever way you are most comfortable. With a really close friend, you may be able to say “I love you.” On some verbal level, let the friend know that you DO cherish the bond. If a friend has gone over and above what you have expected, tell them so, gratefully.
  6. Let your actions speak for your commitment to the bond. Go the extra mile, particularly for a friend who is down or facing life hurdles – send a bouquet of flowers, a card (even an eCard) or make an in-person visit to help out, cook a meal or lend a shoulder to cry on — whatever will be helpful to a friend in need. Remember birthdays and anniversaries too!
  7. Know that friendships can ebb and flow over the years, and be understanding of this. If a relationship is truly unhealthy and severely negative, you will sense it and feel it in your heart. And if it continues in a prolonged way, you can always let it go as diplomatically as possible.

Friends exist at every level. I treasure my friendships — the full range of them — from those who are close in-person friends to those whose lovely and uplifting energies I have connected with on Facebook and the internet. Be open to all new friendships and possibilities. Let your life unfold with a heartfelt desire to joyfully connect with others who resonate with you, as this will definitely enhance your journey!


  • I gratefully cherish all the close and caring friendships that warm my life.
  • I make the time and effort to express appreciation to my friends, and I feel joyful!
  • It is easy for me to listen patiently and supportively to others and I know that I will receive the same attention.

How is the good old Law of Attraction (LOA to those who are well-versed in this principle) working for you personally? Are you manifesting at least some of those magnificent desires that bloom in the wellspring of your inner thoughts and dreams?

When I get a bit off-track myself, my daughter (who is in her late twenties) admonishes me, “The Secret, Mom — use The Secret thinking.” Which of course refers to the movie that ignited the general public’s interest in this amazing universal law. Though I happily engage in LOA thinking often, it is certainly not 100% or anywhere near that much. My daughter can be very wise beyond her years at times and she professes that LOA thinking has enriched her own life dramatically.

It can enrich anyone’s life if you are ready to release limiting beliefs and embrace this powerful form of positive thinking.

Those times when you can sit in a meditation — or a peaceful state of anticipation — and realistically conjure up those visions of what you genuinely want to appear in your life need to happen frequently in order to bring the required attention to what you wish to create.

However, the first big step is to DECIDE what you do wish to create, and you must get profoundly clear on this. Being indecisive or wishy-washy (that is an old term, but fits here) is not going to move you in the right direction. You have to be specific in what you want.

Some of the well-known motivational teachers state that you must be extremely specific. For instance, if you want financial abundance, you should not just request “Show me the money” or “Bring me great riches.” Instead, say “I intend to manifest $10,000.00 by next month” or “next week,” whatever time frame you relate to.

But personally, I find that when I sit with an open heart and mind, and embrace the richness and abundance of the Universe, that abundance does seem to magnetically flow in. For me personally, this involves working with very powerful affirmations. And I find that though I am not always specific, I am quite clear on the emotions that I am feeling as I embrace the joyful sensations of what it would be like to already have what I am wishing for.

But the key is to really believe — and be in that state of receptiveness. You may need to experiment and find what feels right for you. Maybe that classic “vision board” resonates, where you paste up photos of what you are intending to attract. Or watching short inspirational videos that make you feel a rush of exhilaration and eagerness for what you are intending to manifest. Or just going within, and taking ten minutes to meditate on your wishes and goals. Try to capture very realistic mind pictures of what your manifested dreams will look like.

Part of this LOA equation is being able to focus. This means brushing aside distractions and really concentrating. Placing all your energy into the envisioning. And it means taking time every day to call forth that which you yearn to bring into your life experience.

And I do firmly believe it works.

For I find that when I have been lax with LOA thinking, my days become more stressful, less optimistic and I feel somehow diverted from my life path. So consistent thinking and making time to envision are essential.

However if you merely sit around and imagine all day, there is no guarantee that anything much will happen. You DO need to back it up with some real ACTION steps. But begin with the clear vision of your goal, and define exactly what you want and where you wish to go with it. Know you must take inspired action, but also know that if your heart is in it, you don’t have to do ALL the calculating about how to make it happen. Trust that if it aligns with your overall highest good, then the wise Universe will figure out exactly how to bring forth your desire in a way that is uniquely amazing and fulfilling for you.


  • I use my senses and inner guidance to clearly envision that which I wish to manifest.
  • I am receptive to all the good, joy, and abundance that flows from a loving, supportive Universe.
  • Each day, I awake with clear, optimistic intentions and take inspired action steps toward these goals.



Law of Attraction – Being in the Vibration of Joy – A Personal Experience

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It had begun in the morning, when I’d had a session with healing client. After the table session, we began speaking about being in the mindset of joy and how important it is to be in the present moment in a feel-good way. I say “we” began speaking, but it was really me. Suddenly I felt myself going into a joyful “rant” if there is such a thing — reciting all my favorite points and methods about my belief in free will and free choice and how it is better to make the conscious effort to choose positive thoughts. I spoke about The Law of Attraction, though I didn’t call it that, but just tied it in to focusing on positive aspects and attracting positive flow into one’s life.

The more I spoke about joy, the better I felt and I had this electrical surge of happiness just stream through me in one of those moments. And I found that my joyful feeling was contagious as my client began to smile and I could see her eyes light up, as if yes, she truly “got it.”

However, suddenly realizing that I had rambled on for awhile, I quickly stopped in my tracks, and apologized, “I’m sorry for the long speech.” But my client simply nodded and said “I liked the speech. I can use the encouragement.”

The explosion of joy within me during the session and then the “speech” stayed with me, more than I even realized… and showed up in very simple, but unexpected ways throughout the afternoon.

I had errands to run and I prepared myself for the most crowded, busiest of parking lots of the places I would be stopping at. After all, it was just after Christmas and right before New Year’s, so as I pulled my car into the first small, crowded shopping center, it appeared that there were lines of cars, no available spots to park, and other cars impatiently waiting. But somehow, as I pulled up close to the store where I needed to go, an SUV pulled right out in front of me, opening up a primo space that I pulled straight into — voila —  like magic!

Next, I had to do a food shopping and I knew the supermarket lot would be like a circus, especially since the weather was so gorgeous and unseasonably warm. But again, even with the overwhelming number of vehicles, as I pulled up closer to the store, a car pulled right out, leaving an excellent spot for me!

The store was packed, but somehow my shopping just flowed as I happily wound myself through the aisles and around the clutter of many people’s shopping carts — in an unusually radiant and upbeat frame of mind! The appetizing counter — always a lengthy ordeal of taking a number and waiting, waiting, waiting — was like a dream. As I approached, a worker behind the counter looked straight at me and said “May I help you?” I couldn’t believe it — no wait — even though it appeared that there were quite a number of people up at the counter.

And even at the checkout counter, everything flowed smoothly and quickly.

What an amazing and pleasant shopping experience! Now I wonder how it would have played out had I not been in the attitude of exquisite joy that morning. I probably would have been bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t find parking anywhere…

Which just reinforces that lovely “Law of Attraction” thinking — the better we feel, the better it gets and life moves along more easily and harmoniously.


  • I bask in the mindset of joy, let it fill my heart and senses — and anticipate optimistic outcomes!
  • I delight in simple pleasures and by focusing on them energetically, attract more of the same into my life experience.
  • I adopt an outlook of positivity and expect things to go right for me!
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“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

How do we hang on to our genuine sense of caring and compassion toward someone, when we perceive some of their deeds and statements as being quite unkind? We all face this scenario with people in our lives. And I am not talking about distant friends or acquaintances, who will fade out of our life if the unkindness and differences become too pronounced. I am referring to people who are fixtures in our lives and who we basically love and care about.

Not everyone sees things our way — it would not be a good thing if we were all clones of each other. Life is exciting and dynamic because of all the varied personalities in our lives.

However, sometimes we need someone to be a little more tolerant and supportive of us. For instance, in my own life, as an animal lover and occasional rescuer, I am trying to understand someone who is quite the opposite of that. Now it’s one thing to keep discordant thoughts (ones that you know might be offensive to a person you are conversing with) to yourself. But it’s another to come out with them in a context in which there is no ambiguity about them being of the tactless nature.

So I am trying to rationalize some of these comments over time (they are only occasional, not constant) and certainly focus on the brighter spots of this individual’s personality. But when these uncalled-for comments just spout forward, it is disturbing to me. Yet I believe it is essential to be able to brush my own feelings of discord aside, as it is healthier emotionally. But it’s not always easy to do.

As a Reiki practitioner, my initial reaction is to send love and light to this person, envisioning that it is going straight to their heart center.

However, you don’t have to be a Reiki practitioner to work with this imagery. You can surround this person with the light of compassion, however you may be able to imagine it. Visualize that a radiant cord of compassion flows from your own heart to the heart of the other person. This can be powerful healing imagery. It sure beats the opposite of becoming antagonistic or down on a particular person.

As I began to focus on sending positive energy to this person, I genuinely felt like I want to take the next step. My goal is to try to awaken the innate sense of compassion, caring and understanding that I believe lies within the heart of that individual. I truly feel we are all born with the ability to be compassionate. But it depends on many other factors — upbringing, family values, social interaction and more as to how much that sense develops over time.

Another suggestion for diffusing any immediate discord while an incident is still fresh and painful, is to make a mental list of the most obvious positive qualities of this person. Maybe he made a tactless statement, but is diligent and has a great work ethic and he is always punctual for events. He just needs to perhaps do some further inner work, or become a little more awakened to the compassionate side of life.

Do you have anyone who is close to you that presents a challenge in this way? How do you deal that individual? Are you able to let go of discordant feelings? Are there any special techniques you use to help you remain peaceful and tolerant? Please post a comment here and let me know…


  • I strive to remain calm and neutral in the presence of someone whose personality can be challenging to me.
  • I imagine that an ethereal, healing cord of compassionate light can link from my heart to the heart of another.
  • I do the inner work to become my most caring, understanding self.

Appreciation – Finding Gratitude in the Now Moment

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Do you ever consider how good it can feel to truly embrace appreciation on a consistent basis? Personally, I have been in “appreciation mode” recently. Not that I am ungrateful normally, but I am feeling motivated about getting more deeply into the mindset of profound appreciation.

For those in the USA, we are soon approaching the traditional holiday of Thanksgiving so maybe that has influenced me a little. But it’s beneficial to remain in the joyful “attitude of gratitude” all year round. Feeling that brilliant optimism of appreciation absolutely raises your vibration. And then, more magical things happen — you feel better overall — your emotional health improves and even your physical health will improve!

So what do I mean by the “appreciation mode?” This is feeling the glow of appreciation in the very now moment. Of course, it is not possible to hold this vibration all the time. But if you do this several times a day, it will impact your reality for the better.

Take the time to either look around or to look within and simply ask yourself “What am I thankful for right here in this moment?” And rather spontaneously  bring to mind something that is particularly pleasing to you, something that inspires gratitude within YOU.

One personal example happened the other day. I took my senior canine to the dog park, enjoying his company and watching his happiness at being off-leash and able to wander freely. I just appreciated that animal/human bonding moment. And as we left the park in my car, I was just filled with appreciation for the beautiful tree-lined road with all the spectacular fall foliage colors. My heart was radiant with appreciation in that particular moment — and I felt so blissful. And it was such a simple time.

Today, my husband went out of the way to run a particular errand for me that will save me so much time and I am happily grateful for this thoughtfulness. Even though the rest of my day brought some of the normal frustrations of life — a minor plumbing problem, as well as a broken car windshield that had to be replaced — trying to hold myself in the light of appreciation helped not just salvage, but improve my overall feelings for the day.

Wrap your heart and mind around feeling gratitude. Be grateful for your unique life path and your own particular skills and talents. Be grateful for those close to you with whom you share a loving bond. Express your appreciation verbally.

Here is a quick gratitude exercise for you. Just bring to mind one thing that makes you light up with appreciation. Do it — just focus on it for a moment. How does it make you feel? Can it make your heart smile — even just for a moment or two? Being in this energy is empowering.

Have the courage to look into the mirror — be bold and confident and say to your own reflection “I appreciate you!”


  • Being in the mindset of appreciation brings more joyful aspects into my everyday life experience.
  • Abundantly feeling and expressing gratitude helps move me up the emotional scale.
  • I truly appreciate my own particular radiant and unique life journey.
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Positive Attitude – Our Core Essence is Love

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What if we innately knew that our purpose here in human form is simply to explore, experience and expand our capacity to love? How would that influence our time here — how would that affect our every day lives as well as our overall perspective?

What would you personally do differently? Would you be less judgmental — more open to being understanding and supportive? Would you be less likely to cling to a subjective or narrow point of view?

These are deep questions to reflect upon, concepts that I have been giving thought to in these last few weeks, and which bear some thinking about. Personally, I am still working on evolving into a kinder version of myself, with a greater capacity for patience and understanding. That inner work is assisted by tapping in to the wellspring of love within.

Sometimes, in a gentle meditation, I envision just being connected to that strand of pure Divine love that resides deep within my heart. I have no secret knowledge of our purpose here, but somehow tapping in to the core essence of love feels like it is a right exploration for me.

When I go within to that heart space, I feel as if I am tuning in to something far grander than my mere physical existence here. It can be a beautiful, almost blissful moment. Then I am convinced that expressing our love, in various formats, is at least part of the reason why we choose our existence here.

When we think about others, particularly those that bring a sense of challenge or discord into the realms of every day reality, we can feel frustrated and confused at times.

However, we should make every effort to surround them with the figurative vibrating glow of light and love. This imagery may help us view them in a better, less reactive and less volatile way. Attaining that non-judgmental outlook will certainly help our lives –and relationships — flow more smoothly. And we should definitely strive to connect more clearly with our core essence — that of profound love.

Here are several simple ways to tune in to the essence of love within:

  1. Imagine you are breathing in and out through your heart center (heart chakra.) Focus on your heart space, and imagine that you are inhaling and exhaling from there — and imagine pure love flowing in and out in a blissful connecting loop.
  2. Work with an affirmation that resonates with you. “I am a being of light and energy and I let love radiate within and around me, as it flows out toward others.”
  3. Envision yourself surrounded by a bubble of gleaming light that represents love — and meditate with this sensation for several minutes or more. Or imagine yourself and any other person surrounded by this healing bubble that will gently dissolve any discord between the two of you.
  4. Hold an image of yourself cupped in the Divine palm/hand of Universal, unconditional love — feel the warmth, the caring, the compassion as it envelopes you.
  5. Know that you are worthy and deserving of love.


  • As I connect to my core essence of love, I am filled with a sense of supreme peacefulness.
  • I tap into that loving spark of Divinity that resides deep within me.
  • I practice being nonjudgmental, tolerant and understanding toward others, as that is how I wish others to treat me.


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Positive Attitude – Thoughts to Raise Your Vibration

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Challenges are all part of the roller coaster of life — we all experience periods of gloom, discord and stress. But how do we bring ourselves up during these trying times? How do we reconnect to our joyful spirit? For after all, isn’t our spirit what breathes life into us, animates us and connects us to our soul and Higher Consciousness? And shouldn’t our soul be innately joyful, light, magical and powerful?

I recently listened to Sonia Choquette, one of the Hay House inspirational author/teachers, discuss a technique to help uplift. And it so resonated as it is something that I already do.  I believe the most significant step to take when you are experiencing a negative state of mind, uncertainty or emotional upheaval is to think about those things you love. Focus your clear attention on what brings light into your world.

“It’s too simple” you may think to yourself. But sometimes it is the simplest ideas that work.

This technique may certainly not solve all the problems and hurdles you are experiencing, but it can return your mindset to a state of optimism and appreciation — even for a little while. Everyone can use an “optimism break!”

Thoughts are very powerful. So bring to mind the joy of thinking about what you love. Make an actual list or just a mental list. This can instantaneously raise your vibration! Think of that classic tune “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. Certainly thinking about favorite things or what one loves is sure to bring a smile to your heart and help counteract fear or discord.

For me personally, my thought list would include the following:

  • Having breakfast with my husband — sharing that morning cup of coffee
  • Family outings with my grown children
  • Being surrounded by the unconditional love of my pets — specifically when all of them are snoozing contentedly around me with one cat snuggled and purring on my chest…
  • Watching the colorful birds that congregate at my backyard feeder
  • Having lunch on my patio in the warm sunlight
  • Going out to lunch with a close friend
  • Going to the movies and catching something new to the screen

Make your own list, and you can include thoughts of things too, as well as people — ANYTHING that makes your heart sing. So reach for clear thoughts of what you love and those you love — particularly when you need an emotional and energetic attitude boost!


  • As I focus on what I love, my heart grows light and joyful!
  • I take a few moments every day to feel genuine appreciation for the love of those who surround me.
  • My whole outlook is uplifted when I choose to give my attention to joyful and positive thoughts.
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Do What You Love – Lessons from Steve Jobs

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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” ~Steve Jobs

The world lost a profound visionary and creative genius this last week with the passing of Steve Jobs. Personally, I was quite saddened to hear the news, as I admired this man who had achieved the harmonious life balance between his passion for work and his love of family. He was a man who basically changed the world. And he was, in all respects, a good man — one who was admired and respected by all. This became emphatically clear from all the statements made by the captains of technology, as well as major political figures, including the President, upon hearing of his passing.

On a personal level, Steve Jobs impacted my own life — as his invention of the Apple computer basically brought to me my original career as a graphic designer. The Mac made it possible to do wonderful creative design (and what used to be called desktop publishing) from the ease of a keyboard and mouse. And I have been delightedly using a Mac computer for over twenty years now.

Of course, adding the iPod changed the way we listen to music and the iPhone changed the way we use our mobile devices and connect with the world from wherever we may be.

The lessons we learn from such a man are profound. He empowered people with the concept of following your passion, doing what you love. He walked his talk. He showed us what perseverance, persistence and little bit of magical thinking could do! He was the epitome of “stick-to-it-ness.” Even battling his disease, he lived way longer than is normally possible with such a diagnosis. His will to live was so strong and by willing those additional years, he was able to continue to contribute toward furthering the technology of the world as well as having more time with his beloved family.

On all levels, he loved the work he did. He loved life. He lived life as if each day were his last. Can we take away these same lessons for ourselves?

Can we find the joy and passion in what we do? For me, my life path shifted after many years of graphic design as I found myself fascinated and engaged with the field of holistic healing.  I discovered that the healing profession truly ignites my passion. My graphic design background comes in handy to help me create and maintain my healing and positive living websites. But healing and coaching around the concept of mind, body and spirit connection are now my focused life journey…

So, seek your bliss and find the life path that truly resonates with your heart. And as Steve Jobs encouraged, “don’t settle.”

Live each day deeply and richly, as if it were your last. Because truly, who knows exactly when their time in this physical plane will be over? Make it a priority to reach for joy and to focus on all that you love. And spend time with those who love you.


  • I utilize my inner guidance to pursue a life path that resonates with my genuine heart.
  • It is my profound intention to seek joy in all facets of my life.
  • Spending time with those I love creates uplifting, good-feeling moments and memories.
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It’s been said by a number of inspirational teachers that we are “multi-dimensional” beings. It’s also been said that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience” and not the other way around. Any way you look at it, I profoundly believe that there is more to us than just flesh, blood and bone — more to us than just this speck of human existence planted here on planet Earth.

Many of us feel, at one time or another, a connection to something that is much bigger, grander and more powerful than our existence here in the physical embodiment. I believe we all have an innate spark of divinity that lies within us, keeping us “networked” in with God/Universe/Divine — whatever your own personal perceptions are. Some people are more closely connected with that inner knowing than others.

This connection to an alternate dimension may often be called the “spiritual” side of us. Because at the same time as we exist in these human vehicles, is it also possible that we exist on another level in a more spiritual dimension?

Another thought: part of us may still exist in the past of our own lives and in the future of our own life — so could this time continuum also be considered even another dimension? There are many theories, which I will not go into here (you can read them elsewhere.) I am merely suggesting the possibility that we DO exist in several dimensions.

Yet, the dimension that is hopefully the most real to us is our present reality in human form. And part of our nature, as I have seen over and over again, is to embrace drama in our lives. A major aspect of the human experience is interaction with others, and that always leads to some form of conflict. Because our lovely human egos so often and eagerly give birth to drama.

Even a network of healers I am with (and we all consider ourselves quite spiritual) is not immune to that, as I have seen the last few weeks. Why was I surprised by a chain of events that was almost soap opera? But our group is private and I will not share any further information — just lessons learned from being an observer. I tried not to get involved, but somehow was pulled in, like a strong whirlpool dragging me in. But I will say that I managed to remain as objective and compassionate as possible to all parties concerned. It would seem that this particular group who embraces their multi-dimensional side in a very authentic and caring way, would not ever display some of these kinds of conflicts…

So we must acknowledge our egos and our oft-volatile emotions, yet make an attempt to keep them in check. Occasional drama is inevitable for most of us (and we must admit that sometimes we even find it exciting) but continuous streams of it are stressful and trying. So look inward for yourself — are you the kind of person that often creates or inspires drama? Really be honest with yourself. Because drama always causes someone else to be uncomfortable.

And if you answered “yes” or “maybe” to that question, begin the work of finding more peace and balance, and perhaps exploring your spiritual side.

Or, are you a person who is extremely reactive to drama? Know that you CAN refrain from becoming engaged in the winds of conflict. You have that choice.

But in any case, consciously embrace more harmonious and compassionate thoughts. It is helpful to try to see a situation from the perspective of others involved, as opposed to just your own line of vision, which can be limited. Turn down the drama, but turn up the kindness and the love…


  • I release negative drama from my life experience and I choose a more harmonious reality.
  • It is joyful and fulfilling to interact with others using positive and supportive communication.
  • I choose to react in a peaceful way toward any emotional drama that arises in my life.
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