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Positive Attitude – Finding Harmony and Peace Within

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So what happens when despite all your efforts to carefully arrange and coordinate the varied facets of your life, the Universe dumps chaos into your reality? Okay, that might sound a bit dramatic. But can you relate to this — at least sometimes?

As a holistic healer, one would think that I spend most of my time being zen and serene — perhaps tuned into the whisperings and secrets of the Universe as I sit cross-legged on cushions surrounded by incense and sage. I only wish!

The reality of modern life (particularly on Long Island) makes the attainment of peacefulness quite an interesting challenge. And on occasion, it almost seems beyond my energetic grasp.

Sometimes we get caught up in an intense swirl of momentum — ending up on the verge of overwhelm. As a positive living proponent, I dislike even writing about overwhelm because it gives way too much negative attention and power to that thought.

So how does one cope? How can one find any sense of tranquility with so many obstacles and demands?

The one consistent answer I have found in terms of that elusive quest for some semblance of tranquility is that the most profound place to look is right in your heart. Going within, tuning in to that abundant inner wellspring is sometimes the only way to tap into the flow of serenity. And going within can be as simple as affirming “I tune in to the innate peacefulness of my soul,” or “My light is strong and radiant.” “I can easily weather this moment, this bump in the road that will soon be past.”

By tuning in to your heart, I also refer to the knowing that peace is more a state of just being, not so much something to actively seek. It is simply a feeling, a sense of harmony with the world on a more broader perspective. Despite the temporary curtain of chaos that may envelop us, in our heart resides that pure seed of all that is calm, radiant, loving and compassionate. And we just have to pay attention to it for it to flourish and grow.

If you can take even ten to fifteen minutes a day to quiet your mind it will be a helpful boost to get you into the flow of harmony. Just breathe, focus gently on your breath. Put on some soft, calming music if that feels right to you.

Additionally, remember to stay in the moment. Be truly present. When chaos abounds, handle one thing at time — the most immediate priority and let all else wait. And do not feel guilty about it. One can only do so much at a time.

Whatever it takes, temporarily tune OUT the surrounding turmoil and tune in to YOU. Even a brief respite can give you a much needed dose of rejuvenation to see you through the day. And do not feel guilty about taking a little time for yourself.

Life is full of cycles, ebbs and flows. I always embrace that timeless adage that “This too shall pass.” For it will…


  • Peace and tranquility reside within my heart — and I am learning to easily connect with these feelings.
  • I know that on a soul level, I am always in harmony with my right life path.
  • I embrace the concept that serenity is a state of mind and heart, and is not dependent on external events.
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Overcoming Challenges – Learning Powerful Life Lessons

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Sometimes we lean into a shift– we choose it. Other times it is thrust upon us. Regardless of how something manifests, shifts can have a dramatic impact on our lives and can leave us with profound life lessons. But the lessons aren’t always obvious so sometimes you must closely examine the situation and find the lesson concealed within. And it can be very eye-opening and fulfilling to discover these lessons.

For me, there were three to four weeks of waves of challenge just surging in like a turbulent sea during a storm. My husband ended up in the emergency room — he was having a heart attack. It was a horrific and painful experience for him (and a very demanding and scary one for me.) He ended up spending a total of five days in the hospital, even though his heart attack was deemed “minor” and a best case scenario from a heart attack perspective. He finally was given the go ahead to be released (his heart rate had stabilized and lowered) and I brought him home.

Four days later we were hit with a major hurricane that left Long Island quite devastated in general, but left us without power, heat and hot water for fifteen days. The temperature inside the house dipped down to a chilly forty-something degrees on some of the colder nights. And my husband had to spend most nights out, as the cold was too taxing on his recovery. I spent a night or two alone in a very cold, dark house with my pets. Most nights we were like nomads, going from house to house, friend to friend. We depended on the kindness of neighbors, friends and nearby family.

Yes — life challenges change us – there is no doubt about that.

The question is does a particular difficult challenge change us for the better or the worse? Initially you may feel downright sad, angry, frustrated. So you need to move through much of the challenging time period first. But when you find yourself finally moving into clarity, and you are gaining forward momentum, ask yourself the question: what did I learn from this experience? And really feel into it.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Am I stronger from the experience?
  • Did I gain insight into who I really am at my core?
  • Did this experience teach me how to appreciate the beauty, balance of normalcy and the simplicity of everyday routine life?
  • Did I  learn how to genuinely be present and to focus solely on the moment in order to survive?

For me, life during that “dark period” was absolutely a struggle, but we were so profoundly touched by the compassion of many people. One of the lessons we learned was that sometimes being “power-less” meant we had to completely surrender to the “powers that be” — to the Divine plan and also to the compassion of people we did not know well, but who gently and warmly came to our rescue. So though we were power-less, we were profoundly empowered by this knowing. We were enveloped by a warm blanket that was a sense of community that we had rarely experienced or acknowledged during the flow of “normal” life.

I learned to appreciate the modern conveniences in our lives. When our power finally came back on, my husband and I had emotional tears of relief in our eyes. We turned on every light in the house, just needing to soak up and absorb the feeling of radiant electric light. I know in my heart that this feeling of appreciation will last a long while as the lesson was deeply ingrained.

Make every effort to learn from your experiences — even if the experiences rock your world. Our challenges do shape us into who we are — and if we let ourselves morph into stronger, more compassionate, more alive, and more loving individuals — than we have powerfully reached for the positive result and will be happier for it.


  • Overcoming challenges and obstacles helps me grow stronger.
  • I greet the ebb and flow of life with an attitude of flexibility and adaptability.
  • I strive to remain true to my integrity and my core essence, particularly when navigating through turbulent times.
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I am sure you can vividly recollect those dramatically turbulent times in your life when you experienced a myriad of challenges and obstacles. Times when you felt your life was just falling apart. Discordant, unbalanced, stressful periods. Those memories stay with us quite clearly but DO help shape who we are.

But have you ever experienced the opposite — a time when you have finally arrived at a point of harmony and balance — and now suddenly everyone around you is going through challenges. With no warning notice, the lives of others in your “circle” are simply unraveling with health issues, money problems, etc.

When we are in the graceful flow of life, we somehow expect and assume that everyone else is riding the same wave. And as we go merrily on our way, attempting to be in the joyful moment — WHAM — people are falling like dominoes (remember that old game?) around you.

Of course, that is all figurative language — not that people are dropping at your feet. I’ve been experiencing this myself recently. After getting caught up in the swirl of challenge after challenge with family and friends, I am truly wondering — is this part of the great energetic shift of 2012? Or is it just the normal stream of life showing up in difficult and tumultuous ways?

I first met these tough happenings with extreme resistance — which we all know is never an appropriate way to deal with anything. Those feelings of resistance bring to us more of the same, and more hardship too, if we do not move ourselves into a better mindset. And I do know better, but I reacted at a gut, emotional level as most anyone would do.

I have since been learning to navigate these choppy waters in a calmer way. But I constantly re-learn the lesson that life is always an adventure.

Here are six suggestions for coping during tough times:

1) Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. Do acknowledge what you are observing. But don’t let your whole heart get caught up in the negativity.

2) Be supportive to those going through the challenges. Extremely supportive. But don’t let their fear-based emotions become yours. Be compassionate, but not empathetic. Walking with others too closely along their rocky path is not healthy for you either.

3) Keep your own powerful inner light strong and radiant. Be a brilliant beacon of understanding and peacefulness to others — a port in their personal stormy sea. They will come to depend on you. But realize that they will regain their poise and harmony at some point. So you will not have to shoulder their burden indefinitely.

4) Understand that everyone has their own personal life path — some of it joyful and some of it difficult. Respect the unique soul journey of others. There are always powerful lessons to learn through overcoming hardship.

5) Continue to keep a keen focus on those aspects of your own life that are optimistic and positive — and take care of yourself. As much as you need to be there for others, make sure that your own needs are met. Or you will begin to feel stressed and worn-out.

6) Do keep in mind that this is all temporary. The ebb and flow of life is constantly changing. Hold tight to the knowing that the stream of joy and well-being is always there, that others can slip comfortably back into it at some point after they have bypassed the swirling turbulent eddies of challenge and turmoil.

And take to heart the simple, yet profound steadfast guidance of Abraham-Hicks as they say: “All is well.” Accept that concept and allow it to permeate your emotions and your senses. All IS well.


  • I let my powerful inner light shine as a guiding beacon for others who are experiencing challenges.
  • I tap into my heartfelt sense of stability as I assist others in navigating through turbulent times.
  • I consciously and gratefully focus on the uplifting aspects of my life — all the blessings, the joy, and the people who love me.


A Personal Experience Story

My husband and I had been looking forward to this day for quite some time. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday with a mini vacation, several hours away from our home town. At the hotel spa, we had a luxurious side by side Swedish massage planned.

About 45 minutes before the massage, the cell phone rang. It was my daughter who was back in Long Island, panicked and speaking a mile a minute. She had my husband’s car and was traveling to another town for a lunch appointment. One of the rear tires blew out, was totally flat and the car was not drivable. She was on a parkway, a half mile from the nearest exit. In tears about how bad this all was, she lamented about how she had to cancel her lunch appointment with her former mentor/boss whom she hasn’t seen in a very long time.

(Now, you might be thinking that you have no sympathy for me in that my MASSAGE might be interrupted. But please realize this couple massage only happens perhaps every four to five years for us, and it was at the request of my husband who wanted it as a birthday present.)

So I had two choices – I could cry along with my daughter, getting caught up in her flow of  fear (the old me would have.) Or I could remain calm, practical and clear-thinking. Of course you know the choice I will make.

However, in some duel Universe in a different dimension, I could almost hear the other me carrying on with a litany of “oh no, I can’t believe this is happening right now.”

My first priority was to calm my daughter, reassuring her that I will get some assistance for her. And I did point out that despite this unexpected mishap, SHE is totally fine and unhurt. That is the most important thing. She does agree with that.

As we were speaking, I was noting the time on my watch, wondering if roadside assistance can get to her before I get to relaxing on a massage table. So I hung up with her and immediately called the roadside assistance where I  am a member.

This roadside service is not allowed on the parkway, but the helpful operator put in a call in to the only towing company that IS allowed on the parkway. We determine that the easiest course of action is to simply have the service change the blown tire and replace it with the spare.

After this was all put into action and we notified my daughter (she was quite relieved), my husband and I headed to the spa — a lovely, zen place fragrant with the scent of aromatherapy. We each headed off to our respective changing areas, accompanied by spa attendants.

Part of me wanted to simply blurt out and vent to my attendant: “I’ve planned this for so long and wouldn’t you know it — my daughter is stuck on the parkway back in new York. She is freaking out, and I  am nowhere near the zen state I had hoped to be in at this particular moment.” But I simply say nothing and quietly follow the woman to the locker room. As she explains how to choose a pin to lock and unlock the locker, I force myself to focus. Or I could just see all my belongings being stuck in the locker with me having no clue at how to get to them.

As I changed into a long white soft fleecy robe, I noticed a text flash up from my daughter that the roadside service had arrived.  I then moved into the relaxation room, sipping a glass of herbal iced tea but still nervously clutching my iPhone. As I sat and began to TRY to relax, I congratulated myself on remaining centered and focused during this minor, but distracting, challenge. I noticed the sign on the table next to me, which read something like “This is a relaxation area. Telecommunication devices are not allowed.” Inwardly, I managed an ironic smile, but I can’t possibly “abandon” my daughter until the tire situation is resolved and she is able to safely drive home.

As I waited, I noticed a text finally flash onto my phone “Done. I am going to drive home now.” And then I shut my phone and placed it in my locker (remembering the sequence to unlock) and awaited the voice of the massage therapist beckoning me to my hour of luxurious relaxation.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the next hour (and I even opted for the “add-on” of some aromatherapy scented lotions) — it was pure indulgence. And I allowed myself to let go of the tire incident.

Unexpected things happen — that is part of life. And they usually don’t happen at a convenient time. After all, is any time truly “convenient” for something difficult to occur? Flexibility is a powerful life lesson to learn, but an essential one. As I always say, we can’t control everything that happens to us. But we CAN control our reaction to it. And it’s important to keep our perspective on these occurrences. A blown tire is an inconvenience to deal with, but the bottom line was that my daughter was safe and unharmed. From that perspective, it is easier to let these happenings go and to move back into the more harmonious flow of life.


  • I swim with the current of life, remaining flexible and adaptable.
  • I remain centered and calm during minor life challenges.
  • I breathe into the flow of life, acknowledging that everything is happening for my Highest and best good.



Self Empowerment – Confidence Along Your Own Particular Life Path

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Are you joyful and enthusiastic about where you are heading? Or perhaps you are just accepting, and sort of moving blindly along, not sure if the direction aligns with your true “calling”? Or, are you possibly just plodding through each day, filled with uncertainty?

There is a wide range of potential attitudes toward’s one’s life. Of course, the optimum is feeling genuinely happy, vital and self-assured about your own path, invigorated and knowing that you are living your soul’s calling. Knowing that you are doing exactly what you are meant to do, and are where you are meant to be.

A young woman recently shared with me that although she was basically joyful with her work, she had a nagging feeling that she should have been or done more. And where did this feeling come from? Of all things, a recent visit to a psychic — a woman who she must have paid for a reading, but who spouted only negativity. This so-called psychic had shaken her confidence, informing her that she should be in a different career entirely, and should have done many things quite differently.

I was appalled at this destructive reading as it was detrimental to this young lady who placed sincere emphasis on what the psychic had to say. So I encouraged this woman to forget about the reading and suggested she focus on moving ahead with her life. “Do you like what you’re doing?” I questioned her. She assured me that she does, and she had put quite a bit of studying and practice into her vocation to get to the point where she is today.

I know that many people place too much credence on the negative remarks of others — and these others aren’t necessarily psychics; they can be one’s friend or family member who might need some lessons in tact and supportiveness.

Personally, I believe that we are pretty much where we need to be on our live path. Not everyone is completely content — that is the usual human condition. But I feel it is important to trust that as we move along our road of both self-discovery and life experience, we  retain a clear understanding about the direction we need to follow. And often, we come to the figurative fork in the road and must make some personal decisions about which way to turn. And if you are truly not content with where you are, then you can always make a shift in another direction.

Embracing your path with confidence is essential for peace of mind. As I always say, tune into your own innate sense of self-guidance that lies within for assistance with what steps you need to take. If you are feeling strong and positive about your goals and plans, then you can easily let the remarks of “naysayers” roll off and not effect your self-assurance.

Not everyone is going to be your champion, and it’s key to understand that. That is why you need to be your own best and focused champion. Have confidence and insight into your own desires and wishes. And you may need to work on striving to ignore or be non-reactive toward those who cast obstacles in your path.

Yes, everyone wants to be passionate about their particular life path, but it is not always possible to maintain a high level of this as we move along our day-to-day schedules. If you can hold on to an overall sense of optimism in your heart, greet each day with even a little enthusiasm, then your life path will surely unfold in a gentle, welcoming, uplifting way. Be confident of this. Be sure of this. And don’t listen to psychics who tell you otherwise.


  • I feel genuinely confident that I am aligned with my life path as I move forward each day.
  • Tapping in to my innate sense of self-assurance helps me overcome obstacles that I may encounter.
  • I gravitate toward those who are supportive and encouraging about my life choices, plans and goals.
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Self-Empowerment – Moving Away from a Victim Mentality

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Do you often (or even occasionally) find yourself making statements such as “Everything always happens to me,” “I never have any luck” or similar comments that undeniably cast you into the role of victim? I see this as the “poor me” syndrome and unfortunately it is something that appears to be all too common. Let’s face it, there are times we all fall into that trap of playing the hapless victim in our ever-shifting life story.

Mostly, we know this is not a healthy place in which to wallow. But sometimes we don’t know. Sometimes we are so caught up in the drama of the “woe is me” outlook that we can’t see or think clearly, and certainly have no clue about how to find a much-improved and joyful path upon which to move forward.

I’ve written much about this topic, but was inspired to revisit this after someone wrote to me the following — and I am paraphrasing: “What about those personalities who thrive on and exploit the compassion of others? How do you limit the damage they can inflict on you?”

Take a good, hard look at that question. What is it about the way it is worded that indicates that the writer of this might be stuck in a victim mentality? (Of course, my question is rhetorical.)

The lesson I have learned — and I am constantly continuing to learn – is that each of us has the power of choice. It is essential to begin to not just grasp this concept, but to profoundly embrace it with all your might and heart.

Well, you might think, we certainly don’t have the power to choose everything in life — and yes, that is a keen and true observation. But we have the power to choose a huge percentage of what happens in our lives. As for the rest, we have the power to choose our own REACTION. If something troubling happens, if a challenge arises, you can either meet it with fuming, raving and negative drama — or you can meet it with strength, understanding and perseverance. You can crumble under the weight of it, or you can take it in stride as a meaningful life lesson. Which outcome would YOU choose? (another rhetorical question that is a no-brainer.)

Another can only “inflict damage” on you if you allow it to happen. I’m not saying it will be easy to keep your cool and and stay in a mode of neutrality, but it is doable.

This is not to say you should enable a troubled or difficult personality or let someone walk all over you or abuse you.

As a powerful adult individual with free will and choice, you are capable of staying tapped in to your inner strength while holding the light of compassion in your heart.

You are capable of holding that peaceful, good-feeling sense of caring and surety within your being. You are capable of retaining a relatively harmonious outlook. You are capable of being peaceful and as neutral as possible when dealing with others who try to “inflict damage” on you. And did I remember to say “you are capable”!!!

It always comes down to doing the inner work to get to the place where you can cast off any vestige of a victim mentality and confidently take on the strength which all of us possess deep within. Sometimes it requires guidance or assistance from others (even a counselor or therapist) but it is certainly a positive path that we can all aspire to trod. Look within yourself — trust that your own personal strength vibrates powerfully in your heart. Genuinely make that commitment to tune in to the powerful, enlightened you that waits to come forth, especially in these spectacular, consciousness-awakening times.


  • I knowingly tune in to my inner strength and guidance to help me make decisions that are beneficial for me.
  • Perseverance and patience are qualities that I consciously work on cultivating.
  • I am a powerful creator and use my ability of choice and free will to design a life experience that is healthy and joyful for me.
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“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

How do we hang on to our genuine sense of caring and compassion toward someone, when we perceive some of their deeds and statements as being quite unkind? We all face this scenario with people in our lives. And I am not talking about distant friends or acquaintances, who will fade out of our life if the unkindness and differences become too pronounced. I am referring to people who are fixtures in our lives and who we basically love and care about.

Not everyone sees things our way — it would not be a good thing if we were all clones of each other. Life is exciting and dynamic because of all the varied personalities in our lives.

However, sometimes we need someone to be a little more tolerant and supportive of us. For instance, in my own life, as an animal lover and occasional rescuer, I am trying to understand someone who is quite the opposite of that. Now it’s one thing to keep discordant thoughts (ones that you know might be offensive to a person you are conversing with) to yourself. But it’s another to come out with them in a context in which there is no ambiguity about them being of the tactless nature.

So I am trying to rationalize some of these comments over time (they are only occasional, not constant) and certainly focus on the brighter spots of this individual’s personality. But when these uncalled-for comments just spout forward, it is disturbing to me. Yet I believe it is essential to be able to brush my own feelings of discord aside, as it is healthier emotionally. But it’s not always easy to do.

As a Reiki practitioner, my initial reaction is to send love and light to this person, envisioning that it is going straight to their heart center.

However, you don’t have to be a Reiki practitioner to work with this imagery. You can surround this person with the light of compassion, however you may be able to imagine it. Visualize that a radiant cord of compassion flows from your own heart to the heart of the other person. This can be powerful healing imagery. It sure beats the opposite of becoming antagonistic or down on a particular person.

As I began to focus on sending positive energy to this person, I genuinely felt like I want to take the next step. My goal is to try to awaken the innate sense of compassion, caring and understanding that I believe lies within the heart of that individual. I truly feel we are all born with the ability to be compassionate. But it depends on many other factors — upbringing, family values, social interaction and more as to how much that sense develops over time.

Another suggestion for diffusing any immediate discord while an incident is still fresh and painful, is to make a mental list of the most obvious positive qualities of this person. Maybe he made a tactless statement, but is diligent and has a great work ethic and he is always punctual for events. He just needs to perhaps do some further inner work, or become a little more awakened to the compassionate side of life.

Do you have anyone who is close to you that presents a challenge in this way? How do you deal that individual? Are you able to let go of discordant feelings? Are there any special techniques you use to help you remain peaceful and tolerant? Please post a comment here and let me know…


  • I strive to remain calm and neutral in the presence of someone whose personality can be challenging to me.
  • I imagine that an ethereal, healing cord of compassionate light can link from my heart to the heart of another.
  • I do the inner work to become my most caring, understanding self.

Adaptability – Essential Skill for a Joyful Life

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You have most likely heard that metaphor of life being like a roller coaster — a veritable wave of ups and downs — mostly occurring in an unpredictable order. Can you relate to that — do you sometimes view your life as a dramatic series of twists and turns, highs and lows?

Unless you are a true psychic — and a completely accurate one — you can’t easily see what’s beyond the next curve of the road of life. However, you can embrace an attitude of stability, that can help keep you centered, grounded and in the peaceful flow of life, to more easily navigate your own personal “reality road.”

The concept of adaptability is so essential in dealing with life effectively and sustaining you in a more joyful place. Being adaptable means truly being flexible. Think of that strong, huge tree that bends in the high winds, but doesn’t break. If you can sway with the “gusts” of life, and keep your roots firmly planted in the ground, then you can weather any storm.

Those who face circumstances with an outlook of high-level resistance sometimes have the most trying of times. When you are filled with resistance in a situation that you have minimal control over, it can negatively impact both your emotional and physical health, especially if these feelings continue for an extended period of time.

To some, adaptability comes naturally. To others, inner work is needed to cultivate this positive skill. Through my own life experience I have learned some wise lessons about meeting challenges in an open-minded way and persevering by learning to tap in to my inner guidance. It took me a long while and some turbulent obstacles that stretched me to my emotional limit to finally awaken me to the knowing that adaptability was crucial to my mental and physical health.

You are stronger than you know. Though challenges can seem insurmountable and nobody willfully chooses them, they are always the harbinger of clear life lessons. But it’s no fun living through extreme discord. When you really learn and understand your inner strength, your overall life perspective is transformed. And when you’ve survived the tough times, smaller bumps in the road will not seem to daunting and be much easier to navigate.

The next year is foretold by many to be filled with potential upheaval in terms of shifting of consciousness and spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Ultimately, this should prove beneficial and healing for our planet, but meanwhile the ride along the way may be a little uneven and challenging at times. So if this proves to be your own experience, just hold on, tap in to your inner strength and know that the road will eventually become easier and more peaceful to travel…


  • Being flexible and peaceful with my world and its challenges helps see me through trying times.
  • I am adaptable and open-minded — I flow peacefully with the ever-changing stream of life.
  • I embrace the adventure of life and strive to find pleasure and appreciation in each moment.
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Positive Attitude – Thoughts to Raise Your Vibration

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Challenges are all part of the roller coaster of life — we all experience periods of gloom, discord and stress. But how do we bring ourselves up during these trying times? How do we reconnect to our joyful spirit? For after all, isn’t our spirit what breathes life into us, animates us and connects us to our soul and Higher Consciousness? And shouldn’t our soul be innately joyful, light, magical and powerful?

I recently listened to Sonia Choquette, one of the Hay House inspirational author/teachers, discuss a technique to help uplift. And it so resonated as it is something that I already do.  I believe the most significant step to take when you are experiencing a negative state of mind, uncertainty or emotional upheaval is to think about those things you love. Focus your clear attention on what brings light into your world.

“It’s too simple” you may think to yourself. But sometimes it is the simplest ideas that work.

This technique may certainly not solve all the problems and hurdles you are experiencing, but it can return your mindset to a state of optimism and appreciation — even for a little while. Everyone can use an “optimism break!”

Thoughts are very powerful. So bring to mind the joy of thinking about what you love. Make an actual list or just a mental list. This can instantaneously raise your vibration! Think of that classic tune “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. Certainly thinking about favorite things or what one loves is sure to bring a smile to your heart and help counteract fear or discord.

For me personally, my thought list would include the following:

  • Having breakfast with my husband — sharing that morning cup of coffee
  • Family outings with my grown children
  • Being surrounded by the unconditional love of my pets — specifically when all of them are snoozing contentedly around me with one cat snuggled and purring on my chest…
  • Watching the colorful birds that congregate at my backyard feeder
  • Having lunch on my patio in the warm sunlight
  • Going out to lunch with a close friend
  • Going to the movies and catching something new to the screen

Make your own list, and you can include thoughts of things too, as well as people — ANYTHING that makes your heart sing. So reach for clear thoughts of what you love and those you love — particularly when you need an emotional and energetic attitude boost!


  • As I focus on what I love, my heart grows light and joyful!
  • I take a few moments every day to feel genuine appreciation for the love of those who surround me.
  • My whole outlook is uplifted when I choose to give my attention to joyful and positive thoughts.
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Life Balance – Positive Affirmations and Healthy Thought Patterns

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I was speaking with my Aunt just this morning, trying to find out how she is recovering after numerous health challenges and time spent in the hospital. True to her usual character, she made the statement “I’m never getting better. It’s just not happening.”

My Aunt has never been the most positive kind of individual, which frustrates me, as I feel she is missing out on a having a more joyful life experience. But she IS my Aunt, and of course I do love her. And I do realize and respect her choices, even if I don’t agree with them or see them as being particularly beneficial.

Fortunately, I do believe that her stubbornness, persistence and sheer will to have improved health will serve to get her better, despite her gloomy mindset. However, her energetic and emotional outlook can certainly use some healthy tweaking!

Without giving my Aunt a full lecture on positivity, I just gently suggested that instead of saying “I’ll never get better” to start saying “I’m definitely going to get better” and that in general being positive will be much more beneficial for her. “You know,” she said, “Everyone keeps telling me that.” Sometimes moving away from a deeply ingrained negative-thinking pattern is extremely difficult or next to impossible.

Our thought patterns are cultivated during early childhood. Our initial ways of viewing ourselves and the world that surrounds us are mostly determined by our immediate sphere of influence — parents, extended family members, our teachers and even religious leaders. If those surrounding us thrive on the negative, then how are we going to grow up? What will our beliefs be?

Of course, that question is rhetorical.

Our personal epiphany comes when we realize that YES, we can change and shift forward into a better-feeling and generally more joyful everyday reality.

Hopefully, most of us come to an understanding about how profoundly powerful our thoughts and statements can be, and that choosing ones like “I am definitely going to get better” is going to have a major positive impact on our well being.

I believe that the Universe gives huge focus to all of our statements that begin with “I am…” and responds rather quickly to them. So if we say “I am tired, I am sick, etc” the Universe will respond to that vibration of imbalance and continue to provide us with more imbalance, which of course, is the opposite of what we truly desire. So we have to use great clarity when choosing what follows those words “I am…”

Thoughts such as “I am happy, harmonious and healthy” or “I am relaxed and calm, and feel good about where I am along my life path” are excellent positive affirmations to use on a regular basis. So if you can relate a little too well with the negative “I am” thoughts, then maybe it’s time to have your own mini awakening. You, too, have the ability to make a conscious shift toward bringing more of these feel-good, high-vibration thoughts and statements into your field of thinking and your conversations. And it may have quite a remarkable impact on your everyday life and overall happiness!


  • I am joyful, radiant and in perfect alignment with the Universal stream of harmony and well being.
  • I am open and receptive to all the light-filled, positive aspects that surround me each day.
  • I do the inner work to shift toward good-feeling thought patterns and statements that support both my physical and emotional health.
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