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Gratitude in the Time of Pandemic and Challenge

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Is it very difficult to embrace gratitude and appreciation during the time of extreme challenge? Sometimes if may feel nearly impossible to be in the flow of these uplifting, high-vibration feelings when we are surrounded by a bleak and tumultuous environment and climate of current events.

However, now, more than ever, it is essential and incredibly helpful and healing to do one’s best to move into the stream of appreciation — to search for and focus upon the blessings that truly are in your life.

The current state of affairs is still panic-mode for many in relation to the continuing COVID-19 situation. Some geographic locales are doing far better than others, but overall the news disseminates all kinds of severe scenarios and of course, that reality can be depressing.

One of the ways to personally cope is to tune out some of those tough messages and tune in to all things positive that surround you in your own personal life.  Even if you have to look very closely to discover what will infuse you with feel-good emotions.

Above all, be grateful for your family, whether they are live and in person near you or in your home — or on the phone or on Zoom. Acknowledge your beautiful familial bonds. Of course, if you are able to connect with them in person, that is a powerfully uplifting blessing to cherish!

Be grateful for the small things in your environment, anything that brings you peace and comfort. Be grateful for your pets, if you have any, as they provide unconditional love and acceptance. They can bring such heartfelt warmth to your psyche. Personally, I enjoy cuddling with my youngest cat, who started his life as an outdoor feral and who now has ironically become the most affectionate of my kitties is  His amazing purr brings me into feelings of serenity and calm and I am in appreciation for that.

Also on a personal note, after days and days of rain, the sun is finally peaking out today so I am in appreciation for those slivers of sunlight and I will go outside and check on y plants and garden. Being outside in nature is always uplifting even on a soggy day, and I am so grateful for the back yard that I have that provides much inner peace for me.

Being in appreciation for the food you have and enjoy is simple, but often overlooked — yet it can be very gratifying. Enjoy your meals in a more mindful and present fashion and be grateful for the bounty in your life.

When you focus on anything (small or large) with sincere appreciation, it brings that warm, lovely glow into your heart center — it lights you up with positivity and increased feelings of joy. Do not lose sight of that concept!

From this moment forward, strive to be in a mindful place of gratitude as much as possible. It will shift and raise your own vibration toward more optimism and happiness. And what all of us need right now is more joy…


  • I am grateful for every blessing in my life.
  • I choose to focus on uplifting aspects of my environment and I am joyful!
  • The love of family and friends fills me with heartfelt appreciation.
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Be a Light through Continued Turbulent Times

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The ongoing pandemic, as well as political turbulence, plus unrest resulting from horrible acts of inequality and injustice, has kept many people in a state of anxiety, concern and even fear.

Our world as we knew it, appeared to suddenly disintegrate before our eyes in March of this year. We began a period in our history that people have termed the “new normal”. Personally, I prefer to call it the “temporary normal.” I always embrace the idea of hope.

Some people have called this time “apocalyptic.” Others with greater insight and vision call it a time of “higher consciousness awakening and evolution.” I hope you are personally choosing to view it as the latter.

Some of the new protocols, such as many people working from home, may long remain after the pandemic has faded because it has been determined that it is often better for businesses and companies, as well as employees to work remotely. Practices such as mask-wearing will end, but not for awhile yet.

However, those severe effects such as extreme unemployment and financial woes are a major, difficult challenge and will take time for our nation (and perhaps the world) to rebuild.

COVID unfortunately is still with us, in some places more than others. We are learning to work around it as best as possible in order to lead lives that have a semblance of normalcy.

I recently made the Long Island Railroad trip in to Manhattan to see my daughter and family. It was such a sad, eye-opening revelation to see the once-vital hub of New York now very barren, with more homeless people and beggars on the streets — places that were once quite safe to walk. The hustle and bustle of the Times Square Theatre District is gone — no more Broadway shows at least until 2021. Restaurants are not allowed to serve inside, only outside. Tourism is currently non-existent and tourists comprised a substantial portion of the liveliness and livelihood in this particular area in all years past.

That joyful feeling of being at the exciting pulse of one of the greatest cities in the world is also non-existent at this moment in time. This city will need a long time to rebuild — probably many years. Yet I do believe it will figuratively rise from the ashes like the legendary Phoenix — at least I like to hold that vision!

Do you have hope? Are you able to hold on to positive, joyful visions of better times to come? It is so essential to keep in mind and heart feelings of coping, flexibility, appreciation for what you DO have, and anticipation of better days ahead. The human spirit is strong and has overcome so many hardships in times past. We need to stay in that place of inner peace and strength. For each of us, it is critical to remain in a sense of connection with others, even if it is not always a physical or up-close-and-personal type of connection.

We need to appreciate one another! And individually, one should embrace the blessings in your life. Do not lose sight of these — even the simple day to day aspects that are calming and comfortable. For me, I have been delighting in the simple pleasure of gardening — it brings me serenity and comfort in a pure, earthy way.

As more of the world can safely open up, it will become easier to achieve our connection with others. In the midst of all this unrest, we have to reawaken to the knowing of our sense of Oneness — at our core essence we are all the same (no matter skin color, cultural or religious variations or nationality), part of the grand scheme of soul and divine consciousness.

Look inside for that inner light that is you — that light that connects you to something far more powerful and expansive than the mundane aspects of life here on planet earth — something greater than the barrage of propaganda that comes across the airwaves and internet. YOU are a radiant, beautiful soul living in a magnificent, amazing physical body. Allow your own personal light to shine — and be a beacon of hope and compassion to others!


  • I create optimistic visions of the highest and best version of my future self.
  • I tap in to my inner strength to stay calm and grounded during times of challenge.
  • I shine my light of understanding and compassion to all people!
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Positive Living – Seek Joy and Release Fear

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Do you find yourself getting caught up in the worldview of fear far too often? Do you allow yourself to immerse too frequently in stress and anxiety?

On the news and social media, all the variations and permutations of “fear propaganda” continue to run rampant, and they always will, because that is what attracts viewership and readership. It encourages people to feel vulnerable and frightened.

Let’s face it, at times we all sink into this — but the reality is that you have control over your mind and thoughts. Reawaken to the knowing that you can tap into the inner strength of your power! For you are powerful on every level. You need to feel into the confidence of this and tune out those media voices that send a continuous barrage of gloom and doom.

Sometimes even those individuals who are in our extended circles of family and friends can be serious naysayers as well. So it is essential to remove yourself mentally and emotionally as best as possible from their negative influence.

Tune into that place of strength within yourself. Move away from fear and into the illumination of light and love. It all begins with a conscious choice!

Allow yourself to be drawn to all that is positive (instead of the opposite). For every scary news story, there is an enlightened video, workshop, event that is motivational, that is simply inspired and uplifting! Find it — that is your mission. And when you send out those “seeking-things-positive” vibes to the Universe, supportive guidance will amazingly flow in. But you have to create and immerse in those sensations. And it is always beneficial to be in that mode of gratitude as well.

YouTube has a huge variety of motivational videos and inspired speakers. Hay House always has joyful inspiration! Check the streaming services (Netflx, Amazon Prime, etc) for stand-up comedians. Find those that resonate and allow yourself to just laugh and feel delightfully happy. Even for those moments, you will see how wonderfully this can raise your personal vibration, help you engage in JOY and feel better for the rest of the day — or even week!

And if you have been reading my posts for awhile, you know how much I advocate spending time in nature, for that is so extremely energizing and peace-inducing at the same time. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass, in the sand — feel supremely connected to Mother Earth. It will help you be centered, serene and more joyful.

Minimize those broadcasts and streams of news that bombard you with unnecessary negativity. Yes, on a practical level, remain updated on what is going on in the world, but do not immerse too deeply — only you know how much is tolerable and when you need to back off. Follow your wise inner guidance. Seek to live your life in an optimistic way.

Your soul’s mission is to be the best and highest, most enlightened version of you here on planet Earth. Strive to do that, to create your most illuminated reality, and allow yourself to seek and immerse in joy.


  • I create a happy, serene, feel-good reality for my life!
  • A supportive Universe guides me to be the most enlightened version of myself.
  • I make powerful, conscious choices that are right for my life path.
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Practice Presence During this Challenging Time

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Are you able to be present and focused on the NOW moment? Are you able to live in the space of mindfulness?

I have written much about this topic over the years, but find that at no time is it more essential than during this challenging time of lockdown and sheltering in place to practice this skill.

The COVID pandemic has incited fear, panic and anxiety in many people. Even those that are normally fairly peaceful and laid back are experiencing heightened disharmony and stress from turbulent times in these completely uncharted waters. Many are having a tough time navigating in a centered and serene way.

This is totally understandable — after all, we are facing a time unlike any other in our world view and life perspective. The last serious pandemic was the Spanish Flu in 1918, over a hundred years ago.

“Pandemic mentality” is a new and scary concept. The media plays upon people’s fears and strives for the most sensational news that they can possibly deliver, inciting feelings of panic and chaos.

So we need to personally do the opposite — strive to maintain a sense of fluid stability within our energetic selves and not succumb to that tide of fear mongering. Will we have moments of feeling deeply sad or disturbed — of course, that is our human nature, and what is happening is obviously heartbreaking and difficult. People are suffering and many people are dying, and that is a reality.

We need to go within, to connect with our Core Essence, our True Self and inner guidance to help keep us on the path of light and inner peace. And sometimes we need to turn off the media, the news, the TV and our other devices to go back to that place of balance.

Practicing presence is a fabulous way to cope with this unprecedented time, and by doing so, we are able to release some of the worry. Remember, worrying does nothing to change any outcome of past or future — it just creates sadness and disharmony within us and that can deplete our immune systems. And we all know that a strong, healthy immune system is so essential right now.

Allow yourself to begin to live more in the moment. Let go of the past as best you can, and do not speculate way too much into the future. Place your concentration on the activities and tasks of your current day.

The questions that everyone is asking of course, is “when will COVID end? When will the world re-open? When will life return to a place of even semi-normalcy?” Right now as I write this, nobody has any clear answers. But I do firmly believe it is important to trust and have faith that life WILL return to a semblance of normal flow, as businesses reopen and we begin to get out and about again.

Yet, do not spend too much time thinking about it and wondering about the time frame. Simply place your attention on where you are now, what you are doing and what you can do to help nurture and sustain yourself during the time you may feel “socially depleted.”

Being present helps you be more joyful overall.

When this lockdown first started, I would wake up each morning and would kind of hear that phrase, “another day in COVID world” in my head, which was not very positive. I have since quieted that negative voice and simply awake to each day imagining that it is no different from any pre-COVID world day. I have my lovely home, my husband, my family (even though they may be far away right now), my kitty cats. I have my Reiki practice to help me be present and tuned into that wellspring of strength and peace within me.

I am grateful for all I DO have, all the blessings that are in my life. I suggest you too, take pause and recognize your blessings, especially during these strange times. For if you look around, I am sure you will easily find those aspects of your life that are meaningful, pleasing and appreciation-inducing.

Focus on your breath and how precious that simple aspect of your physical being can be.

This bizarre time in our lives will pass. It may take weeks, months or perhaps a year or two, but we have to let go of wondering about that time frame and simply live our lives as best we can. Yes, take those practical measures to stay safe, as you must, but do not be afraid to LIVE and to feel. Nurture yourself. Be present, and you will stay strong and centered in this strange journey that we are all experiencing at this moment in time.


  • I stay centered and connected to the now moment.
  • Practicing presence allows me to feel more peaceful and optimistic.
  • I focus my attention on my current day, and I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.
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Inner Peace in this Busy Technological World

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When I was younger, I used to envision growing older and reaching a more senior segment of my life, and picturing this as a serene, simpler time, which I would embrace with ease. Now as I am actually engaged in that climb into a more mature stage of life, I realize how my earlier visions of this were so unbelievably off base. Or perhaps at the time that I had these mental pictures, daily living was simpler in general and I could never have imagined the effect that modern technology and 2020 lifestyles would have on everyone, including those who are older.

I do have some friends and family that are already “retired” and they lead the busiest, most hectic lives which makes the idea of a peaceful retirement stage quite an oxymoron.

I have no plans to retire anytime soon, and am not at that age yet anyway. But a glimpse of it is beginning to appear on the horizon.

I love what I do in my path as a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and figure I can sail into senior age as one of those wise old “Reiki Masters.” And I say that with a smile. I plan to continue on for many, many years yet, as long as I am physically capable of this journey.

Of course, today as people age, they are encouraged to stay mobile, active and fit — and I am all for that! However, engaging in healthy exercise is one thing. Being actively overwhelmed with a million tasks and aspects of life is a whole other concept. There needs to be a balance or sense of moderation. The challenge is to find that personal middle ground.

Let’s face it — life today is busy. It is more than busy — it is filled with tasks, obligations, responsibilities and it is filled with emails, texts and Social Media as well. Years ago, before smartphones and the related communication, there was not that constant flow of total connectivity. I strain to remember what I actually did early in the morning, before there was the checking of email. Perhaps I simply read the newspaper — a printed edition.

Occasionally when I go out, I forget my mobile phone — and though I prefer not to — sometimes I feel it is the Universe nudging me and reminding me to disconnect for a little bit for my own well-being. Because I am sometimes just as bad a s a millennial! And every once in a while I thoughtfully envy some of those my age who are not as technologically savvy or who don’t need a smartphone to manage their business.

My thirty-something daughter decided to opt out of regular Facebook posting and connection, and I was shocked by this and actually missed her presence on the Social Media giant. At first I could not understand it, but she explained to me that she had been on Facebook for a very long time, since college, and was tired of the time-consuming distraction of it. How very wise and mature of her!

The message here is to take some time out to decompress from technology, and take time to embrace inner peace and relaxation. This is a life lesson with which I am constantly learning and re-learning. Yes, I do make some time each day for some stillness, contemplation or meditation, and I do Reiki self treatment as well, though it often feels like there is not enough time and I keep reminding myself that this is essential self-care, not an indulgence.

Remember to take care of your own spiritual needs along your own path. Tune out from your devices, and tune in to who you truly are at your core essence. Make time just to be in the quiet space of stillness. Or if you have an Apple Watch — try the “Breathe” app on there!


  • I take time every day for some form of stillness or meditation — or simply focusing on my breath.
  • I make a consistent effort to tune out of technology and tune in to my True Self — a being of peace and compassion.
  • I spend time outside so I can reconnect to nature and Mother Earth.
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Positive Attitude – Feel the Love and Joy of Life

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Life is fleeting and fragile — it is simply an extraordinary (and temporary) visit here on Planet Earth. For some it is a short, powerful visit — for others it is a long and intense journey. And nobody knows the exact time when ones own personal visiting hours are over and it is time to exit.

That is why it is essential to make your imprint here in a most glorious, loving and compassionate way. It is important to move through life with real awareness from your heart — that ripple and flow of LOVE toward all others here.

Strive to be a being of love and a beacon of love! Reach out and connect with your fellow beings and with the animals that reside on this plane of existence with us as well. Allow love to flourish and bloom within you, and make consistent effort and intention to bask in it, to share it, to expand with it. Love is the fruit of your soul — sweet and delicious!

And along with love is the condition called JOY. As a being of love, bask in the joy that abounds in this life. Oh, sure, it may not always seem that way, especially as one moves through a particularly challenging period. But there are always glimpses of joy in ones life — and if you focus and pay attention, you will discover there are remarkable, big bursts of joy surrounding you, just waiting for you to acknowledge. Make it a priority to tune in to the conditions of joy in your own reality.

Sometimes it is something as simple as noticing the act of breathing — our exquisitely human way of existing here in the physical body. Breath is the vital reminder of our humanity – and connecting with our breathing allows us to reap the meditative, peaceful benefits of taking the time to focus and remember this.

What is the essence of the joy in your own life? Who are the people that surround you with love and inspire sincere joy within you? Who are those that support you and nurture your life journey? Acknowledge them and feel supreme gratitude for them.

Sometimes it is easy to place your attention on the cozy, human comforts one experiences — a soft, cuddly warm blanket – or perhaps a soft, cuddly warm cat or dog. EnJOY and revel in those special comforts – not all joy needs to arise out of profound segments of our lives. Anything that brings happiness and optimism is welcome…

Embrace the splendor of nature and the natural world as much as possible. A colorful sunset can bring lovely inspiration and appreciation into your heart. Feeling your bare toes in the grass in the warmer weather is happiness-inducing! Last year I bought a hammock-type swing for the yard, supposedly for my grandchildren — but guess who ended up using it often? Yes, I ended up spending many sweet hours laying in the peacefulness of this swing — communing with the magnolia tree from which it was suspended. Which shows that one is never too old to creatively spend time outdoors and tap in to ones inner child.

Life can seem to pass in that figurative blink of an eye in that larger scope of the concept of a timeless soul journey. So make your time here count in a powerfully positive way. And make sure that you joyfully and lovingly touch the lives of others.


  • I tap into that fountain of love within and allow it to expand powerfully to others.
  • I give grateful and focused attention to the moments of joy in my everyday reality!
  • Connecting with others in a compassionate way is a goal of my soul!
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Positive Living – Celebrate YOU and Your Achievements

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Have you become your own best, most enthusiastic fan – your most loyal supporter? Because you should be!

The human existence seems to have most individuals in the space of being strong self-critics. It appears that many people are harshly judgmental of themselves — their appearance, their emotional being, their life paths. Do you often hear that inner critic?

It is tough when one is immersed in that “I’m not good enough” type of mentality, especially if it is hard to lift yourself out of that victim thinking. Most everyone experiences periods of self-doubt and feeling less than stellar about who they are and where they are headed. But once in awhile is understandable and part of being human with that broad range of emotion. However, being stuck in that mentality is detrimental to your well being.

It is so powerful to do the inner work of tuning in to that beautiful, soulful being you are at your core. You are strong, you are worthy, you are amazing — begin to move into the flow of this.

It is important to make time to celebrate YOU and your victories, both large and small. You don’t have to wait for one of those major, grand victories either, for instance that new job with the huge new salary and title that you just achieved. That is obviously a remarkable, celebratory accomplishment. But look around and observe the smaller achievements — someone complimented you on your helpfulness in the course of a regular day so you are uplifted. Or you experienced a day of great self care and feel joyful – acknowledge that. Your partner tells you how beautiful you are – accept that compliment and let yourself glow with pride. You passed an exam for which you spent lots of intense study time – congratulate yourself! And something as simple as finishing a string of mundane tasks that needed doing – pat yourself on the back for completing them!

You get the idea. Indulge and immerse in the energy of feeling good about YOU and what you do. This does take focus on your part but if you regularly praise yourself, you will feel so much more joyful. And do not feel guilty about this! You are worthy of happiness, you are worthy of self-confidence so make feeling good and being your own enthusiastic cheerleader part of your personal mantra!


  • I acknowledge my personal victories and celebrate all my accomplishments.
  • I tune in to my soulful inner guidance to encourage me to make joyful, feel-good decisions for my life.
  • I practice thinking about myself in positive, loving ways!
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Inner Strength and Flexibility though Life Challenges

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Does life just sometimes seem like a long string/series of challenges, one arising after another? Just when you are confident you have things a bit settled and balanced, anticipating some smooth sailing, along come new hurdles to plunge you back into a period of turmoil!

Ah, welcome to this intense journey called LIFE. Rarely is everything oh-so-easy and flowing in beautiful peace and grace. So when you ARE keenly aware of such a serene period in your reality, of course seize the serenity and JOY of it.

I firmly believe that we have to accept the ebb and flow of our lives, that challenges and obstacles are simply an integral part of our human experience. It is our reaction to them, our basic mindset as to how we cope, that determines our true level of inner peace and personal emotional strength.

And I also believe, it is absolutely possible — and essential — that we be in the attitude of flexibility and openness, remaining tuned in to that place within that is our inner guidance system as well as inner light of tranquility.

Adopt a mindset of “All is well in my world” — even if the wind of challenge is blowing heavily. Affirm that “This is LIFE and I am strong and adaptable.”

Also remind yourself that “this too shall pass”.  And DO remember to always be happily, sharply aware of whatever is going RIGHT in your life, whatever blessings surround you, because they absolutely exist.

Take time to focus on these. Express your gratitude for these! Even if they are small — acknowledge them.

Just look around, observe, and see past the contrast of challenge. And you can and should train yourself to do this!

For you will be more optimistic overall, more tapped in to your own “power”, and able to navigate your own unique life in a savvy and peaceful way.


  • I stay in the mindset of flexibility, and know that I can cope with all challenges that arise along my life journey.
  • I tune in to that bright light of inner strength and guidance that exists within – my Core Essence.
  • I make time to focus on all the positive aspects of my unique reality — and that creates a feeling of JOY within!
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Positive Living – Gratitude in Your Life

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Life is so precious — each breath we take is a mini-miracle of our sensual and profound connection to our physical life here in the earthly plane. Do you bask in appreciation at certain moments of each day, simply grateful to be alive and experiencing the intense adventure of your own personal and unique journey?

If you are lax in this sense of gratitude, it is something to work on moving forward.

Gratitude is so empowering!

And when we can truly be in that supreme place of appreciation, we feel so GOOD, so JOYful and in that mindset, it helps us be our best selves. It will send out those sweet vibes to the Universe to bring more positive aspects into our reality.

When you are in the flow of deep gratitude , notice how alive you feel, how you glow with the sensation of being in the stream of optimism and radiance.

When you wake up in the morning, let your first thought be one of gratitude. Say to yourself “I am grateful for this day and the promise and opportunity it brings! Thank you God/Universe/Life (whatever aligns with your personal belief system)” and truly FEEL the gratitude.

I do believe you will notice how the day unfolds with greater ease, peacefulness and joy. It sure beats focusing on all the tough tasks you have to complete that day. (Yes, those will even be accomplished more smoothly if you are in the better frame of mind.)

And what about at night, before you go to sleep? Be grateful for those things that went well that day and emotionally let go of anything that was challenging. It is an awesome, beneficial practice to review and appreciate the uplifting facets of your day. And even if you feel you had a relatively rough day, focus on simply one thing that lifted your heart, one thing that you can be grateful for. It is believed you take to sleep the energy and vibration of your evening thoughts so make them feel-good ones of appreciation.


  • I take time each day to immerse in the mindset of gratitude.
  • I notice and observe the many beautiful and joyful blessings that surround me!
  • I appreciate who I am and my own special, unique life path!
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Remember to Practice Self Care

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Do you happen to be a GIVER, a NURTURER, someone who tends to take care of everyone else? Do you sometimes feel driven to be sure that everyone else is fine — perhaps to the extent of depleting yourself?

Of course, it is a beautiful compassionate attitude to be caring toward others and to want them to be in the flow of harmony and well-being. However, when we tend to get involved in trying to be that “caregiver supreme” we tend to lack attention to our own well-being.

And sometimes the lack of self-care is not wrapped up with other individuals at all — it results from being caught up in a situation. Such as my recent relocation from one house to another — and all the packing, downsizing, remodeling and long, physically demanding days that entailed — that took me so out of the realm of any form of self-nurturing.

One day I looked at my hands and realized all my nails were worn down to the quick and my skin was like a sheet of sandpaper. That is because I was walking around in a daze of a million tasks that needed to get done before I could even look in the mirror and think about me.

But I plan not to ever allow myself to sink so far down into such a place of living in a surreal reality with a giant, seemingly never-ending To-Do list. It is not healthy.

Since I am a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, I was able carve out a few minutes each day to tune into the Reiki energy — which helped sustain me. However, I am still guilty of forgetting about ME.

So what have I learned?

True healing begins directly with YOU. Compassion begins with you.

Perhaps we all know these things, but when we get caught up in the ultra-crazy-busy segments of our lives, we tend to forget.

And we need to be PRESENT. Present in a way that is peaceful, joyful and healthy for us.

Make time for YOU. You will not be helpful to anyone else if you are depleted and exhausted. Take time to do those things that make your heart sing and your psyche feel GOOD.

YOU are a precious commodity — a unique being who is making your own special and beautiful contribution to this world. Do not forget that. Do not forget your worthiness.

And when you remember these things, you will find it more natural and easy to focus upon making sure that you remain in that flow of well-being and JOY.


  • I take time to focus on things that bring joy and peace into my life.
  • Practicing self care helps me be stronger and in tune with my own rhythms and inner guidance.
  • I am compassionate to others — and also to myself!
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